Puerto Portals, Mallorca

Puerto Portals has bright turquoise seas, fancy restaurants and premium shops. A great parking place for people with expensive yachts. The food was delicious wherever we went.  In one of the cheaper local restaurants further up in the town I had the most amazing garlic prawns and lasagne, I had to go back for more! (Sadly I can’t locate it on Google!)


Best prawn and crab salad I have ever tasted was at Roxy’s Beach Club.  The seafood was so fresh and the prawns were massive. The sea is right in front of you and it it is most gorgeous turquoise colour.

Roxy’s Beach Club


After we relaxed and ate far too much, I was in the mood for some exercise.  We walked along the coastline until we wanted something more challenging; so we made our way up the mountain that looks over Puerto Portals and Magaluf.

Exploring the coastline

We decided to explore Palma (the islands capital). Horse and carriages patrol around for tourists to explore the city.



Dramatic sunset through the clouds

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