Karl Kato said he gave Kwame money “In August, when it was snow on the ground, and Kilpatrick had on a winter hat and long trench coat.”

Then he proclaimed to the court “I have dementia.” He was excused.

Emma Bell evaded paying Income Taxes for 20-years. They asked her to testify against Kwame and they would help her, otherwise, she was going to prison.

She chose to do her best to destroy Kwame to save herself from her own misdeeds and criminality.

She even said on the stand while testifying that she would “sneak into his office and give him money out of her bra.”

Derrick Miller organized a scheme and stole more than $700,000 of Retirement Pension Funds all on his own. He was facing 15-years in prison. The Feds offered him a deal to testify against Kwame, and they help him, otherwise, prison.

This fraudulent company that Miller set up, and all of its activities, was completely unrelated to Kwame Kilpatrick and anyone else in the Kilpatrick administration, family, or associations. 

He was offered a deal to testify against Kilpatrick for no prison time.

When Miller took the stand at trial in 2012, he testified to the “brotherhood” and “great friendship” that he shared with Kwame. 

There was actually a fracture in Miller and Kilpatrick’s relationship, and the two hadn’t had any meaningful conversation after 2006. Miller officially left his job working in the Kilpatrick Administration in early 2006. But he actually disappeared from Kilpatrick’s Re-Election Campaign and Mayoral Office in 2005.

In closing statements, prosecuting attorney; Chutkow, said “We saw that Derrick Miller is a very shady character. We know that he is a liar.

But he is not our friend…we don’t know this person…He is Kwame Kilpatrick’s friend. And birds of a feather, flock together.” Yet…he did receive the deal of no prison time for his testimony. Miller and Kwame hadn’t spoken since 2007 but were heralded in the public as being great friends.

Miller talked about secret meetings in bathrooms of crowded restaurants. He then stumbled when he was asked if anyone else recognized the 6’4″ 300 lb. Kilpatrick at any of these meetings, and if he knew the restaurant had cameras.

After that, he couldn’t remember the dates, months, even the seasons of the year, for these “exchanges”. Kilpatrick’s security detail members testified that they don’t recall any of these “meetings”.

Both Emma Bell and Derrick Miller received No prison time for their testimony! They both went home…the Feds simply let them go! These were the only so-called “kickbacks” in the case.

There was NEVER any accusations, charges, nor convictions for “kickbacks” from these “contracts” …just these two nefarious characters.

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