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Piper Rockelle House: Beautiful Sherman Oaks Home

Piper Rockelle is an American actress and social media personality with a massive fan following on her social media channels.

The young YouTube sensation resides in a lavish property situated in Sherman Oaks, California. Piper moved into her Sherman Oaks home in November 2020. Piper Rockelle’s house features everything you could want in a home–from a built-in pool to a barbeque place and a jacuzzi. The 4,500-square-foot house has six bathrooms and five bedrooms.

Due to the eye-catching interiors, modern amenities, and expensive rooms, Rockelle’s house could easily be mistaken for an ultra-glam hotel suite. The house has an open floor plan and looks very bright and airy. The striking element of the house is the purple theme, which gives the property an exquisite and eye-catching look.

If you have your heart set on Piper Rockelle’s house, then let’s take a look at a few other fascinating details of this luxurious property.


Bella Thorne


Piper Rockelle


Fulton Ave, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423







Piper Rockelle: Sherman Oaks House

Bedrooms: 6

Bathrooms: 5

Square Feet: 4,500-square-foot

Price: $2,619,200

House Address: Fulton Ave, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

House Google Map Location: N/A

Piper Rockelle’s house is distinct from other celebrity houses with its eye-catching decor, open-floor layout, and appealing purple theme. It spans 4,500 square feet and exudes a very elegant and sophisticated vibe. The house has an open floor plan, and the kitchen, formal dining room, and living room are all connected via a butler’s pantry.

From the outside, Piper Rockelle’s house looks like candy with its purple wall color. It has six bedrooms and five bathrooms that look regal and attractive. The multi-colored accents, structural elements, and beautiful decor give the house a fairytale-like look.

For the decor and furnishings, Rockelle has mostly opted for eco-friendly products. When seen from the backyard, the walls sport a striped light pink, purple, and white paint.

House Photos

Piper Rockelle’s house

Piper Rockelle: Current House

Piper Rockelle’s house reflects her spunky and lively nature. She doesn’t believe in minimalism, and hence, her house features lots of color and impressive decor.

Rockelle’s purple-themed house embodies the aesthetic of modern design. When Rockelle purchased this house from actress Bella Thorne, it was empty and had no furnishings or decorative pieces.

But Rockelle filled every area of the room with modern furnishings and beautiful decor. She worked tirelessly to rebuild the property and retained only vital elements that she found attractive.

While designing the house, no detail has been overlooked. The house reflects the young actress’s eco-friendly choices, as most of the furnishings that have been used are sustainable. 

The master bedroom features large sliding doors, a fireplace, a high ceiling, and an oversized balcony. The kitchen is very expensive and is equipped with top-notch amenities like stainless steel appliances, a built-in espresso machine, and a marble countertop that contribute to its overall visual appeal.

When viewed from the outside, Piper Rockelle’s house seems to be an interpretation of a Disney movie. The house looks perfect for a Disney princess with its white accents and purple wall paint.

Background: Piper Rockelle

Piper Rockelle is a social media star, actress, and musician with over 8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She was born on August 21, 2007, in Atlanta, Georgia.

She was raised by her mother. On November 29, 2016, she started her YouTube channel and amassed a huge fan following over the years.

Before becoming famous on YouTube, she did modeling and competed in various beauty pageants. She was also featured in a movie called “Dark Eyes.” Rockelle was also seen in a web series on the YouTube channel ‘Brat TV.’ 

Wrap-Up: Piper Rockelle

Piper Rockelle’s house looks like a faraway secret island or a castle. Plenty of bright colors have been used in the house to give it an eye-catching look.

All the rooms are very expansive and ooze with luxury and sophistication. Earlier, it had a pink theme, but Piper transformed the house completely and gave it a purple hue inspired by the Disney movies.

It spans 4,500 square feet and includes six bathrooms and five bedrooms. The house is equipped with lots of modern amenities like a built-in pool, backyard, jacuzzi, barbeque place, and a master bedroom with sliding doors, an elevated ceiling, a spacious balcony, and a fireplace.

The beautiful house also has an outdoor and indoor living space where Piper relaxes and unwinds. 

Key Takeaways

  • Piper Rockelle’s house features an open floor plan with lots of colorful accents.
  • In the backyard, there is a huge pool where Piper loves to cool down and relax.
  • The house features an outdoor kitchen with water features and a built-in barbeque.
  • The formal living room and dining room are adjacent, and a butler pantry is connected to the kitchen.
  • The kitchen has bell-shaped glass pendant lamps hanging above the island with a sink.
  • The living room walls have been painted with green and blue shades. It is equipped with a glass center table, a huge TV, a fireplace and a white sofa.
  • Piper’s house also features a smart home unit, surround sound system, and top-notch security features.
  • The proximity to the jaw-dropping Santa Monica Mountains gives Piper Rockelle’s house a magical allure.
  • A paved walkway dotted with lots of potted plants runs in the middle of the lawn.
  • As per the reports of the Los Angeles Times, the value of the property is around $2.5 million.
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