Kwame has received one of the harshest sentences ever handed down in American politics. #28YearInjustice #TooMuchTime

Contrary to widespread rumors, speculations, and innuendos, Kilpatrick’ s case has nothing to do with any “missing” or “stolen” money, nor the bankruptcy of the city of Detroit. Kilpatrick had no indictment counts nor convictions for embezzlement or misuse of public funds. Kilpatrick was elected mayor of Detroit at 31 years old and made some mistakes, but none of them warranted a 28-year sentence.

The Feds started this case by trumpeting these words to the media; “Kilpatrick responsible for Hundreds of Millions of Bad Contracts and Loss in Detroit.” This was their false message for nearly two-years leading up to the trial.

During opening statements of the trial, The Feds changed their rhetoric by saying, “The Kilpatrick Enterprise is responsible for $9.6 Million and using intricate schemes to give his co-defendant bad contracts.” Then again, during closing statements, another dramatic change to their message; “Kilpatrick is responsible for $4.4 Million of loss to the City of Detroit.”

After Kwame appealed this made-up figure, and this false advertising narrative, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the $4.4M “loss” figure and told the Government (the feds) to prove loss. More than 3-years after the trial began, The Feds are now asserting “Kilpatrick is responsible for $1.5 Million in loss to the City of Detroit for ONE CONTRACT, due to ‘bid-rigging’ of this ONE CONTRACT.

Kwame does not have a single charge or conviction for “bid-rigging.” The Feds continue to make it up as they go along. THERE IS NO FINANCIAL LOSS TO THE CITY OF DETROIT IN THIS CASE WHATSOEVER!


When Russell Simmons referred to 32-year-old Kilpatrick as “The Hip Hop Mayor” at a Hip-Hop Summit that was held in Detroit in 2003, the media immediately ran with a narrative that Kwame Kilpatrick was fond of a flashy and criminal lifestyle. This is urban legend and couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Simmons used this reference because Kilpatrick was able to relate to and is of the “Hip-Hop” generation (born between 1970-1983) and had run away with that age group’s vote in his 2002 Mayoral win. However, the Detroit media continued to perpetuate that negative, “hip-hop”, criminal image at every turn. Kilpatrick was tried, convicted and sentenced based on this negative narrative. The prosecution DID NOT make their case at trial.

And yet he was sentenced to 28 years in prison.


Despite the Detroit media’s narrative of wide-spread corruption, Kwame Kilpatrick was charged and convicted of only ONE count of bribery. A count that was never mentioned at trial by government in their case…

The conviction was for a check written by co-defendant Bobby Ferguson for the Kilpatrick Civic Fund(KCF), a 501 (c)4 social organization established by Kilpatrick with a private board and privately raised funds at one of their annual events. Although many Detroit businesses and owners contributed at this event the prosecution selectively considered Ferguson’s contribution a bribe. However, the prosecution never presented witnesses or testimony in respect to that count. 

The jury still delivered a guilty verdict on the count.

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The prosecution tried to suggest that Kwame Kilpatrick shook down his political appointees for birthday cash and Christmas gifts. However, the two witnesses who were called to testify about this issue at trial BOTH testified under oath that Kilpatrick never asked them for a penny.

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The government sold this entire case as “Kilpatrick fixing Contracts and Costing Taxpayers Hundreds of Millions of Dollars.” But there was absolutely NO TESTIMONY, nor any evidence that Kwame involved himself in the contracting processes of the City of Detroit…

The government sold this entire case as “Kilpatrick fixing Contracts and Costing Taxpayers Hundreds of Millions of Dollars.”

Now, these same government lawyers have filed paperwork in federal court espousing that Kwame Kilpatrick is responsible for “influencing a contractor” to add Bobby Ferguson to ONE CONTRACT, where the City overpaid for services on the contract; $1.5 Million.

The case is not about “fixing contracts”, nor is it hundreds of millions of dollars. it’s about “influence”, One Contract, and an “overpayment”.

AND IT’S STILL FALSE! There is no testimony, evidence at trial, nor any counts or convictions in the case that support this drastic change in the government’s narrative.

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There were over 70 witnesses who testified at trial. Only three witnesses testified that they gave Kilpatrick money: All three were facing 15-20 years imprisonment for their own crimes unrelated to Kilpatrick; And all three were given “no prison deals” for their testimony.

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Kwame Kilpatrick did not have effective counsel and he was forced by the court to keep a compromised defense attorney.  Kilpatrick tried to have his attorney Jim Thomas replaced because of a major conflict of interest. Thomas represented a government witness while simultaneously representing Kilpatrick.

Jim Thomas accompanied this government witness to his Grand Jury testimony. Thomas coached the witness and counseled him at the same Grand Jury set up to indict Kwame Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick begged the court for a new lawyer, PRIOR to trial at an “In-Chambers” Conference in August 2012.

Judge Edmonds said: “No, he has a great reputation in this court building.”

Kilpatrick’s response: “Your Honor, what does his reputation have to do with my attorney/client relationship. I Don’t Trust Him. The trust in our attorney/client relationship has been broken. This is about my life. Not his reputation!”

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99% of the money raised was used to support community organizations for Detroiter’s…

 During the trial, government attorneys said Kilpatrick used the KCF (a private 501(c) 4) as his “personal bank account”. They even released salacious press releases to the media about Kilpatrick buying golf clubs, taking family trips, staying in hotels, but LESS THAN 1% OF THE funds used came up at trial as objectionable…

99% of the money was used to SUPPORT DETROITERS!

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Kilpatrick was convicted of running a RICO Organization; A Criminal Enterprise that used an intricate scheme through Extortion by color of Official Right.

The prosecution asserted this two-person criminal Enterprise operated from years 2002-2008 to steer 10 contracts to his “Co”-Defendant Bobby Ferguson; And that he took kickbacks and Bribes. (20-Years of his 28 Sentence).

On March 11, 2013 Kilpatrick was convicted on 24 felony federal counts. The Judge revoked his bond and remanded him to lock up. On October 10, 2013, Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in federal prison.

So Now Ask Yourself… Is a 28 Year Sentence Justified In This Case??

NO, it is not!



Here are words from Kilpatrick’s Co-Defendant Bobby Ferguson on his own conviction and excessive sentencing:

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#TooMuchTime is an initiative started by Kwame Kilpatrick to allow other inmates and families to share their stories of over sentencing and selective malicious prosecution. In the coming months we will feature this initiative on a dedicated page and invite others to share stories of their friends and loved ones using the hashtag, #TooMuchTime.

“Love does not rejoice at injustice and unrighteousness, but rejoices when right and truth prevail.”

 1 Corinthians 13:6


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