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Chuck Norris The Dallas Property: An Architectural Marvel

Chuck Norris is an American actor and martial artist who has won many martial arts championships. He lives in a Mediterranean-Ranch style home that was even featured in the American crime television series “ Walker, Texas Ranger.”

His house is very sophisticated and well-built and features multiple living spaces. The interior features exquisite chandeliers, spacious rooms with high ceilings, and luxury furnishings.

The two-story building even has an elevator. The highlight of the home is the large media room that includes couches, television, and speakers.

The backyard has a swimming pool surrounded by a patio and lush greenery. The sprawling mansion also has a beautiful fountain that enhances the appeal of the house.

Chuck Norris’s house is a reflection of his success and accomplishments. Let’s take a look at a few other amenities that make Chuck Norris House one of its kind.

We will also take a look at where Chuck Norris lives. 




Chuck Norris


Meadowcreek Dr, Dallas, TX 75254


$1.6 million


7,362 sq ft



Chuck Norris House

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 8

Square Feet: 7,362 sq ft

Price: $1.6 million

House Address: Meadowcreek Dr, Dallas, TX 75254

Chuck Norris lives in the Northwood Hills neighborhood of Dallas, TX, in a high-end house that gives the feel of a five-star hotel. The house is a serene sanctuary with all the modern amenities required for a comfortable living. It spans 7,362 sq ft and is surrounded by lush greenery. There are eight large bathrooms and four bedrooms.

The house is well-guarded with innovative security systems. The house is adorned with three fireplaces that not only provide warmth but also elevate the style factor of the rooms. Reclaimed wood has been used at various places in his home to give his house a rustic touch.

Throughout the mansion, you’ll find awards, movie posters, and memorabilia from his acting career. The backyard features a huge swimming pool where Norris cools down and destresses himself after a tiring day. There is also a dedicated area in the house where Norris has displayed his martial arts weaponry. 

Chuck Norris House Photos

Chuck Norris House Photos

Chuck Norris: Current House

Chuck Norris lives in an elegant and sophisticated house with eye-catching design and lots of personal touches. The high-end amenities and iconic architecture of the house make it feel like a high-end hotel.

The house was built in 1975, and Norris renovated it totally to ensure that it aligned with his design goals. It combines state-of-the-art facilities, elegance, and grandeur to create a luxurious paradise for the martial arts legend. The house is divided into two floors and has an elevator to ensure quick entry to all the parts of the house.

Another key aspect of Norris’ house is the attractive color palette for the furniture and walls. The backyard is dotted with lush greenery and blooming flowers and helps the residents connect with Mother Nature. 

Background: Chuck Norris 

Chuck Norris is a famous actor and martial artist. He was born in Ryan, Oklahoma on March 10, 1940. He has starred in various action movies such as ‘Missing in Action’ and ‘Return of the Dragon.’ He has also served for some time in the United States Air Force.

Norris has won some of the most famous martial arts championships and made his name in this field. He has also trained many well-known celebrities in martial arts. He also appeared in various blockbuster action television series.

Norris is a famous writer who has written many books on exercise, politics, martial arts, philosophy, Western fiction, and Christianity.

He is also the founder of two major martial arts systems: Chuck Norris System, which was earlier known as Chun Kuk Do, and American Tang Soo Do.

He has been rewarded with various awards for his martial arts skills. He lives a luxurious life and loves flaunting his wealth. This is the reason why many people want to know where Chuck Norris lives.

Wrap-Up: Chuck Norris 

Chuck Norris lives in a royal mansion with top-notch amenities, beautiful decor, and an other-worldly aesthetic. He has incorporated statement lighting and chandeliers in his house to elevate its overall ambiance.

The house has lots of green areas to help the residents appreciate nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Norris has given the house his personal touch by hanging his pictures on the walls. There is also a dedicated area in the house where trophies and movie posters have been displayed.

The visitors are greeted by beautifully manicured lawns, a majestic fountain, and lush green gardens. You can take inspiration from Norris’ home to create your luxurious abode.

Comment down below if you need more information about where Chuck Norris lives. 


  • Chuck Norris lives in a double-storey building that is well-guarded from intruders and has been designed keeping in mind the privacy of the Norris family.
  • The house is situated in a peaceful area of Northwood Hills with lush greenery and landscaped gardens.
  • The interior is as expansive and grand as the exterior, with rustic furniture, Victorian-style mirrors, and beautiful chandeliers that exemplify the look and feel of the home.
  • The house boasts spacious rooms with luxury furnishings and iconic architecture. 
  • Before moving into the house, Norris got it renovated so that it could feel like an extension of his personality. 
  • The house has three fireplaces where Norris reads books and enjoys some warmth during the winter. 
  • The house also has a home theater, swimming pool, media room, and a personal gym. 
  • Surveillance cameras have been installed at the entry points to provide security to Norris and his family.
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