The Freedom and Justice Trust (FJT) is a Legal Defense Fund

The FJT was set up by the family of Kwame Kilpatrick to help offset the tremendous cost of legal fees for the federal case against him. Kwame’s federal trial was 6-months long. Trial discovery is so voluminous that prison officials have continuously denied Kwame’s request to receive all of it, even on a computer drive. He has been forced to request very specific items and limited to the receipt of “not more than 100 pages” at a time. It is a very slow and tedious process…and also very costly. 

Because of the size and scope of the case, related discovery, and trial issues…hiring an attorney would cost more than $40,000, for just a “review” of the facts of the case, and a “recommendation” of how best to legally move forward. For this reason, Kwame has been forced to defend himself. WE NEED YOUR HELP!  

We humbly ask for a donation of any amount to the Freedom and Justice Trust, or by purchasing a FreeKwame T-Shirt. All proceeds from the sale of the FreeKwame T-Shirts will go to the Freedom and Justice Trust (FJT).  
WE NEED YOUR HELP to fight the wrongful conviction and egregious over-sentencing in this case…and return Kwame back to our family.  

We thank you for your consideration, and appreciate whatever you can do to support our mission, our movement…to FreeKwame.  


Online donations are available here.

To donate by mail, please send a check or money order to:
Mailing Address:

The Freedom and Justice Trust (FJT)

PO Box 71195

Washington, DC 20024


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4. SIGN our letter to Judge Edmonds in support of Kwame Kilpatrick receiving reconsideration of sentencing and/or a new trial.

5. PURCHASE and WEAR your #FreeKwame T-shirt, with proceeds benefiting the Freedom and Justice Trust.