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Where Do the Todd Chrisleys Live in 2024: $4.7 million Mansion

A famous and loved face, Todd Chrisley is a name that surrounds itself with numerous stories and controversies. His love for luxury has never been hidden, and it caught the attention of many, probably not in the best way.

However, the famous actor and his wife have successfully created an empire that might ignite a sense of envy amongst many of us. 

Todd Chrisley’s Nashville Mansion is a rather talked about and gossiped topic of the celeb-town.

Let’s take a tour of his luxurious mansion to see why.


Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley 


Nashville, Tennessee


13,279 sq ft


$4.7 Million



Todd Chrisley: Former Homes 

Although there isn’t concrete information about Todd Chrisely’s former homes, sources are suggesting that he owned multiple properties.

Before moving to his mansion in Nashville, Todd and his family stayed in numerous properties in the Peach State. 

According to sources, Todd purchased a house in Atlanta worth $9 million, which was a typical European-style mansion. The property spreads over 16 acres and features eight master bedrooms. 

The Chirsely family also lived in Rosewell Mansion for a brief period. 
Fans often are left confused and wondering- Where does Todd Chrisley stay currently

Inside Todd Chrisley’s Nashville Mansion

Bedrooms: 6

Bathrooms: 10

Square Feet: 13,279

Price: $4.7 Million

House Address: Nashville, Tennessee 

Todd Chrisley moved to his Nashville Mansion back in 2019, and according to sources, he got the whole property renovated to his taste.

The property is worth $4.7 million in the current market, and a tour inside the mansion does complete justice to the price.

The Nashville mansion spreads over an impressive 13,279 sq ft. 

A mansion located in the high-end area of Nashville features six bedrooms and ten bathrooms. Each corner of these spaces is designed using a modern architecture that screams opulence. The whole mansion has a classy European style with white brick exteriors that draw attention every time. Todd Chrisley and his wife are said to have worked closely with the designer to get the house done, which has led to the inclusion of four fireplaces built with intricate designs.

The property has an open field with lush greenery that brings more life to the mansion. With a large garage that can park up to 8 vehicles, Todd’s mansion is truly magnificent. The open yard brings out the Chrisley family’s test best with its built-in grill, snack bar, and swimming pool. The classic circular spa makes for a perfect corner to relax. What impresses the most in Todd’s mansion is the finely crafted interiors and exteriors. There is a 12-seater dining area, a beaming white kitchen, and a separate study featuring fumed oak and custom finishes.

If you thought that this was all about the mansion, then you are probably wrong as the mansion spreads to include a separate laundry room and caterer kitchen. Is a mansion as fancy as Todd’s even complete without a multifunctional exercise room? The gorgeous Nashville Mansion has a fully-equipped gym and a sports court as well.

Todd Chrisley’s Mansion: Photos 

Todd Chrisley’s Mansion: Photos

Todd Chrisley’s Mansion: Photos

Todd Chrisley’s Mansion: Photos

Todd Chrisley’s Mansion: Photos

Todd Chrisley’s Mansion: Photos

Todd Chrisley’s Life: Digging Deep

Todd Chrisley was born on 6th April 1969 in Georgia, US.

The initial years of his life were all about his real estate business, and by the age of 30, Todd became a real-estate Tycoon.

His rise as a TV face began with the show- Chrisley Knows Best. The show revolved around the life of Todd Chrisley, his wife, and his children. His persona was enjoyed by many and criticized by many.

Todd’s personal life has always remained interesting. He announced his marriage to his childhood sweetheart- Teresa Terry, and they had two children as well. Unfortunately, they had to call it quits on the marriage within six years. The couple continues to co-parent their children.

Later, in 1996, Todd got married to Julie, and they continued being devoted to the marriage till date. Todd and Julie have three children. 

With a successful career both with a TV show and real-estate ventures, a downfall was long anticipated by fans.

Around late 2019, discussion regarding the couple’s fraud case started to surface. According to sources, they had $2.1 million in unpaid state taxes, penalties, and interest to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

This was then settled in an agreement in which Todd and Julie Chrisley had to pay $150,000.

Their fraud cases did not stop here as later in 2022, and they were convicted of bank and wire fraud and conspiracy, leading to a combined imprisonment of 19 years. Both Todd and Julie are serving their time in FPC Pensacola and Federal Medical Center, Lexington, respectively. 

The couple’s life has never been free of controversies. There were discussions on Todd’s estranged relationship with his daughter Lindsie, as the former accused the latter of leaking confidential financial statements. 

Final Thoughts on Todd Chrisley

Although his life has been surrounded by unfortunate instances and hundreds of controversies, Todd Chrisley surely knew how to build an empire. His Nashville Mansion speaks class and is a dream for all of us. 

The Chrisley family has a huge fan following, and sources suggest that his show might continue to air with pre-recorded episodes. If write-ups are to be believed, it was his show where Chrisley’s family flaunted their luxurious lifestyle that brought them under the radar.

Reality caught up with the reality TV show, and the rest is well known. 


  • Todd Chrisley was born on
  • He moved to Nashville Mansion in 2019 with his wife Julie and children.
  • Todd’s home is a gorgeous 13,279 sq ft property featuring beautifully designed bedrooms and bathrooms. 
  • The property has all top-notch amenities, including a swimming pool, open yard, sports court, and a gym.
  • Todd and his wife were convicted of fraud and are currently serving their time in prison. 
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