They released salacious press releases to the media about Kilpatrick buying golf clubs, taking family trips, staying in hotels, and even having “having a love nest with his lover” by using KCF funds. This was all supposedly done over a 5-year period (2003-2007).

The Kilpatrick Civic Fund raised $1,725,618.24 between 2003-2007. Kilpatrick vehemently disagrees that ANY of these expenditures were “personal expenses” …BUT, If you choose to believe EVERY Expenditure and Everything the government said about Kilpatrick and this Fund, during those years…they add up to $13,953.01. Less than 1% of what was raised in the Fund. 

Kilpatrick paid back more than $13,000 to the KCF, after a private audit of the Fund, during its dissolution. This was before any criminal action against the Fund, and before any notion thereof.

Kwame was not a member of the Board of the Fund, nor had any banking or financial relationship with the Fund, after 2001. Kwame Kilpatrick was still indicted and convicted for these “personal expenses”, even after paying the money back to the Fund, more than 3-years before the criminal trial. 

Kilpatrick received 7-years of his 28-years prison sentence for this issue alone.