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Ted Nugent Waco Mansion: Location, Price, and Features

Ted Nugent, full name Theodore Anthony Nugent, is known for his work as a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and political activist.

He has been a known face since coming together with the band The Amboy in 1963. He was the lead guitarist of the band.

The two music genres that he is famous for are psychedelic rock and hard rock. He established a career with The Amboy from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. After that, he had a successful solo career as a guitarist and singer.

His work with the band The Amboy and his solo career are both recognized by people even today.

Ted owns a total of 50 million dollars. He has released 30 albums, selling over 40 million albums worldwide.

This blog has all the information about where Ted Nugent lives now.

Seller Allen Samuels
Buyer Ted Nugent
Location Waco, Texas
Price 1.6 million dollars
Size 7,665 sq ft
Year Unknown

Where Does Ted Nugent Live Now

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 5

Square Feet: 7,665 sq ft

Price: 1.6 million dollars

House Address: Fish Pond Rd, Waco, TX 76710

House Google Map Location: Click Here!

Ted Nugent lives in a property situated in Waco, Texas. His home incorporates design elements of modern and classical designs. As you enter the property, you will be welcomed by elegant gates followed by a driveway. The driveway on the sides has oak trees, making a sophisticated entrance to the home.

The home’s facade has a combination of brick & stone, and the home features large windows. With 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms in the home of space 7,665 sq ft, the house has ample space. The real estate property spreads over an area of 20 acres. The estimated price of the Waco mansion of Ted Nugent is 1.6 million dollars.

The interior of the house highlights high ceilings and chandeliers. The living room has a fireplace, making the living room another highlight of Ted’s home. Even in such a bustling lifestyle of the city, the landscape land provides a tranquil escape.

Outdoor amenities of the house include a swimming pool, a manicured garden, and a patio with a seating area. The pool house is a detached area in the house outdoors. The patio also has a barbecue area, which makes it a great spot to enjoy a holiday. In addition, the house also has a tennis court. This house, with its amenities and space availability, is a perfect place for providing a living space for large families.

Properties Owned by Ted Nugent

There is not much information that claims Ted’s ownership of any other properties. But some sources suggest that apart from his home in Texas, he also owns a home in Concord, Michigan.

Another property owned by Ted Nugent is a 300-acre area (called Sunrize Acres) in the western Jackson community, which is used as a hunting ranch.

Ted Nugent Waco House Photos

Ted Nugent Waco House

Background: Ted Nugent

Background: Ted Nugent

In the history of hard rock music, we can not miss paying tribute to Red Nugent.

The famous American guitarist and singer Ted Nugent was born on December 13, 1948. He is now 74 years old. He was born and brought up in Detroit, Michigan.

Ted gained fame as he started his career as a lead guitarist in the band “The Amboy.” “Journey to the Centre of the Mind” is one of the band’s most famous songs. After his role as a lead guitarist, he started his career as a solo artist. He released three solo albums (Ted Nugent, Free For All, and Cat Scratch Fever).

Some of the classical rocks given by the artist are Cat Scratch Fever, Motor City Madhouse, Wango Tango, Free-For-All, Stromtrooping’, Stranglehold, and Fred Bear. He has also been a part of TV shows like Spirit of the Wild. Ted has starred in movies like Beer for My Horses.

Wrap-Up: Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent, having a net worth of 50 million dollars, leads an extravagant life. Most of his fortune is from his career as a music artist (a guitarist and singer). His taste for luxury can be reflected by his massive property in Waco, Texas.

His Waco mansion is a spacious home that costs around 1.6 million dollars. He shares his home with his family. The house has all the necessities with modern and classic designs. Apart from his Waco mansion, he owns a home and a ranch in Michigan as well.

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  • Ted Nugent lives in his Waco mansion, worth 1.6 million dollars.
  • Located in Texas, the mansion has about 7,665 sq ft of available space.
  • His massive mansion sits on a land of 20 acres.
  • The home has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.
  • House features: Brick & stone facade, large windows, high ceilings, chandeliers, and fireplace.
  • Outdoor features: Swimming pool, patio with seating area, and tennis court.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Ted Nugent Make Money?

The major sources of income for Ted are his career as a lead guitarist in the band “The Amboy” and as a solo artist. Apart from these two ventures, Ted earns a part of his income from book sales, TV shows, and real estate investments.

How Much Property Does Ted Nugent Own?

Ted Nugent owns a massive home in Waco, Texas. The property has a total space of 7,665 sq ft and sits on a land of 20 acres. Apart from his Waco mansion, he owns a home and a ranch in Michigan.

When Did Ted Nugent Learn to Play Guitar?

Ted started learning to play guitar when he was only 13 years old. Ted focused both on theory and proper techniques to master the instrument.

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