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Jesse Duplantis House: $3,338,330 Worth Orleans Mansion

Jesse Duplantis is an American preacher and an evangelist who shares God’s message of salvation. He resides in a multi-million-dollar home that proves that even preachers can make it big these days.

The 35,000-square-foot home is ultra-luxurious and stands as a testament to Jesse’s success. His house has become the center of attraction in both religious communities and real estate circles because of its beautiful landscaping and ornate artwork. The mansion is the single largest Parish owned by the evangelical Christian group Jesse Duplantis Ministries.

The plantation-style home reflects the luxurious lifestyle and royal living standard of Jesse. The mansion also features a private chapel for reflection and prayer. Jesse uses the chapel for special religious events, family prayers, and building connection with God.

Let’s take a closer look at Jesse Duplantis’s house and the amenities it has, rivaling even the houses of A-listers.




Jesse Duplantis


13912 River Rd, Destrehan, LA 70047




35,000 Sq. Ft.



Jesse Duplantis: Ultra-Luxurious House

Bedrooms: N/A

Bathrooms: N/A

Square Feet: 35,000 square feet

Price: $3,338,330

House Address: 13912 River Rd, Destrehan, LA 70047

House Google Map Location: N/A

Jesse Duplantis’ million-dollar house is the largest single-family home on the East Bank of New Orleans. The house was constructed in 2009 and will serve as a church rectory.

Jesse resides in the house along with his family members and uses it for both personal and religious purposes. The mansion spans 35,000 square feet and has all the modern amenities that you will not even find in billionaire’s homes.

The first floor of the mansion has 4 1/2 bathrooms, two bedrooms, a dining room, a breakfast room, a kitchen, and a parlor. The second floor has three full bathrooms, four bedrooms, a fun room, two half bathrooms, and a theater. Jess also offers shelter to the poor and needy in the mansion. They can select their residing area and bedroom from the one that is accessible.

The house also has a grand chapel where prayers and special religious programs are conducted.

House Photos

Ultra-Luxurious House

Jesse Duplantis: Current House

Few people can afford to live in a home as well-furnished and expansive as Jesse Duplantis’ house. This palatial mansion is one of the most expensive homes in the world, with state-of-the-art amenities, premium furnishing, and ornate artwork.

The house has been meticulously crafted, keeping in mind the comfort of Jesse Duplantis. The grand entrance gate adds to the luxurious allure of the house. The living area is the biggest space in the house, spanning around 22,039 sq. ft. 

The beautiful landscaping helps the residents connect with the outside world and Mother Nature. The mansion is an architectural marvel and a visionary’s dream, with lots of open spaces, beautiful decor, and regal furniture. 

Background: Jesse Duplantis

Jesse Duplantis is a preacher who belongs to the Christian Evangelical Charismatic tradition, which is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He founded the Jesse Duplantis Ministries, an evangelistic ministry that aims to change the lives of people. It belongs to Jesse Duplantis Ministries, headed by Jesse Duplantis, an evangelical Christian minister.

Jesse was born on July 9, 1949, and is known to be a preacher of the prosperity gospel. Oral Roberts University awarded him an honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree in 1999 for sharing God’s word of salvation.

He lives a luxurious life and even owns a private jet to preach the gospel all over the world. Jesse married Cathy Duplantis in 1970 and does lots of community work with his wife. 

Wrap-Up: Jesse Duplantis

Jesse Duplantis’ house is a reflection of his prosperous and extravagant lifestyle. The 35,000 sq. foot house is the largest on the East Financial Institution of New Orleans.

The home comprises 22,039 square feet of living space and 12,947 square feet of accessory areas like garages and outdoor patios. Its European-inspired design and intricate details make it a one-of-a-kind architectural marvel.

The outside area of the mansion features a spa and a splendid pool surrounded by a pergola and lush green landscaping. It is dotted with bespoke features and has been tailored as per the taste and personality.

The house not only serves as his family’s residence but is also a testament to his success and faith. 


  • According to Jesse, the ultra-luxurious New Orleans mansion is a testament to the success of his ministry and the blessings of God.
  • The highlight of the mansion is a home theater that has been designed like a cinema hall. With plush seating, surround sound, and a massive screen, it’s the ideal place for Jess and his family to enjoy movies.
  • Jess uses the million-dollar house to host various charitable events and family gatherings.
  • The outdoor space has lots of greenery and flowers, giving the house members a chance to connect with nature. 
  • The 35,000-square-foot home enjoys a tax exemption status as the mansion has been constructed under his ministry’s name. Jesse saves $30,000 in annual taxes on this house.
  • Jesse Duplantis’ house has been designed in plantation style using drywall, wood, and metal concrete beams. 
  • The mansion also serves as a church rectory and has lots of open spaces.
  • This isn’t the first largest mansion that Duplantis has built-in Ormond. He also constructed the Covenant Church, the most extensive and beautiful commercial property in the neighborhood.
  • The first floor has a music parlor with various musical instruments. 
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