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Unveiling Matthew McConaughey’s Austin Mansion: Texan Oasis

where does matthew mcconaughey live

Come with us and step into the opulent world of Matthew McConaughey’s Austin mansion, where sophistication meets the classic and evergreen Texan charm. Located to the south of Austin, this sprawling estate captures the essence of the Oscar-winning actor’s eclectic taste and laid-back lifestyle.

The house offers sweeping views of the Texas landscape as the mansion seamlessly merges contemporary luxury living with rustic elegance. 

Come with us as we journey through the gates of extraordinary residences where Hollywood glamour and Southern hospitality come together.




Matthew McConaughey


3210 Hillbilly Ln, Austin, TX 78746, USA


6 million


10,000 sq ft



Matthew McConaughey: Former House

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3

Square Feet: 3,800 

Price: $14.8 million

House Address: NA

House Google Map Location: Click here.

McConaughey bought this beautiful landlocked property in 2007 for $10 million. The property occupies an area of 1.05 acres and has four bedrooms and three bathrooms in an area of 3800 sq ft.

The McConaugheys had unobstructed access to the guarded Little Dume Beach. He later sold the house to Phil Lord, an Oscar-winning director, for $14.5 million. The house has high boundary walls, imposing gates, and multiple rows of trees to ensure maximum privacy and security.

Matthew McConaughey Former House Photos

Matthew McConaughey Former House Photos

Matthew McConaughey Former House Photos

Matthew McConaughey: Current House

Matthew McConaughey’s current house, also known as the Old Oak Mansion, is located in the South of Austin, Texas, and a sight for sore eyes. It is a beautiful residence that has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

With a total area of 10,000 square feet, the beautiful residence has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The kitchen has two islands and an elevator.

The driveway that takes you to the main entrance of the house is a long, oak-tree shaded drive that has two circular motor courts.

Water fountains, courtyards with multiple terraces, a guest house and four car garages make the house complete.

The mansion is surrounded by green forests and has spots that allow them to indulge in water sports and a chance to enjoy the woodlands nearby.

 The mansion was designed by Addison Mizner in the year 1997 and supports a Spanish- Mediterranean style.

It is worth roughly $6 million. Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves now live in this house with their three kids.

Matthew McConaughey House

Background: Matthew McConaughey

Having been born in Texas, Matthew has a special place for Texas in his heart. The multi-talented actor, producer and philanthropist was born on November 4, 1969 and was raised in Longview. 

The actor displayed an early interest in acting and pursued higher education from University of Texas. His breakout role came out in a film called “Dazed and Confused” in 1993. McConaughey went through a transformative career change after signing multiple romantic comedies in early 2000s. 

“Lincoln Lawyer”(2011), “Magic Mike” (2012), and “Mud” (2012) were some of the most highly and critically acclaimed movies of his career as an actor. The movie “Dallas Buyers Club” (2013) earned him an Academy award.

His memoir “Greenlights” (2020) offers a glimpse into his life and his journey through professional life, covering the process of personal growth and lessons he learned along the way.

The actor is actively involved in philanthropic activities, such as his Just Keep Livin Foundation (2008), which aimed to empower high school students to live an active life.

He even supports the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital who offer treatment for pediatric catastrophic maladies and conduct medical research.

Having been in the public eye for so long, McConaughey has had his fair share of controversies. The actor faced an arrest for possession of marijuana in the 90s. Nevertheless, this proved to be a turning point for him as he was solely focused on his career.

Matthew McConaughey’s life is a tapestry of resilience and reinvention. From his humble beginnings in a small town in Texas to the glitz of Hollywood, he has already become a legend in the entertainment industry.

Wrap-Up: Matthew McConaughey

Take a step into the world of McConaughey’s Austin mansion to experience the blend of luxury with the typical Texan charm. From sprawling landscape to meticulously curated interiors, every facet of the house narrates the actor’s eclectic taste and his connection with Southern roots. As the doors close on this exclusive tour, the lasting impression is one of sophistication, warmth, and the unmistakable allure of a typical Texan house.

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  • The architect of the massive Austin mansion was Addison Mizner.
  • The mansion is referred to as the Old Oak Mansion.
  • The house was constructed in 1997 but was bought by the actor in 2012.
  • Matthew McConaughey shifted to Austin in 2020 and resides in the house with his wife and three kids.
  • The house has 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, living rooms and a massive kitchen overlooking the river.
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