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James Allen vs Brilliant Earth: In-Depth Review

Brilliant Earth vs James Allen: Which One Is a Better Diamond ...

Are you looking for the perfect diamond but unsure where to get it? Well, you have two popular options: James Allen and Brilliant Earth.

So, we’re here to help you determine which might be better for you. James Allen and Brilliant Earth are the most popular brands where you can buy nice diamonds. They each have different things they’re good at, so knowing what they offer is important before you decide.

Brilliant Earth is known for getting its diamonds in the best way for the Earth and the people who find them. They also make rings that you won’t find everywhere. On the other hand, James Allen is superb because they have a lot of diamonds and you can make your ring with them.

Let’s learn more about what each offers so you can pick the best place to get your dream diamond.

Main Differences Between James Allen Vs. Brilliant Earth

Main Differences Between James Allen Vs. Brilliant Earth

James Allen

James Allen is well-known for having many diamonds and engagement rings. They use fancy technology to show their diamonds in clear 360-degree views on their website. This helps people who are shopping online to see the diamond up close.

Besides this cool tech stuff, James Allen has many designs, so everyone can find something they like.

They provide old-fashioned but still fancy, such as lovely Sapphire Earrings. They even have an outstanding feature where you can make your very own ring design if you want.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is a leading diamond seller known for caring about where diamonds come from and caring for the environment. They are experts in selling diamonds that are dug up without harming people or nature, as well as diamonds grown in labs. They also use old, recycled metals to make their jewelry.

Their feature lets buyers see where their diamond was found, so everyone knows it’s all done fairly and responsibly. Besides being responsible, Brilliant Earth has a big collection of engagement rings and fancy jewelry like hairpins.

Other Differences Between James Allen vs Brilliant Earth

Other Differences Between James Allen vs Brilliant Earth

1. Price vs Value

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is known for its promise to find diamonds in good ways for the Earth and the people involved. They are experts at providing diamonds, careful about where they come from.

When you buy diamonds from Brilliant Earth, you can learn where they were sourced, following their journey from the mine to when you get them. Their prices are a bit higher, but that’s because they’re serious about doing things right for the environment and society.

James Allen

James Allen is different because they have a new way to sell diamonds online. They have many diamonds for sale; you can see each closely with good pictures. This makes people feel sure about buying.

They also have affordable prices that many people like, and they are open about how much everything costs. They offer many choices for how the diamond can be put in a ring, so they have something for everyone on a budget.

2. Shipping and Return Policy

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is a well-known diamond company that makes shopping easy. They take care of your order when you buy a beautiful diamond from them. Using reliable carriers, they send it safely and for free within the United States.

Your valuable purchase is fully protected while it’s being delivered, so you don’t have to worry. If you’re not completely happy with your new diamond, Brilliant Earth lets you return it within 30 days. Use Jewelry Storage Box to keep your costly pieces safe and well-preserved.

James Allen

James Allen, a major player in the diamond market, offers great shipping and return policies. They provide free and fully insured shipping for your chosen symbol of love within the United States. This ensures your beautiful gem reaches you safely.

But what if the diamond doesn’t meet your expectations? Don’t worry; James Allen gets it. They give you 30 days to return the diamond if it’s not what you wanted. This gives you enough time to see the diamond in person and decide if you like it.

3. Customer Service

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is a well-known diamond seller famous for its amazing customer service. You can see how it looks on your hand using your computer before you decide to buy it. This makes it easier because you know how it will look.

They also have experts who know a lot about gems. These experts can help you choose the right diamond. This way, you can pick something you like and know it’s the best choice.

James Allen

James Allen stands out as a well-known player in the diamond-selling market. If you need help, you can call, email, or chat with their customer service team; they’re quick to help you.

Plus, they give you a lifetime warranty on their jewelry because they’re sure about how great their stuff is.

4. Warranty

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is famous for getting diamonds in fairways. They care a lot about not harming the environment and have many kinds of diamonds, like ones made in labs and ones from the earth. They promise to fix any problems forever because of how they were made.

This makes buyers feel relaxed. They’re unique because they have many old classic Nameplate rings for people who like things that never go out of style. Also, if you’re unsure about the diamond you got, you can return it within 30 days. This helps you make up your mind.

James Allen

James Allen has a cool website where you can see their diamonds up close, almost like in real life. You can check out how the diamond is cut, what color it is, how clear it looks, and how much it weighs. You don’t even have to leave your house. If something’s wrong with how the diamond was made, they’ll fix it for free forever.

And if you want to sell the diamond back within a year, they’ll give you 70% of what you paid. This shows they believe in their diamonds. They also have many different styles and metals for engagement rings, so you can make them just like you want.

Final Comparison: James Allen Vs Brilliant Earth

Final Comparison James Allen Vs Brilliant Earth

Choosing between James Allen and Brilliant Earth is about what matters most to you. If you care a lot about gems that are practices that are kind to the environment, then Brilliant Earth could be the one for you, even if it costs a bit more.

But if you want lots of choices and cool things like trying on virtual rings, then James Allen might be better. And don’t forget, both places offer warranties and good customer service to make buying your diamond easy.


Deciding between James Allen and Brilliant Earth for purchasing diamonds hinges on your personal preferences. Your best choice depends on what matters most to you.

Remember, when picking a diamond seller, think about things like diamond quality, your budget, the design you like, and any extra services you might need.

Looking at reviews from other customers and asking experts for advice can also help you choose. It’s a good idea to carefully check out both sellers and decide based on your value and need.

Whether it’s Brilliant Earth’s social commitment or James Allen’s technology advantage, both sellers have great diamonds.

No matter which you choose, remember that buying a diamond is an important investment, and taking your time to make an informed decision is key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does James Allen Have Good Diamonds?

Like other online jewelry shops, some people wonder if the diamonds on James Allen are genuine. However, you can be confident that they are indeed real. James Allen offers diamonds in various cuts, colors, carats, clarities, and shapes to suit different budgets.

Why is Brilliant Earth More Expensive?

Some online jewelry stores like James Allen and Blue Nile promise to match diamond prices. However, Brilliant Earth doesn’t do this because they focus on selling ethical diamonds. This means their prices might be a bit higher, but you know you’re getting responsibly sourced diamonds.

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