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Allen Iverson House: The Atlanta Mansion of $2.19 million

Allen Iverson House: The Georgia Pad

Allen Iverson is an American professional Basketball player who has played 14 seasons at the National Basketball Association. His professional career began in 1996 and lasted till around 2010-2011. He went on an official retirement in 2013 due to his lost desire to play. 

He has not been much in the public eye in recent years, and everyone is curious to know his current place of residence and home. Reading this blog will give you news about Allen Iverson House 2021 and his current lifestyle. 

Join us on this journey of exploring Aller Iverson House 2021 and onwards. 




Allen Iverson


Westbourne Way, Alpharetta, Georgia




5,985 square feet



Allen Iverson: Former House

Bedrooms: 7

Bathrooms: 7.5

Square Feet: 5,985 square feet

Price: $2,190,000

House Address: 2010 Westbourne Way, Alpharetta, GA 30022

House Google Map Location: Click Here

Allen Iverson House is located at 2010 Westbourne Way, Alpharetta, Georgia. It has 7 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. The structure is built on an area of 5,985 square feet. The structure and design of the home are inspired by European aesthetics.  

According to the Realtor, the Allen Iverson House was originally purchased in 2006 for $2,190,000 and sold for $725,000 in 2019. The current estimated value of the property amounts to $1,945,000.

The home was built in 2005 on a land area of 0.71 acres, including the garden and empty area. It has an aesthetic dining room, entertainment area, bar, workout room, and media room. The space is perfect for hosting a party or gathering during the festive seasons. 

It has a four-car garage to accommodate the luxurious vehicles of the family. Out of 7 bedrooms, 4 are on the main level, 2 on the upper level, and 1 on the lower level. Allen Iverson House in 2021 was not owned by him, according to the records online. 

Former Allen Iverson House Photos

Former Allen Iverson House

Allen Iverson: Current House 

Allen Iverson, in one of his interviews after selling the Atlanta mansion, shared about his presence in Charlotte. A reporter was in conversation with him and asked about what he was doing there. To answer the question, he said that he lives there. Also, many of his friends and near ones have shared about him living in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

He has stopped playing at the moment and is spending time with his family. However, he continues to appear at paid events and promotional instances. His specific current address that is currently found on the internet is SNPG Jones Crossing Rd, Charlotte, NC. Allen Iverson himself has never confirmed his current specific address. This is just the most common location shared throughout different places on the net. 

Background of Allen Iverson 

Allen Ezail Iverson was born on June 7, 1975, in Hampton, Virginia, to a 15-year-old single mother. Ann Iverson was his mother who raised him single-handedly. In Bethel High School, he started his journey as a quarterback for the football team. He also played for the AAU basketball team and was 17 and under the championship in 1997. 

During his college, in his first season at Georgetown, he won the Big East Rookie of the Year honor. After the sophomore year, he was declared for the 1996 NBA draft. From 1996 to 2006, Allen Iverson played for the Philadelphia 76ers. He made some historic records during his time as a player.

From 2006-08, he played for Denver Nuggets. In the coming years, he played for Detroit Pistons, Memphis Grizzlies, Besiktas J.K, and again for the Philadelphia 76ers. During these years, he gained many awards, including 11 NBA All-Stars4 NBA Scoring Champions, 3 All-NBA First Team, and many more. 

He took retirement in 2013 and decided to quit playing. He got married to the love of his life, Tawanna Turner, and has five children. Their relationship went through a tough phase and ended up in the direction of divorce. However, they found their way back to each other soon. Due to an unpaid debt, they had to sell off their multiple properties at various places.

However, they have finally found their comfort and warmth in a home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Wrap-Up: Allen Iverson House 

Allen Iverson had to see a lot of ups and downs in his life, professionally and personally. However, he has made a mark in NBA history through his memorable and outstanding performance. He is no longer active in playing basketball but shows interest in various sports activities, and NBA matches by attending or sharing his opinions. 

He is currently focusing on living a peaceful retired life with his wife and children. His devotion to his kids was strong from the beginning. In 2010, he left the 76ers indefinitely to take care of her daughter Messiah. She was suffering from Kawasaki disease then. 

If you enjoyed reading about Allen Iverson House 2021 and his current status in 2023, visit our Celebrity page. Keep your curiosity alive with our informative blogs, and visit for the latest updates. 


  • The Atlanta Mansion was built on 5,985 square feet.
  • It has 7 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms.
  • The house design is inspired by a European theme.
  • There is a swimming pool, bar, entertainment area, and dining area.
  • The property was sold in 2019 for $725,000.
  • Allen Iverson House 2021 was probably in Charlotte. 
  • He lives with his wife and five children.
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