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How Did Laura Clery Build a Thriving Career in Comedy?

How Did Laura Clery Build a Thriving Career in Comedy?

Laura Clery, the comedic sensation who has taken the internet by storm, hasn’t always had it easy.

From humble beginnings to becoming a viral star, her journey is filled with unexpected twists and turns that will amaze you.

But how exactly did she build such a successful career in the competitive world of comedy? Her unique blend of relatability, authenticity, and undeniable talent is the answer.

This blog post will explore Laura’s inspiring story, uncovering the key moments and decisions that propelled her to stardom.

Get ready to laugh, cry, and be motivated as we explore the incredible rise of Laura Clery, a true comedy icon who has captured the hearts of millions.

Early Life and Influences

Early Life and Influences

Growing Up in Downers Grove, Illinois

Growing up in the suburban town of Downers Grove, Illinois, Laura Clery was surrounded by a supportive community that valued humor and creativity.

From a young age, she naturally made people laugh, entertaining her family and friends with silly jokes and spontaneous performances. 

Laura’s early exposure to iconic comedians like Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and Ellen DeGeneres during the 1990s significantly influenced her comedic style.

She admired how these performers captivated audiences with their humor and charisma, inspiring her to pursue a comedy career.

Supportive Family Environment

With the encouragement of her family, Laura explored and developed her comedic skills, drawing inspiration from everyday situations and the people around her.

This ability to find humor in relatable moments would later become a defining characteristic of her popular comedy sketches.

As Laura navigated her childhood and teenage years, her unique personality and talent for comedic timing continued to shine, setting the stage for her future success in the entertainment industry.

Initial Struggles and Breakthroughs

Moving to Los Angeles

After graduating high school at 17, Laura bravely moved from her hometown to Los Angeles to chase her dreams of becoming an actress.

However, she quickly realized the entertainment industry’s competitive nature, facing numerous rejections and financial hardships.

Despite these challenges, Laura remained determined to make a name for herself.

Early Roles in TV Series

Her persistence eventually paid off when she landed roles in TV series such as “‘Til Death” and “Disaster Date.”

These opportunities provided valuable experience and exposure, allowing her to refine her acting and comedic abilities while building a fan base and gaining credibility in the comedy world.

Collaboration with Russell Simmons

A major turning point in Laura’s career came when she collaborated with entertainment icon Russell Simmons on the web series “Hungry.”

The show followed two models navigating their careers after leaving the industry.

Laura not only starred in “Hungry” but also wrote and produced it, showcasing her diverse talent and earning industry recognition.

Collaboration with Russell Simmons

Through these early experiences, Laura learned the importance of perseverance and resilience.

She used rejection to motivate her to improve her craft and seek new opportunities.

The success of “Hungry” demonstrated her creative abilities beyond acting, setting the stage for her future work on social media platforms.

Social Media Success

1. Strategic Use of Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

Recognizing the power of social media to reach a wide audience without the traditional gatekeepers of the entertainment industry, Laura Clery strategically focused on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

She consistently posted engaging content, built a strong online presence, and connected directly with her fans.

2. Creation of Relatable Characters

Laura’s breakthrough on social media came from her ability to create and portray relatable, humorous characters.

Fan favorites include Helen Horbath from “Help Helen Smash,” known for her funny filter and unique pick-up lines, and Pamela Pumpkin, famous for her quirky fitness routines.

Laura also created Ivy, the desperate Instagram model, showcasing her talent for parodying social media culture.

By consistently producing new and entertaining content, Laura kept her audience engaged and returning for more.

3. Consistent Content Creation Leading to Viral Success

Her commitment to regular updates, sketches, and character-driven videos significantly influenced her viral success.

As her videos gained traction, they attracted millions of followers across her social media accounts.

Laura’s success stemmed from her keen understanding of what resonated with her audience.

She created highly relatable content that reflected everyday situations and cultural trends while actively engaging with her fans through comments and interactions.

This approach boosted her popularity and provided valuable feedback and inspiration for future content.

Some of her videos, particularly those featuring Helen Horbath, achieved millions of views, propelling her to internet stardom.

Diversification and Expansion

1. Authoring the Bestseller “Idiot: Life Stories from the Creator of Help Helen Smash”

As her social media fame grew, Laura Clery began diversifying her career by exploring new avenues to showcase her talents and connect with her audience.

One significant milestone was the release of her memoir, “Idiot: Life Stories from the Creator of Help Helen Smash.”

Authoring the Bestseller Idiot

In this candid and humorous book, Laura shares personal experiences, including her comedy journey, addiction struggles, and other anecdotes.

“Idiot” received praise for its authenticity and humor, resonating with fans and attracting new readers.

The book’s success further established Laura as a multifaceted talent. It opened up opportunities for public speaking and media appearances, where she could discuss her experiences and advocate for mental health and addiction recovery.

2. Launching the Podcast “Idiots”

Building on her social media success, Laura launched the podcast Idiots, which features candid conversations with comedians, actors, and other industry figures.

The podcast offers behind-the-scenes insights into entertainment and explores guests’ personal stories and challenges.

“Idiots” has gained popularity for its honest and entertaining discussions, reinforcing Laura’s position as a significant figure in digital media and content creation.

3. Voice Acting and Other Ventures

Laura also ventured into voice acting, lending her distinctive voice to various animated projects.

This expansion showcased her versatility and ability to adapt her comedic skills to different mediums, allowing her to reach new audiences and expand her creative portfolio.

Additionally, Laura has explored other ventures, such as collaborations with brands and appearances on various media platforms, demonstrating her willingness to take on new challenges and continually evolve as an entertainer.

Personal Challenges and Advocacy

1. Struggles with Addiction and Her Journey to Sobriety

Throughout her life, Laura Clery has faced significant personal challenges, particularly her struggles with addiction.

Laura has inspired many by openly sharing her journey to sobriety, which is marked by determination and resilience.

Overcoming addiction has given her the strength and clarity she now channels into her work and advocacy.

2. Openly Discussing Mental Health and Addiction

Using her platform, Laura candidly discusses mental health and addiction, aiming to break the stigma surrounding these issues.

She shares her experiences to highlight that recovery is possible and to encourage others to seek help.

Her honesty and vulnerability have resonated with her audience, fostering a supportive community around her.

3. Impact of Her Family Life on Her Comedy

Laura’s personal life, including her marriage to fellow entertainer Stephen Hilton, has inspired her comedy.

The couple often collaborates on projects, sharing their family dynamics with their audience.

Motherhood has also profoundly impacted Laura’s comedy. She incorporates relatable parenting experiences into her sketches, bringing joy and comfort to fellow parents.

As Laura continues to draw on her personal experiences, including her transition into motherhood and the challenges of raising her children, Alfie and Penelope, her comedy remains relatable and engaging.

Her ability to find humor in everyday struggles resonates with her growing audience, further establishing her as a versatile and influential comedian.

Impact and Legacy

1. Influence on Modern Digital Comedy and Content Creation

Laura Clery’s influence on modern digital comedy and content creation is undeniable.

Through her innovative use of social media platforms and ability to create relatable, viral content, she has redefined the landscape of online humor.

Laura’s success has inspired a new generation of comedians and content creators, demonstrating that authenticity and creativity can thrive in the digital age.

By breaking traditional barriers, she has paved the way for others to leverage digital media for their careers.

2. Advocacy for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Beyond her comedic achievements, Laura’s advocacy for mental health and addiction recovery has left a lasting impact.

Her open discussions about her struggles have helped destigmatize these issues, encouraging her audience to seek help and support.

Laura uses her platform to raise awareness and provide hope and inspiration to those facing similar challenges, highlighting the importance of mental health and the power of resilience.

Advocacy for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Laura’s commitment to making a positive difference extends to her philanthropic efforts and public speaking engagements.

She actively supports causes related to mental health and addiction recovery, using her influence to drive change and help those in need.

3. Public Speaking Engagements

Through her speeches and advocacy work, Laura shares her story and insights to inspire and educate others, further solidifying her role as an influential figure beyond the world of comedy.

Laura participates in public speaking engagements to share her story and insights, focusing on the importance of mental health, self-care, and the power of community support.

Her advocacy extends her influence and solidifies her position as an inspiring figure in the entertainment industry.

As Laura continues to evolve as a comedian and content creator, her fans eagerly anticipate her future endeavors.


Laura Clery’s rise to comedic stardom is a remarkable story of talent, resilience, and the power of social media.

From her humble beginnings in Illinois to her viral success online, Laura has proven that one can achieve one’s dreams in the entertainment industry with hard work, creativity, and a willingness to be authentic.

Her ability to create relatable characters, tackle personal challenges head-on, and use her platform for good has made her a successful comedian and an inspiring figure for many.

As Laura continues to grow and evolve, personally and professionally, her impact on the world of comedy and beyond will surely be felt for years to come.

So, let Laura’s journey be a reminder that no matter where you start, with dedication and heart, you can make your mark and leave a lasting legacy.

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