Kwame had NO ROLE in the contracting process for the City of Detroit. There is absolutely NO TESTIMONY, nor any evidence that Kwame involved himself in the contracting processes of the City of Detroit.

As a matter of fact, employees that testified at trial, who were involved in the contracting process from the Water Dept, Building Authority, and Planning and Development, ALL said that they:

“Never received a call, nor had a conversation with Kilpatrick about any contract, or contract negotiation.”

The government sold this entire case as “Kilpatrick fixing Contracts and Costing Taxpayers Hundreds of Millions of Dollars.”

Now, these same government lawyers have filed paperwork in federal court espousing that Kwame Kilpatrick is responsible for “influencing a contractor” to add Bobby Ferguson to ONE CONTRACT, where the City overpaid for services on the contract; $1.5 Million.

The case is not about “fixing contracts”, nor is it hundreds of millions of dollars. it’s about “influence”, One Contract, and an “overpayment”.

AND IT’S STILL FALSE! There is no testimony, evidence at trial, nor any counts or convictions in the case that support this drastic change in the government’s narrative.

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