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Joel Osteen’s luxurious $10.5 Million Mansion

Joel Osteen

As said in the words of Joel Osteen, “It’s God’s will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty”, he is living up to what he preaches in his Huston Mansion. 

Recently moved to a new mansion, Joel and his wife Victoria are living the dream they always dreamed of. 

Before moving to their dreamy River Oaks Mansion, Osteens lived in a huge villa that created a buzz- The Tanglewood Mansion. One can easily say that Joel has a peculiar eye for property and knows exactly what he wants. 


W.T Carter 


Joel Osteen


River Oaks, Texas, Huston. 


$10.5 Million


1.86 acres



Joel Osteen: The Tanglewood Mansion

Bedroom: 4


Square Feet: 5,6000

Price: $2.9 Million

House Address:

House Google Map Location:

Joel Osteen got married to Victoria in 1987, and they lived their initial years of marriage in the gorgeous Tanglewood mansion spreading over 5,600 square feet and featuring 4 master bedrooms worth $2.9 million

The mansion is no longer housed by the Osteens, but it represents everything that the word opulence was coined for. The backyard pool, open garden, and lively neighborhood are probably the biggest reasons why Joel Osteen has still not sold the mansion. 

Joel Osteen: Mansion of Dreams 

Bedrooms: 6 

Bathrooms: 6

Square Feet: 17,000

Price: $ 10.5 Million

House Address: 3960 Del Monte Dr, Houston, TX 77019

House Google Map LocationClick here 

Joel Osteen is believed to be the richest man in America, and his Huston Mansion is a testimony to this. The gorgeous mansion is located in River Oaks, Huston, Texas.

Joel and his wife spent a good fortune on the property, covering a whopping 1.86 acres of land, and moved into the house with their children back in 2010. Their new mansion is all about opulence with its 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, all designed by a team of finest interior designers. 

The River Oaks mansion made news all around the globe as Joel and their wife moved in. A mansion of dreams in true senses, it has three elevators connecting every floor and corner of the house. The comfort of this mansion is impeccable and enhanced by 5 wood-burning fireplaces. 

joel osteen house

You must have heard about a guest room featuring fancy amenities. Joel’s River Oaks mansion has a separate guest house with its swimming pool and facilities that resemble a top-tier hotel, if not more. 

The family’s mansion has a gorgeous pool to relax and a lively neighbor that played a huge role in increasing the value of the property. 

Every corner of the mansion screams luxury and uniqueness, which is probably the biggest reason for Joel Osteen and Victoria to move in. The property has a gorgeous open field/garden for their kids to play and the couple to spend the evening at.  According to folks, the mansion is the epitome of richness, modernity, and luxury. 

The mansion, as modern as its interiors are now, was built back in 1937 by the then-leading businessman- W. T. Carter. It was Carter’s dream project, and now that you know the mansion’s luxurious interiors, you can understand the reason behind it. 

What makes Joel’s mansion even more intriguing is how the traditional element and Carter’s heritage have been kept intact. The entrance features oversized doors- A typical traditional element, followed by grand stone pillars that make the mansion remarkable right from here. 

The Story of Joel Osteen

Joel Scott Osteen is an American pastor, businessman, and author who was born in 1963.

He got married to Victoria in 1987.

His parents founded the charismatic Chruch- Lakewood Church in 1959. Joel’s father was a pastor, and the legacy was passed to Joel after his father’s death in 1999.

Joel Osteen made news with his purchase in 2010 and left people wondering about the deets of his new River Oaks Mansion worth $10.5 million.

Due to the increased price of the property, Joel Osteen is believed to have paid $260,000 in property taxes in the year, which might not even be the cost of many of our homes. 

joel osteen house.

Joel Osteen: Mansion That Is Built on Dreams

Joel Osteen is said to have a net worth of $100 million, and his house worth $10.5 million should not come as a shock. He worked with Lakewood Church, and this is where his journey to River Oaks Mansion and so much more than he owns began. Joel and Victoria have been thriving with their children in the mansion, with Joel’s net worth increasing every year. It is safe to say that Joel Osteen is truly god’s favorite child, and all his work at the Church is probably paying out now. How!


  • Joel Osteen moved into his new Mansion in 2010, which is worth $10.5 Million.
  • His mansion has a whooping area of 1.86 acres featuring 6 master bedrooms, a guest-house and a pool.
  • A modern and luxurious property, the River Oaks Mansion is a dreamy castle built by W.T. Carter in 1937.
  • Joel Osteen lives in the house with wife, Victoria, and two children.
  • Osteen still owns their former home- Tanglewood Mansion. 
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