In Case You Missed It


To All Republican Voters in Hood County,

I know that most people are like myself and get caught up in daily life activities and lose track of time.  So, in case you are like my I am sending out this note to remind you of a local primary election race that we have going on currently.  The Hood County Precinct 4 Commissioner runoff race is now in early voting.

As conservative Republicans in Texas are aware the Progressive Left never sleeps.  After one day of early voting and reviewing the voter rolls it is apparent that this local race is no different than in the past.  We have identified that known Democrats have crossed over to vote in our local runoff to try and influence getting a candidate more favorable to their ideology.  The last few years have seen hard fought conservative victories challenged everyday by candidates that only ran as Republicans to get elected and then once elected began to govern from the left.

I am encouraging all Republican Voters in Hood County that are in County Commissioner Precinct 4 to check out the candidates and make sure they support the platform and go vote.  And as a further effort call friends and family that are in that precinct and get them to vote as well.  As President Trump has highlighted in his recent campaign speeches, sometimes the Republican Grassroots gets a little complacent when they have a Republican President.  Let’s not get caught not paying attention to local elections and make the Democrats run on their platform and ideology instead of hiding in the shadows.  Because we know what happens when they do….they lose elections.

Let’s help Make America Great Again and Hood County Great Again, get out and vote!!


Yours in Liberty,


Jim Logan

Hood County Republican Chairman