Should You Commit to Doing Something Every Day?

Commit Doing Something Every Day

It’s been three days since I’ve written anything for my personal blog, but you wouldn’t know it without me telling you. Do I think you should commit to doing something every day? Absolutely. I also think there’s a bigger picture to keep in mind.

I write every day. I post on my blog every day. I don’t write content for my blog every day. Sometimes I write a piece for someone else, to go on another blog. Some days I write multiple pieces for my blog. Whatever happens, I am writing every day, but the picture is still bigger than that.

Why does anyone ever set a daily goal, or commit to doing the same thing every day? It’s so they can get better at that thing. Whatever it is you want to be better at, it’s going to help you out astronomically to do it every day for an extended period of time. You need practice. How you practice is flexible.

I might practice by writing for my blog, or doing a freelance piece, or writing for some 3rd party, or even by answering questions on Quora. If you’re learning an instrument, you might practice by doing scales, testing your understanding of theory through improv, or learning a new song. Maybe you focus on different styles of creating. If you’ve got a fitness goal, maybe you work a different set of muscles every day, or change it up between yoga, weights, and cardio.

If there’s something you’re trying to be better at (for work or for leisure), you need to be doing it in some fashion every day. You need to practice. You need to create those good habits. Truthfully, you need to take it seriously, even if it’s just something you do for fun.

Should you commit to doing something every day? Yes. Does it have to be the exact same thing or in the exact same way every day? Not at all! The point is that you’re continually gaining on your goal and honing your skills.


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