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Parker Schnabel House: An Exquisite Mansion

Parker Schnabel House: The Haines Home

Parker Schnabel is a 29-year-old (as of 2023) gold miner who has mined over 13 billion dollars in gold by the very young age of 24 and was named the “youngest gold rush millionaire.”

He is one of the richest young people in America. He also started a TV series based on gold mining named Gold Rush, which came in eight seasons from 2013 to 2021, and also worked as a producer in some of the T.V. shows.

From the current reports, it is said that Parker Schnabel has a net worth of 8 million dollars and has been working since the age of 5.

This wealth is from all the mining, and T.V. shows he has done for so many years.

In this blog, we will discuss Parker Schnabel, his current house, former house, background, and everything that is important to know about this young miner.     




Parker Schnabel


Haines, AK




2,000 sq. ft.



Parker Schnabel: Former House

Parker Schnabel has a house in Hains, Alaska, which he bought in 2015. Apart from he does not own any house. In an interview given to The New York Times in 2016, Parker Schnabel said, “I’ve never had any place to call my own; I just moved around with my family.”

During that time, Schnabel recently bought his current house in 2015. After doing some research, we came to know that he used to live with his girlfriend in Los Angeles before buying a house. 

Parker Schnabel is said to be a simple person because he claimed in 2017 in an interview with Maxim, “We are buying new equipment to improve our operation. I don’t have a fancy car, boat, or even a fancy house.

I have a big, expensive sandbox instead.” He also replied to a tweet saying that he is homeless as a joke. In 2018, a rumor was spread that Parker was buying an extravagant mansion, to which he replied as a question settling all buzz.    

Current House Photos

Parker Schnabel House

Parker Schnabel Current House

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2+

Square Feet: 2,000 sq. ft. 

Price: $279,000

Parker Schnabel House Address: Haines Hwy, Haines, AK, 99827

Parker Schnabel House Google Map Location: Click Here

In 2016, Parker bought a house including 3 bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms within a space of 2,000 sq. ft. The home is said to be located in Haines, Alaska (northern part of Alaska), which is very near Glacier Bay National Park and preserved with a population of 1,905 only. The specialty of this house is that it is built on the site of an old gold mine. This house includes many beautiful sceneries and is situated beside a lake. 

Additionally, this house has a concrete foundation with frames of wood, the roof is made of metal, and the home is situated on private land.    

Background: Parker Schnabel

Parker Schnabel was born on 22nd July 1994 in Haines, Alaska, and is 29 years old as of 2023. The names of his parents are Roger (father) and Nancy (mother). Schnabel’s grandfather owned a mining company named Big Nugget, where he grew interested in mining.

He started mining at the very early age of 5 and learned a lot of things that are important for mining. During high school, he was famous for playing basketball on the varsity team. After high school, he used to operate the mining work run by his grandfather.

After completing his schooling, he decided to go to college and gain further knowledge in the field of mining. But things didn’t turn out well, and he decided not to go to college and moved away from his house.

At the age of 18, he left home to pursue his career. The college fund he had was invested in Yukon Territory. During the first year of mining operations, he found 1029 oz of gold.

And from 2012 to 2016, he started in many TV shows and produced 3 TV shows. Parker has mined gold worth 13 million dollars by the age of 24, becoming the youngest millionaire in America, and has a net worth of 8 million dollars.      

Wrap Up: Parker Schnabel

Parker’s current house is the only house he has, and he lives with his girlfriend, spending quality time with her. But there is specific information available about where he lived before. 

At last, we hope that the information or the article was helpful to you. If you want to know about other celebrity homes, make sure that you check out our other blogs, which you can easily find on celebrity home pages or our front page.   


  • The Parker Schnabel house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and is spread over 2000 sq. ft.
  • This house is located in Alaska near gold mines.
  • The house is made up of concrete with a layer of wooden frame on it
  • It has amazing views and is great to live with a family.
  • The house was made in 2015, and Parker Schnabel shifted there in 2016.
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