Televised Barrhaven East Debate

Tomorrow, September 7th, RogersTV (Channel 22) will be airing the all-candidates debate for Barrhaven East (ward 24) at 2pm!

I presented a progressive vision for our community and city, alongside a proposal for controlling our growing city debt and drafting a responsible budget under the leadership of a new mayor and council.

As the debate is held under time constraint, I did not explain the full spectrum of my accumulated experience and active presence within our community. As such, I will take this opportunity to tell residents more about myself.

As a military kid I fully embraced adaptability and multiculturalism as I experienced growing up in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Throughout my family’s travels and relocations there really only was one place that became home, and that was here, in Barrhaven.

I have lived in the neighbourhood of Havenlea for 13 years. I graduated from Longfields Davidson Heights Secondary School and studied computer science at Carleton University. My passion for the community was the principal driving force in my decision to represent the residents I hold dear.

In my volunteer and philanthropic efforts I have helped the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority to preserve our natural environment, I have dedicated a part of my time to being the caretaker for Redpath Park through the city’s Adopt-a-Park program, and I recently assisted with the mayoral debates held by the Ottawa branch of the Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability.

I am bilingual and worked as a French tutor with the Ottawa Catholic School Board for a period of time. I was employed as a student software developer at Rockport Networks, an engineering and computer science intern at Communications Research Centre Canada, a junior programmer at Employment and Social Development Canada, and as a software application developer at Statistics Canada as well.

In summation, I have worked in both private and public sectors throughout my life as well as having volunteered my spare time to better the world around me. Through each position I faced a different set of challenges of which I have always risen to meet.

Lastly, I extend my gratitude to the moderator, Derick Fage, as well as to RogersTV for organizing the debate.

– Dominik J.


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