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Using the knowledge of cognitive-behavioral therapy, choice theory, and family dynamics, Los Angeles Therapist Dr. Ildiko Tabori, views maladaptive behavioral patterns as a result of inadequate or dysfunctional life choices. Dr. Tabori assists you in recognizing these patterns of behavior and encourages you to draw realistic and practical solutions to the things hindering your growth and happiness. Instead of spending countless sessions uncovering your past, you and Dr. Tabori will utilize the most salient historical events of your life experiences and apply them in the ”here and now” using a problem-solving technique. She uses a complete behavioral medicine treatment plan focusing on four main areas:  psychotherapy, exercise, nutrition, and social support networks. Dr. Tabori also focuses on the mind-body connection and recognizing the importance of the relationship between emotional well-being and physical health.

Therapy may be the best treatment for you when facing a challenging time in life. Dr. Tabori works with clients experiencing depression, stress and anxiety, relationship difficulties, addiction, grief and loss, significant medical conditions, aging and age-related concerns, parenting and co-parenting issues, those have been victimized by emotional, physical and sexual abuse, and other significant and chronic mental health concerns.

Psychological Assessment – Personality Assessment, Diagnostic Assessment, Learning Disabilities
Psychological assessment is a technique used to learn facts about you with regard to your current functioning and/or diagnosis, or as a tool to predict behavior or functioning in the future. Psychological assessments evaluate both cognitive and intellectual ability and personality factors. Such evaluations typically involve three components: a face-to-face interview, behavioral observations, and administration of specific tests. Dr. Tabori integrates and examines these three components so opinions, diagnoses, and recommendations can be made about your problem or referral reason.

A psychological assessment may be best if you are experiencing changes in personality or mood, difficulty concentrating, educational problems or require a fitness for duty evaluation (typical in law enforcement and with medical and legal professionals).

Neuropsychological Assessment – Clinical Neuropsychology, Diagnostic Neuropsychology, Sport Neuropsychology 
A neurological evaluation is a three-pronged approach: an examination by a neurologist, neuro-imaging (e.g., MRI, CT scan), and a neuropsychological evaluation. Together, these components allow a medical professional to make an accurate diagnosis about your current level of cognitive functioning and develop a treatment plan. The neuropsychological evaluation involves testing that is sensitive to problems in brain functioning and examines how well your brain is working when it performs certain functions, like remembering. The types of tests you take depend upon the questions you and your referring doctor have, such as evaluation subsequent to concussion and other sports-related head injuries or evaluation for dementia.  The tests assess the following areas: attention and concentration, reasoning and problem-solving, visual-spatial functioning, language functioning, sensory-perceptual functions, motor functions, academic skills, and emotional functioning. The tests are not invasive, meaning there are no needles, x-rays, or other machines. Most of the tests involve questions-and-answers or working with materials, like blocks, on a table. This evaluation typically lasts about three hours. Once the testing is completed, Dr. Tabori analyzes your test results, writes a report that compares the results to the normative data and makes diagnostic recommendations for treatment.

A neuropsychological evaluation may be helpful if you or a loved one is suffering from memory loss or dementia, if you are trying to determine the presence of learning disabilities, if you are concerned about the effects of concussions or other-related brain injuries, if you have questions about competency, or if you need an evaluation for standardized testing (e.g., GRE, LSAT, MCAT, SAT).

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