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Athina Onassis House: Properties Owned by Athina Onassis

Athina Onassis, the only heiress of the Onassis now, is very passionate about equestrian sports. Being the granddaughter of the famous Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis, she has inherited riches from her family.

She has a taste for luxurious properties. Married to Álvaro de Miranda Neto, the couple purchased a luxurious home in Florida. However, their separation and divorce resulted in Athina Onassis listing the home in real estate. The properties she owns are often expensive and extravagant.

With this, let us know more about the house owned by Athina Onassis and all the amenities it has.

Seller Mark Bellissimo
Buyer Athina Onassis
Location Wellington
Price 3.25 million USD
Size 3711 sq ft
Year 2014

Athina Onassis: Former House

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 4

Square Feet: 3711 sq ft

Price: $3.25 million

House Address: 3173 Blue Cypress Ln, Wellington, FL 33414

House Google Map Location: Click Here!

The property of Athina Onassis, the Wellington Estate, is definitely a luxurious property. The property is expanded to 3,711 square feet. The property was bought jointly together with her husband at an estimated price range of USD 2 million.

The photos shared included glimpses of how the inside of the house looks. It had a walk-in closet in the master suite of the home. The office space could be seen attached with photos and awards hanging on the walls.

The house is in close proximity to the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club golf course. The house is also close to a well-heeled international equestrian crowd. The home includes luxury elements like a pool, spa, vast walls, and an open floor plan. The house aesthetics are complemented well by glass doors.

Athina has listed her Wellington Estate priced at $3.25 million. The reason for selling this luxurious property is a divorce from her husband, Álvaro de Miranda Neto (Doda). Her husband is a Brazilian professional show jumper and has won an Olympic medal twice.

Athina Onassis: Former House

Athina Onassis House

Where Does Athina Onassis Live Now

Athina Onassis bought a house together with her ex-husband, Alvaro de Meranda Neto (Doda). The property cost about 2 million dollars, which now has a value of 3.25 million dollars.

Married in 2005, the couple were recently separated, and Athina decided to sell her Wellington Estate. The house was found on the listing of real estate, which also included photos of the couple.

With her Wellington mansion, Athina also listed her Wellington Estate property, which she bought in 2014 from Mark Bellissimo.
After the divorce of the couple, Athina Onassis moved to Greece, but there was no information available about her property owned in Greece.

Background of Athina Onassis

Athina is the only descendant of the Onassis family. Her grandfather, Aristotle Onassis, a Greek shipping tycoon, had an expanded business. She received an approximate amount of inherited money solely from her mother’s estate, which she received on turning 18 years old.

Born on 1985 January 29, she is now 38 years old with a net worth of 1 billion dollars. The riches of Athina are family-inherited (being the sole heiress, she inherited around 55% of the total fortune of Aristotle Onassis).

One of her passions from her extravagant lifestyle includes horses. Her passion for the same is evident from all the equestrian competitions she takes part in and brings home victory. Her favorite horse was ‘Corneto K.,’ which she raised by herself but has not been sold after the divorce.

Apart from her expensive home in Florida, which she reportedly listed on real estate, she has a few other costly properties. She also owned her property worth $12.75 million, which included a 20-stall barn, a riding ring, and 2 bedrooms & bathrooms. This property of hers used 5.62 acres of land, with an area of 11,246 sq ft.

Wrap-Up: Athina Onassis

Athina Onassis’s estate properties in Wellington included a mansion worth 3.25 million USD and another property worth 12.75 million USD. After Athina’s relationship with her ex-husband ended, the two properties were listed on real estate.

While there are no updates on the sale of her mansion, the property worth 12.75 million USD now has new users whose identity has not been revealed. There is not much information available about where Athina is currently living, but she moved to Greece soon after her divorce.

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Key Takeaways

  • The luxurious mansion of Athina Onassis has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.
  • The property was worth 2 million dollars and now has a value of 3.25 million dollars.
  • The home has the following amenities: 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a pool & spa, glass doors, and an open floor plan.
  • Another real estate property owned by Athina, standing on a land of 5.62 acres.
  • The property, worth 12 million dollars, has 2 bedrooms, bathrooms, and 20- a stall barn.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Athina Onassis’s Net Worth?

Athina Onassis has received an inherited fortune. She owns an estimated amount of a billion dollars. While some reports claim that her total net worth is less than a billion. She mainly inherited a fortune from her grandfather (Aristotle Onassis, a shipping tycoon) and mother (Christina, a real estate agent).

How Does Athina Make Money?

While most of the riches Athina owns come as inherited fortune. Additionally, she is a seasoned show jumper and an equestrian enthusiast. Most of her money and time is dedicated to these two activities.

What Happened to Her Wellington Property?

Athina Onassis and her husband invested in a property, the Wellington Estate. But soon after their separation, Athina listed the property for sale. The house was bought for 2 million dollars and has a current worth of approximately 3.25 million dollars.

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