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About Us
Rear Of The Year Competition
Our blog started with a funny name and an even funnier idea. In Britain, there was a prize called "Rear of the Year" that was given to famous people with very nice-looking backsides. It was all in good fun, celebrating people who looked good from behind.

But guess what? We changed a bit! Now, we talk about all sorts of fashion stuff. It's not just about whose rear looks the best anymore. It's about cool clothes, awesome styles, and looking great all over!

Even though we talk about more than just rears now, we kept our name because it reminds us of how we started and to always have a laugh. We love to talk about what clothes make you feel great, like jeans that fit just right or comfy clothes that also look neat.

Here at "Rearoftheyearcompetition," we're all about sharing tips, finding great outfits, and having a fun time with fashion. We want to help you look your best from every angle and have a good time while doing it.

Our Professional Team