tight-corsetThe 19th Century bustle, worn with a tight-fitting corset, first focussed attention on the exaggerated but fashionable female rear and, as they say, it’s never looked back.

1940’s and 50’s Hollywood film stars Betty Grable, Marylin Monroe, and Jane Russell then popularised the well-rounded rear of the period, quickly reversed in the 1960’s by a neater, more boyish rear, typified by top models of the decade Jean ‘The Shrimp’ Shrimpton and ‘Twiggy’.

The 1970’s and 80’s brought with them a gradual increase in the size of the fashionable rear until the 1990’s when health and fitness became the major fashion influence – slimming down the general rear ‘look’ once again.

battersbyFollowing the 2012 Olympics, the fashionable rears of both men and women have become more toned as a result of specific exercise regimes to trim the gluteus maximus – the largest and most superficial of the buttock muscles – to resemble the rears of the Olympic Gold Medal celebrities.
The rear will probably always exert a major influence on fashion and the way men and women want to look – which is why the annual ‘Rear of the Year’ awards are a clear and positive indicator of the very latest trends in body shape.

Why not cast your vote on who you think the Rear of this year should be?