Response to Democrat #Fakenews Protests on Illegal Immigration

Press Release to Hood County News

Hello Kathy,

Thanks for reaching out.  The Executive Committee has held some informal discussions and this would sum up our current position on this issue:


As you are probably aware, my wife is a ‘Legal’ immigrant to the United States.  We followed all the laws in her achieving that status.  She and I have talked to several in our same situation and all have trouble with this issue on several accounts.  The first, is that the fact that there are many Americans that have been negatively impacted by illegal immigration, such as those covered by the Remembrance Project, and we believe it misguided that the Democrat Party has clearly sided with the Open Border crowd to the detriment of the American Families who have lost loved ones.  Second, the Democrats had years of control of the entire Federal Government and not once did they offer up legislation to fix the current immigration mess they are complaining about.  Lastly, we also think that there are many issues, such as the foster care crisis in this state, that should consume more attention from elected officials than focusing on this straw man debate related to illegal immigration.

Having just returned from our State Convention you will easily see that Legal immigration and Border Control is a serious priority for the Republican Party of Texas.  We have at least 11 planks in our platform that provide our stance on these matters.

So, in summary, the Hood County Republican Party will not participate in the #FakeNews theater, and quite honestly the hate, that the National Democrat Party is using groups like the Hood County Democrats to perpetrate on people supporting legal immigration.  They have proven they are not capable of civil discourse.  But we will pledge to commit time and resources to pushing Congress to support all 11 planks of our platform and supporting President Donald J. Trump in Making American Great Again.


Yours in Liberty,

Jim Logan

Hood County Republican Chairman