Want to Be Successful? Emulate the Most Boring Person You Know

To Be Successful Emulate Most Boring Person You Know

Boring people get work done. What you do with your time is very similar to the relationship between matter and space. Two pieces of matter cannot occupy the same space. You cannot be working during the same time you’re out with friends.

Freshman year of college, my mom and I had lunch with a musician. At the time, my dream was to be part of the music industry (still probably wouldn’t complain about it). In lieu of remembering his real name, let’s call the musician B.J. He’d played Daughtry, and a few other groups you might recognize. The man knew his stuff.

During lunch, my ever-concerned mother asked the rockstar about the polarized depiction of debauchery “so common” among touring musicians. To this day, I’m still in love with B.J.’s response.

He chuckled. “The ones who actually make it aren’t the ones getting high with groupies. The ones who make it big are the ones who play a show, and then stay up reading about music law. If you’re serious about what you’re doing, you don’t get involved in that garbage.”

Here’s another music story I like, particularly because they have a song named after me (not really). The song is “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” The band is R.E.M.

Before their name meant anything, my dad worked at the accounting firm they used. Dad didn’t pay much attention to them at the time (regrettably), because, as he says, “they were just like all the other bands in Athens at the time, who never made it anywhere.”

After a show in a different town, they brought back their expenses for the accountants to keep up with. Dad stopped them on their way out: “Wait! There’s only one hotel room receipt here, and a Krystal visit. Where’s the rest?”

“Oh, that’s all of it.”

“No other food, no drinks, and you all stayed in that one little room? You made more than enough to cover that.”

“Yeah, but we need that money to get better equipment!” That’s when Dad knew they weren’t just like the rest of the bands in Athens at the time. They were serious about becoming successful. They were boring.

If you want to be successful, find the person you know with the seemingly most boring lifestyle, and copy them.

If someone’s going out every night, traveling all the time, spending their weekends by the shore, or continually partaking in some other frivolity, they’re not working. Not that you have to always be working, but people become successful by consistently taking opportunities to get ahead. Those whose lives are “so interesting!” are probably not putting in the extra effort it takes to get ahead.

If you want to be successful, get stuff done! Work on projects in the evenings. Turn hobbies into money-makers. Read books on whatever subject you’re trying to be better at. Use your extra time to grow.

People who are boring, who don’t have crazy stories to tell you about last weekend, are the ones who will become successful. In fact, they’re probably the ones already paying your checks.

If you want to be successful, emulate the most boring people you know. Instead of following excitement and popularity, do something that will help you grow. Future You will be thankful.

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