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The first Rear Of The Year Award was presented as a one-off accolade in 1976 to Barbara Windsor. It was a further five years before the award became an annual event with the presentation to Felicity Kendal in 1981.

This was followed, in 1982 , with a presentation to Suzi Quatro and in 1983, to Lulu. Elaine Paige won in 1984, followed by Lynsey de Paul in 1985.

In 1986 The Rear of The Year Award was presented to its first male recipient-Michael Barrymore-who received the award at Olympia alongside Anneka Rice.1987 and 1988 saw Anita Dobson and Su Pollard receive the top bottoms accolade and in 1991,the Rear Of The Year had its first royal recipient Marina Ogilvy, the daughter of Princess Alexandra.

Ulrika Jonsson won the next Rear of the Year Award in 1992,following a two year's gap in the annual presentations and a change of format.Sarah Lanchashire was the winner in 1993 and Mandy Smith and Richard Fairbrass were joint Rears of the year in 1994,after which the competition switched from Spring to Autumn and was next staged in 1996 with winners Tracy Shaw.

Since then the Rear of the Year award has been staged annually with the following winners:-

1997. Melinda Messenger Gary Barlow
1998. Carol Smillie Frank Skinner
1999. Denise van Outen Robbie Williams
2000. Jane Danson Graham Norton
2001. Claire Sweeney John Altman
2002. Charlotte Church Scott Wright
2003 Natasha Hamilton Ronan Keating
2004 Alex Best Aled Haydn-Jones
2005 Nell McAndrew Will Young
2006 Javine Hylton Ian Wright
2007 Sian Lloyd Lee Mead
2008 Jennifer Ellison Ryan Thomas
2009 Rachel Stevens Russell Watson
2010 Fiona Bruce Ricky Whittle
2011 Carol Vorderman Anton de Beke
2012 Shobna Gulati John Barrowman

The 25th Anniversary event was staged on behalf of Beating Bowel Cancer.