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Rob Dyrdek House in Mulholland: Interior, Price, and Amenities

Robert Dyrdek, Robert Stanley Dyrdek, is an entrepreneur, producer, actor, reality TV show personality, and a former skateboarder. As of 2023, the total net worth of Rob Dyrdek is close to 100 million dollars.

His major income sources include his profession as a skateboarder, entrepreneur, and TV personality. Like a few popular entrepreneurs, Rob dropped out of high school as well and always relocated to California. At the age of 16, he successfully established his skateboard company, of which Neil Blender was a crucial part.

At present, he owns multiple businesses like Dyrdek Machine (Founder and CEO), Superjacket Productions (Co-founder and Co-president), Black Feather Whiskey (Co-founder and Advisor), CCCXXXlll (Co-founder and Manager).

Having so much fortune, It is obvious that he must be living a lavish life. If you want to know more about Rob Dyrdek’s house and lifestyle, the blog has covered it all for you.


  • Rob Dyrdek house is located in Mulholland Estates Community, Beverly Hills.
  • The total price of the property was 8.5 million dollars, which now must be of higher value but there are no exact figures.
  • The house has an area of 7,600 sq ft, with 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.
  • The house is a three-storey building, with designs of contemporary and traditional design elements.
  • Highlights: Porthole-like theme (circular windows and carved eaves), high ceilings, sculpted moldings, fireplace, library, courtyard (with a tiled fountain)
  • Outdoor Features: Backyard with a pool, spa, fireplace, and an open outdoor kitchen. 
Seller Unknown
Buyer Rob Dyrdek
Location Mulholland, Beverly Hills
Price 8.5 million dollars
Size 7,600 sq ft
Year Unknown

Rob Dyrdek House

Bedrooms: 7

Bathrooms: 10

Square Feet: 7,600 sq ft

Price: 8.5 million dollars

House Address: Aubrey Rd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

House Google Map Location: Click Here!

Rob Dyrdek has been known to flip a few places, but one of his properties that is often talked about is his Mulholland mansion. The Mulholland mansion is supposedly the third property Rob Dyrdek owns in the Mulholland Estates Community. The sources suggest that he paid 8.5 million dollars for the property. Before he started living there, there was a bit of renovation needed. (The cost of the house is estimated to have risen, but there is no exact data on how much it is worth at the current date.)

The property owned by Rob in Mulholland has a total space of 7,600 sq ft. The house has 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. It is a three-storey building that features contemporary and traditional home decor elements. Some of the highlights of the home are porthole-like window aesthetics, wooden flooring (darkly stained), high ceilings, and sculpted moldings.

The porthole-inspired theme has circular windows and carved eaves in the home. The house also has formal living and dining areas. Additionally, there is a fireplace in their home. The kitchen is spacious and has all the essential kitchen appliances. The kitchen leads to the living room, which is another spotlight of the house.

Rob’s mansion also has a library, which opens up to the courtyard. Like every other part of the house, the courtyard has its own details and specifications in terms of design, like a tiled fountain. The house is equipped with a spacious family room and a backyard. The backyard has an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, spa, and a pool. The property resides in 24-hour guarded premises. The location of the house gives amazing city views.

Real Estates Owned by Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek owns different properties. There are no exact reports of how many properties he owns in total, but it is estimated that he has three properties in Mulholland Estates. Apart from that, he is also an owner of “The Rob Dyrdek Skate Plaza” and “The Fantasy Factory”.

Rob Dyrdek House Photos

Rob Dyrdek Background

Rob Dyrdek Background

Rob Dyrdek Background

Born 28 June 1974 in Ohio, United States, Rob Dyrdek is now 49 years old. He started skateboarding at an early age (when he was just 11 years old). His first business venture started at the age of 12, beginning his career in skateboarding.

In addition to his career in skateboarding, he is a well-known actor. He began his television career in 2006 when he was cast in an MTV reality show, “Rob and Big.” He appeared in a few movie roles as well. Now, he has established himself not only as an actor but a producer and screenwriter as well.

His business endeavors do not stop there. He founded a business, “Orion Truck”, where high-performance skateboard gears are manufactured on top of that, he owns a skate shop, a shoe design company, and a hip-hop record label.

Real estate is another of his business explorations, where he invests very often. He has been involved with real estate since 2008 and even received losses at times. Rob was married to Bryiana Noelle Flores in September 2015 and they are now parents to two kids.


Rob Dyrdek is a popular person known for a lot of business endeavors. Starting his career as a skateboarder, he now is an established entrepreneur, producer, reality show personality and actor. With a total net worth of 100 million dollars, he lives a lavish life. 

He is enthusiastic about the real estate business and owns different properties. One of his popular properties is the Mulholland mansion which cost him 8.5 million dollars. He is an owner of different businesses and works now as a television producer and screenwriter. 

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