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A Comparison Guide for Asha vs Nexus Diamond Simulant

Asha vs Diamond Nexus Simulant Comparison

If you’re thinking about getting a shining stone, we will help you understand the basics. We’ll talk about Asha and Nexus Diamonds. These two options might attract you if you want a sparkly stone that won’t break the bank.

Asha and Diamond Nexus simulants are like pretend diamonds. They’re made in labs to look like real diamonds but cost less. They’re not the same as real diamonds, but they are still pretty.

Asha simulants are known for appearing almost like diamonds and being quite strong. They’re made from a special kind of crystal that’s designed to copy the way diamonds brighten.

Conversely, Diamond Nexus is made using a special process that can be created in the Nexus diamond lab.

Here, we’ll compare them and discuss their appearance, toughness, and cost. So, let’s get started and figure out which would be best for you!

What is a Diamond Simulant?

What is a Diamond Simulant?

A diamond simulant is a man-made gem that looks like a real diamond but is created in a lab instead of being dug out of the ground.

These simulants are carefully crafted to copy the appearance of natural diamonds, often having a similar sparkle. People make diamond simulants to give a choice that costs less and is better for the environment than real diamonds to make jewelry like anklets.

Natural diamonds are created deep in the Earth over millions of years from heat and pressure. Simulants, on the other hand, are made in labs using various materials and methods.

Nexus vs. Asha Simulant

Nexus vs. Asha Simulant

When we want to show how amazing and stunning diamonds are, the Asha Diamond Simulant and the Nexus Diamond Simulant come to mind.

We will now discuss what makes them different and compare how they shine, how amazing they appear, and how much they cost.

1. Contrasts in Sparkle

The Asha simulates the glow of real diamonds by putting a crystal inside and covering it with something that looks like a diamond. This helps it better reflect light.

The Nexus simulant uses special new technology to make wedding bands. It shines with many colors and brightness because it’s cut and accurately shaped. This makes it sparkle a lot like real diamonds do.

2. Variances in Hardness

Like real diamonds, Asha Diamond Simulants are pretty tough, so they can handle everyday use without getting damaged easily.

However, Nexus Diamond Simulants are made to be even more durable. This makes them super resistant to scratches and other marks. This is great for people who want jewelry like a necklace that looks nice for a long time without wearing down.

3. Contrasts in Cutting Styles

Asha Simulant diamonds are usually cut in a classic Round Brilliant style. This makes them glow a lot because their sides are perfectly placed.

On the other hand, Nexus Simulant diamonds have a special cut called the Princess Cut. This makes them seem like squares with nice sides that reflect light, making the whole Simulant diamond seem even more attractive.

4. Variances in Color

Color is really important for making Simulant diamonds appear great. Asha Diamond Simulants come in many colors, but they mostly try to appear either clear or almost clear.

On the other hand, Nexus Diamond Simulants cares a lot about its appearance, which will be clear. They usually have a better color grade than Asha. They might seem a bit different because they want to be super clear, but this makes them attractive to people who want a super sparkly gem.

5. Contrasts in Clarity

Nexus Diamond Simulants are very clear because they are carefully made with few mistakes or marks inside them. This makes them appear clear and perfect.

On the other hand, Asha Diamond Simulants look a bit more like natural gems. They might have some small marks inside them that seem like the ones in real diamonds from the ground.

6. Difference in Brilliance

Nexus Diamond Simulants have a slight advantage in brilliance thanks to advanced technology from Diamond Lab. They have accurately designed cuts and properties that scatter light, creating beautiful colors and brightness similar to high-quality diamonds.

Asha Diamond Simulants shine brightly but might glow less than Nexus ones. This comparison is fine but can be seen especially when compared directly.

7. Variances in Price

Regarding prices, Nexus Diamond Simulants cost a bit more because they’re made well and have great qualities. But some might think it’s worth paying more for them because they’re close to real diamonds.

On the other hand, Asha Diamond Simulants offer a nice mix of quality and cost. They are affordable, so anyone can afford diamond jewelry like earrings and hairpins.

The Pros and Cons of Simulated Diamonds

The Pros and Cons of Simulated Diamonds .png


  • Aesthetics and Brilliance: Diamond Lab creates simulated diamonds that shine brightly and sparkle a lot, just like real diamonds. These diamonds are carefully made to catch and reflect light beautifully, making them look super glowing.
  • Affordability: Simulated diamonds like Nexus and Asha Diamond simulants offer a big benefit: they’re much cheaper than real diamonds. This means you can get bigger, more impressive stones that look great without spending too much money.
  • Environmental Considerations: Diamond Lab creates simulated diamonds in a lab instead of mining, which helps the environment and avoids harmful practices. This way, they do not use conflict diamonds, supporting ethical jewelry like bangles and rings.
  • Customization Options: Nexus and Asha Diamond Lab provide many options for simulated diamonds in different shapes, sizes, and colors. This helps customers easily find the right gem for their special jewelry, like hairpins.


  • Durability: Simulated diamonds are strong and don’t get scratched easily, but they might not be as hard as real diamonds. This could mean they last less, so it’s important to be gentle with them.
  • Value Retention: Unlike real diamonds, which usually increase or hold their value as time passes, simulated diamonds don’t have the same investment potential. This means their value might not go up much in the long term.
  • Cultural and Symbolic Significance: Natural diamonds hold a strong artistic and symbolic meaning linked to love, loyalty, and luxury. Simulated diamonds might not feel as emotionally important to certain people.

Final Comparison

Final Comparison .jpg

When looking at Asha vs. Nexus Diamond Simulant, both are choices instead of real diamonds. Asha simulant puts a diamond layer on a corundum base. Nexus simulant is made by Nexus Diamond Labs using their mix of materials.

These options allow people to have diamonds without the expensive cost of real diamonds. Remember, even though they look very much like diamonds, they’re not the same in what they’re made of and how they feel, so they’re not natural diamonds.


Deciding between Asha and Diamond Nexus depends on what you like. If you want something that seems like real diamonds and can spend a little more, Asha is the one.

But if you want something that looks awesome, like a diamond, but doesn’t cost as much, go for Diamond Nexus.

Remember, both choices are good for the environment and ethics, unlike mined diamonds. When you pick, think about how much you want to spend and what you believe in.

Both Asha and Diamond Nexus let you shine economically and ethically, supporting your beliefs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Asha and Diamond Nexus Simulants Compare in Terms of Appearance?

Both simulants are designed to replicate the visual characteristics of diamonds. They possess similar brilliance and color. However, differences in their manufacturing processes might result in fine contrast in appearance.

Which Simulant is More Durable, Asha or Diamond Nexus?

Both simulants are designed to be quite durable. Still, Asha simulants, composed of a combination of crystalline materials, tend to be slightly more scratch-resistant than Diamond Nexus simulants, which are primarily made of patented silicon carbide.

Are Asha and Diamond Nexus Simulants Equally Affordable?

The affordability of Asha and Diamond Nexus simulants can vary. Due to differences in manufacturing and marketing strategies, Asha simulants are generally more budget-friendly than Diamond Nexus simulants.

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