Can You Dig It?

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone”

-Pablo Picasso

Stop pondering, contemplating, over-thinking, analyzing, and “studying” your next move…STOP, the MOVE!

If your life was shown on the big screen, and you were there to watch it… How interested would you be in it? Once the last scene ends, and the credits start to roll, are you sleep, dozing, crying, saddened… or are you excited, laughing, hopeful and fulfilled? Was it a story of innovation, repositioning, triumph, overcoming, love, joy, falling then getting up? Or was it just a long boring tragedy of loss opportunities terrible circumstances, mundane conversation, anger bitterness, worry and troubles?

Well, whatever type of movie that you are currently living, you have an opportunity to have an incredible turning point in it right now, TODAY!

I watched my own movie last night in my dreams, and it was off the chain. Lol. High Highs and Low Lows, Excitement, Gritty Politics, Family, Love, Children, Promise, Challenging Circumstances (Dude even went to prison, and that part is off the hook), Great moments of Revelation, Hope, Faith, Tenacity, Drive, Gut-Wrenching Drama, that all move towards a climatic Expected End. There will be Freedom, Redemption, Renewal and Restoration! I didn’t finish the movie, but I could feel it… I just know it. I laughed, I cried, I was mad, pissed and outraged… I was happy, joyful, and excited. The Movie is really good so far! Its one of those movies where the end is going to be AWESOME! It is quite moving so far. I already have my tissue ready

Family, you woke up this morning to finish your Movie, your Masterpiece, Your Life! Do it with passion, desire, and a commitment to overcome, win and have Victory. Don’t die in the middle of your movie with so many things undone. Remember, you are the main character. Finish your course. Don’t allow the credits to roll with you sitting there pondering, contemplating and worrying… Finish with Style, Crescendo, Flair and Beauty! Finish your work of art with some applause, a crown, an award.

We all want our big thumbs up from God Almighty, “Well done my good and faithful servant!”

Can You Dig It?

Much Love


Can You Dig It?

“If you are worried about the mountain the distance, you might trip over the molehill right in front of you. Win the day!”

-Drew Brees


Today is a day of New Beginnings! Why?

Because you have another chance to do it right. Yes, you went to bed with your worries, cares, and moving mind… but today you have the opportunity to “cast all your cares onto the Lord”. Last night you went to bed with your dreams… but today you can wake up and chase them. Today, by the grace of God, you have a choice.

You can either live in yesterday, live in some notion in your mind of the future, OR You can live in the Right Now, where All of your power exists.

That choice seems to be an easy one but paralyzes so many people in the sea of contemplation, stagnation, and indecision.

Listen Family, you cannot change the past…and Lord knows that you cannot predict the future. But you can decide right now, right at this moment, to Win Today!

If you don’t believe that you have power right now in this moment, consider this. Millions of people did not wake up this morning to see this wonderful and beautiful day. But by the grace of God, YOU were one of the ones who did.

You are not finished with your course. You have something to do, achieve, pursue!

Some of you might have some remarkable things to accomplish. You may as well get started today!

Can You Dig It?

Much Love,