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Is Onyx Expensive? A Complete Guide About Black Onyx

About Black Onyx - History, Meaning, Value, And Uses

If you are interested in knowing what is the meaning of Black Onyx, the history behind this, and what is the use of this?

You are at the right place to solve all your doubts about Black Onyx. Take it like a piece of shiny black candy that can be turned into cool things you can wear.

Is Onyx expensive? This black onyx stone comes from deep within the Earth and is packed with lots of tiny crystals.

It’s strong and durable, making it great for making jewelry that can last a long time.

People used to think that black onyx brought bad luck, but now they believe it can protect us from bad things and bring good energy. Some people think that it’s a lucky stone for certain months.

So, in simple words, black onyx is a powerful and protective black stone that’s turned into pretty jewelry with some unique powers to make things better.

Black Onyx’s Conversion in Symbolism

Black Onyx's Conversion in Symbolism

Black onyx, the shiny black gemstone, has gone through a big change in what it means to people.

Some thought it brought bad luck in the past, but now it’s seen as a protector against negativity. It’s like a shield that keeps away bad energy. People also believe it brings balance and strength.

Even in ancient times, it was linked to Venus, the goddess of love. So, black Onyx has changed positively from being considered unlucky to being a guardian of good vibes.

Black Onyx History and Culture

Black Onyx History and Culture

Black onyx has a long history of being loved for its beauty. The ancient Egyptians used it to make jewelry that they dyed in different colors.

The Romans carved complex designs on it, creating stunning artwork. It’s been used in many cultures for centuries, showing its classic look. Even in modern times, it creates unique pieces like earrings and rings.

People in Feng Shui use black onyx to bring balance and protection to homes. It’s also linked to some months, like July and December.

From ancient culture to today, black onyx has a rich history in human culture.

Long Ago Greece and the Mighty Roman Empire

People liked black onyx during the times of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. They thought it was special because of the story.

The story said that a goddess named Venus had her nails fall to the ground while she was sleeping, turning those nails into black onyx.

So, people believed that black onyx was connected to this goddess and had magical powers.

They used it to make jewelry and even carved fancy designs on it. Black onyx was like a symbol of protection and strength for them.

Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, black onyx was super famous. People there loved using it for jewelry, especially for special occasions and ceremonies.

They believed that black onyx could help them feel safe and strong. They used to carve it into shapes that were important to them, like the eye shape called the “Eye of Horus.”

This eye was supposed to keep away bad things and bring good luck. The Egyptians were masters at dyeing onyx, too, to make it even more attractive.

So, black onyx was not just a stone for them but also a way to show their beliefs and make beautiful things.


Black onyx was also devoted in India. People there saw it as a powerful gemstone connecting to the planets and stars.

They believed wearing black onyx could make them powerful and keep them away from negative energy.

In India, it was used to make amulets and other jewelry. People liked to wear it to feel confident and protected.

Just like in other ancient cultures, black onyx had a place in Indian beliefs and traditions, making it more than just a nice stone but also a source of strength and positivity.

Onyx Properties and Characteristics

Onyx Properties and Characteristics

Black Onyx is a kind of shining stone known for its deep black color. It’s a type of gemstone, like a sparkly rock.

Interestingly, it’s made up of many tiny crystals that come together to make a strong and durable stone.

It is expensive as it’s not as shiny as a diamond, but it has a nice glossiness.

Onyx is quite tough, scoring about 6 to 7 on a hardness scale, which means it’s good for making jewelry that can last a long time.

Sometimes, people make it smooth and soft to the touch by polishing it.

  • Color: The most desirable Black Onyx gemstones are jet black with uniform color throughout.
  • Luster: Black Onyx possesses a smooth and glossy luster, reflecting light in an arranged manner.
  • Hardness: On the Mohs scale, Black Onyx ranks at a hardness level of 6.5 to 7, making it moderately durable.
  • Durability: While Black Onyx is relatively strong, it may be prone to scratching or chipping if not handled carefully.
  • Transparency: This gemstone is usually opaque, meaning light does not pass through it.

Black Onyx’s Role in Feng Shui

Black Onyx's Role in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, a way of arranging things for good energy, black onyx is like a helper. People believe it brings balance and protection to homes.

If you put black onyx in the center of your house, it can help make your home feel balanced and calm.

Placing black onyx near the door is like having a guardian protecting your home from bad vibes.

Some even say that keeping black onyx with important papers can make your money matters straight and secure.

This black stone is like a peaceful Feng Shui warrior, helping keep your space and energy.

Black onyx also has associations with the Chinese zodiac animals such as the dragon and others.

Still, the best effects of the black onyx in Feng Shui are using it on jewelry, such as a necklace or a bracelet.

Black Onyx as Birthstone

Black Onyx as Birthstone

Black onyx has a strong connection to certain months. In old times, it was thought to be lucky for July and December.

People born in these months could feel extra strong and brave by wearing black onyx.

Astrologers, those who study stars and signs, believed black onyx could give power and courage to people born under the Leo and Capricorn signs.

So, if you were born in these months or have these signs, wearing a black onyx band might make you feel even more stylish and confident.

It’s like having a little secret helper that brings positivity and strength to your life.

Physical Healing with Black Onyx

Physical Healing with Black Onyx

Black onyx isn’t just a beautiful gem. It can also help with physical healing.

People believe this black stone can strengthen our bones and teeth, making them healthier.

It’s also thought to improve our immune system, which helps our bodies fight off sicknesses.

Some people wear black onyx jewelry, like bracelets or rings, because they think it might make them feel better physically.

However, it’s important to remember that while black onyx is amazing, it’s not a replacement for proper medical care.

Emotional Healing with Black Onyx

Emotional Healing with Black Onyx

Emotions are like our inner feelings, and black onyx can have a positive impact on them, too.

This gemstone is said to help ease stress and anxiety, making us feel more calm and relaxed.

It’s like a little helper that supports our emotional well-being. Black Onyx is also believed to boost our self-confidence and help us make good decisions.

When we wear a black onyx ring, it’s like carrying a small piece of positivity with us.

Remember, while black-onyx can be helpful, talking to friends, family, or a professional when you’re feeling down is also really important.

Understanding the Worth and Cost of Black Onyx

Understanding the Worth and Cost of Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a costly gemstone that has long held a place of value in the world of jewelry.

Its deep, black color and smooth texture make it a popular choice for various accessories, from rings to necklaces.

The pricing of Black Onyx can vary based on several factors that contribute to its overall value.

One of the main factors affecting the pricing of Black Onyx is its size and weight.

Larger, well-cut pieces of Black Onyx tend to command higher prices due to their rarity and the amount of raw material required.

Another factor that contributes to the value of Black Onyx is its origin. Black Onyx can be found in various parts of the world, including Brazil, India, and Uruguay.

Identifying Real Black Onyx

Identifying Real Black Onyx

It’s cool to have a real black onyx, but sometimes fake ones are out there. Here’s how you can tell if it’s real.

If you don’t have a certificate saying it’s real, assume it’s been changed somehow. Most black onyx in jewelry is treated or dyed to look black.

Is Onyx expensive? Yes, Real black onyx is expensive and has white bands, which is a big clue. Some fakes can be bright, but real onyx is more glossy.

Be careful of glass or cubic zirconia; they’re not the same. Also, things like calcite and dark aren’t onyx, even if they’re black.

Jet and black spinels are not onyx, either. If you’re not sure, ask a gem expert to help.

Black Onyx Cuts and Styles

Black Onyx Cuts and Styles

Black onyx comes in different shapes and styles for making jewelry. Is Onyx expensive for making jewelry?

It can be cut and shaped into various forms, like round, cushion, and marquise.

Since black onyx is a strong stone, it can be crafted into many popular jewelry shapes. Unlike diamonds that sparkle, black onyx has a glossy look.

So, it doesn’t need fancy cuts to shine. Sometimes, it’s combined with sparkling diamonds to create a beautiful contrast and add value to the jewelry.

If you want something unique, black onyx can be a great choice for jewelry that stands out.

How to Wear Black Onyx

How to Wear Black Onyx

Wearing black onyx is easy and stylish. It’s like the “little black dress” of gemstones; it fits many occasions.

Anyone can wear black onyx, not just certain groups. It looks great in different styles, just like your favorite clothes.

If you want to feel energetic or balanced, wearing black onyx can help.

But if you are also dwindling around the question, is Onyx expensive? The answer is No; you can wear it as beads in necklaces and bracelets or as big stones in rings.

It’s flexible and can match your style, whether it’s casual or fancy. Black onyx is more than just pretty.

It has a special energy that can make you feel good, making it a perfect choice for jewelry that’s both fashionable and meaningful.

Purchase Black Onyx From

Purchase Black Onyx From

There are great places to buy black onyx jewelry. Stores like Angara, Ross and Simmons, Blue Nile, and Brilliant Earth have a wide selection. They offer different styles and prices to choose from.

  • Jewelry Stores: Traditional brick-and-mortar jewelry stores often have a selection of Black Onyx jewelry. You can visit these stores to see and feel the pieces in person before purchasing.
  • Angara: They have a big collection of black onyx jewelry, like rings and pendants. The prices vary so that you can find something within your budget.
  • Blue Nile: Although they have fewer options, Blue Nile has classic black onyx jewelry pieces. Is Onyx expensive on Blue Nile? Prices range from under $200 to around $750.
  • Brilliant Earth: They might not have many ready-made pieces, but you can design a custom black onyx jewelry item with them. This way, you get something special and personalized.


All in all, the good luck stone known as Black Onyx boasts a rich history, profound meaning, important value, and many uses that span across cultures and periods.

With origins deeply rooted in ancient culture, Black Onyx has held a place of importance in spiritual practices, jewelry crafting, and even medicinal applications.

Its symbolism of protection, strength, and grounding has resonated with individuals seeking to harness its energy for personal growth and well-being.

Whether you choose to wear it for its protective qualities or as a birthstone, Black Onyx is a gemstone that continues to shine and attract.

As a gemstone that goes beyond fashion trends, Black Onyx remains a good choice for creating beautiful jewelry pieces that easily mix with symbolism.

We hope all your questions are answered.

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