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25 Podcasts that Women Over 50

Don’t you think there’s undoubtedly something for everyone in the world of podcasts? There’s a podcast for everyone, whether you like true crime stories, want to learn how to be a better person, or want to laugh. It is very accurate for women over the age of 50. With their life experience, understanding, and desire to learn, women in this age group are drawn to podcasts that meet their specific needs and interests.

In this article, we’ll talk about 25 podcasts that women over 50 love. These podcasts cover many themes, from health and wellness to personal growth, entertainment, and everything in between.

So, if you are a woman over 50 or know one, these shows will give you hours of fun, inspiration, and helpful information.

Amazing Podcasts for Women Over 50

Amazing Podcasts for Women Over 50

1. Women Over Fifty

This Dr. Alise Cortez and the Great Revitalization show celebrates the achievements and lives of women over 50. Dr. Alise Cortez hosts it and allows women to discuss their lives, interests, and ideas. From job successes to personal victories, these stories show how rich and varied the experiences of women in this age group are. They also encourage listeners to embrace their unique paths.

2. Life Coach School Podcast

This Life Coach School Podcast show is about how to improve yourself and grow as a person. Brooke Castillo hosts it. It gives practical tips and steps that women over 50 can take to handle the challenges and opportunities of this time with grace and confidence. Brooke’s thoughtful episode covers many topics, such as thinking, relationships, and reaching your goals. It makes it an excellent resource for personal growth that never stops.

3. The Aging Gratefully Show

Stephanie Raffelock hosts The Aging Gratefully Show, and it’s all about being excited and active about getting older. It has talks with experts, stories that will make you think, and tips on how to live the best life after 50. This show has a lot of helpful information about health, relationships, and finding new interests as you age. It can help you age with grace and gratitude.

4. The Women’s Meditation Network

This Women’s Meditation Network podcast is for women over 50 who want to find peace and be more thoughtful. It has guided meditations and ways to relax that are made for women in this age group. These calming meditations give you daily peace, help you deal with stress, and keep your mind healthy. They are a great addition to your self-care habit.

5. Better After 50

Felissa Benjamin Allard and Ronna Benjamin lead the Better After 50 podcast, which talks about a wide range of topics important to women over 50, such as relationships, health, and personal growth. This podcast talks about the joys and difficulties of life during and after midlife with a mix of humor, insight, and honest conversations.

6. The Wellness Way Podcast

Health and happiness become increasingly vital as we age, and this Wellness Way podcast contains helpful tips for living a healthy life. It discusses many health issues and tells women over 50 how to take charge of their health and make intelligent decisions.

7. The Reinvention Chronicles

This Reinvention Chronicles show, hosted by Mary Rogers, tells the stories of women who have changed their lives after turning 50. People who want to make reasonable changes in their own lives can get ideas from it. These stories show that it’s never too late to find new interests, go on exciting trips, or change your path in the second half of your life.

8. Not Old – Better Show

Paul Vogelzang runs this Not Old – Better podcast and is all about making the lives of people over 50 better. It has interviews with experts, authors, and thought leaders on various subjects. This show keeps you updated and interested in the world around you, whether you like technology, travel, or culture.

9. The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement Podcast

This product helps women keep their minds sharp by giving them helpful information and conversations with experts about brain health and preventing Alzheimer’s. As you get older, keeping your brain healthy is essential. This Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement podcast gives you information and tips to keep your brain healthy.

10. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

In this Happier podcast, best-selling author Gretchen Rubin talks about how to find happiness. Women of all ages, including those over 50, find her insights and practical tips helpful. This show will help you find happiness and contentment in your everyday life by giving tips and starting conversations that will make you think.

11. The Moth

The Moth is a podcast about speaking where real people tell their stories. It’s an excellent way for women over 50 who enjoy the power of a good story to get ideas and have fun. The different stories in this podcast all touch on the common themes of love, strength, and connecting with other people.

12. The Michelle Obama Podcast

Michelle Obama, the first lady of the United States, hosts this Michelle Obama podcast. She talks honestly with her guests about relationships, health, and personal growth. Her ideas are both interesting and helpful. This show closely examines the lives and experiences of people who have done amazing things.

13. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

The guests on Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul Conversations are spiritual leaders, authors, and people who know much about personal improvement. Anyone who wants to be inspired and learn something should listen to it. In her exciting conversations, Oprah discusses spirituality, meaning, and how self-discovery can change your life.

14. StoryCorps

StoryCorps is where people can talk about their lives and share their stories. It’s a moving and heartwarming podcast that shows how powerful human connections and stories can be. These personal stories get to the heart of being human and give people a deep sense of love and understanding.

15. Second Act Stories

Andy Levine hosts this show, which tells the stories of people who made significant changes in their careers later in life. It’s one of the best excellent Second Act Stories podcasts for women over 50 who want to try something new. These stories show that midlife can be a time for change and discovery, giving you a new look at your possibilities.

16. On Being

Krista Tippett talks about life’s big questions, and the search for meaning leads this On Being show. It’s a thoughtful and reflective show that women over 50 who want to learn more find interesting. This podcast makes you think and grow by discussing faith, ethics, and the human experience.

17. Stuff You Missed in History Class

This podcast is for people who are interested in history. It tells fascinating stories and events from the past that you might not have learned in school. It’s a great way to learn more about the past. Explore the rich tapestry of history and find the secret gems and exciting stories that have made our world what it is today.

18. The Women’s Podcast

This Women’s podcast, hosted by Roisin Ingle, talks about many important things to women, such as politics, society, and personal stories. It’s a place where important things can be said and learned. This podcast builds a sense of community and gives women power by focusing on their stories and points of view.

19. TED Talks Health

On TED Talks Health, experts in health and wellness give exciting and helpful talks. It’s an excellent way for women over 50 to learn about new health studies and trends. Explore cutting-edge ideas and new ways to stay healthy as you get older.

20. The Midlife

This Midlife show, hosted by Liz Brown, discusses what it’s like to be in midlife and what problems it can bring. It’s a funny and realistic look at the highs and lows of this time in life. Laugh along with Liz as she deals with the quirks and joys of midlife from a playful point of view.

21. The Happiness Lab

In this The Happiness Lab podcast, Dr. Laurie Santos talks about the science of happiness. It gives helpful advice and ideas for living a happier life that people of any age can use. Find out how to be happy and strong in your daily life using strategies shown to work.

22. The Golden Years

As the name says, this Golden Years podcast is about having fun in your golden hours. It has stories and tips from older people making the most of their lives. Find out about the advantages and achievements of people enjoying their golden years with vigor and energy.

23. The Nifty Fifty

Tracy DeBlois leads this Nifty Fifty show about starting over and having new experiences after 50. It gives women the drive to take advantage of new possibilities. You can listen to stories of people who overcame obstacles and changed their lives. These stories will show you how much you can do in your 50s and beyond. These stories about change and finding new things tell us that life can be exciting at any age.

24. AARP’s Take on Today

AARP, an organization dedicated to serving older adults, hosts this podcast. It discusses many essential things for women over 50, like health, money, lifestyle, and society. With the help of AARP’s resources and experts, you can stay up to date on important topics and learn how to live your best life during your golden years.

25. The Sunday Salon

People Talk about books and writing in this Sunday Salon podcast. It’s great for women over 50 who like to read and want to know what’s happening in the book world. Talk about exciting books, literary treasures, and the fun of finding new stories.

Significance of Podcasts for Women Over 50

Podcasts are significant for women over the age of 50. In an age where digital media is a big part of our lives, podcasts are a great way to get information that is relevant to you and to build a community. These talks show that women over 50 have unique experiences and problems, giving them a voice and a sense of belonging in a world that is changing quickly.

They give women advice, a sense of community, and a sense of power, and they remind them that their life journey has excellent worth and potential even when they are older. Also, these podcasts encourage lifelong learning, personal growth, and the quest for happiness, all of which are important for a full and active second half of life. They show that age is not a barrier but rather a door to new possibilities, and they play an essential role in celebrating and supporting women as they embrace the beauty and vitality of life after 50

Importance of Podcasts for Women Over 50

Importance of Podcasts for Women Over 50

Podcasts for women over 50 are essential and have many benefits. In a time when digital media is a big part of our lives, these podcasts are a great way to get information that is relevant to you and build a community.

These shows are more than just fun; here’s why they’re essential:

1. Getting Credit for a Unique Experience: Podcasts for women over 50 acknowledge and support the unique challenges and experiences that this group faces. They give people a place to honor and celebrate the wisdom they’ve learned over a lifetime.

2. Belonging and Voice: For many women over 50, these shows make them feel like they belong and give them a chance to be heard. They bring together people with similar interests who can understand each other’s lives.

3. Empowerment and Inspiration: These podcasts give you knowledge, a sense of community, and inspiration. They help women feel more confident and sure of themselves by reminding them that their journey has a lot of value and promise even when they are old.

4. Personal Growth and Continuous Learning: Podcasts for women over 50 help them keep learning and grow as people. They give helpful advice on health, relationships, and self-improvement, making it easier for viewers to handle the challenges of this stage of life with grace and confidence.

5. Pursuit of Happiness: Happiness is an essential goal for everyone, regardless of age. These podcasts look at the pursuit of happiness from a more mature point of view. They offer helpful advice and deep conversations that make you think.

6. Celebrating Chances: They show that age is not a barrier to new chances but rather a door to them. These shows are a big part of celebrating and helping women enjoy the beauty and energy of life after 50.

7. Awareness and Knowledge: These podcasts keep women current on essential problems for their age group, like health, money, and lifestyle choices. They are a great way to stay current and make choices based on facts.

In short, podcasts made for women over 50 are essential in today’s digital world. They are more than just fun because they give people a chance to be seen and grow as people. They show how entire and exciting life can be after 50.

Tips for Making The Most of Podcasts For Women Over 50

1. Set Aside Time to Listen: Make a practice for listening to podcasts. Setting aside time ensures you don’t miss out, whether during your morning walk, on your way to work, or as part of your habit of unwinding.

2. Explore a Variety of Subjects: Don’t just limit yourself to one style. Explore different podcast topics to broaden your ideas and find new things you’re interested in.

3. Join Online Communities: Many podcasts have online communities or social media groups that go along with them. Join these groups to share your ideas, meet people who share your interests, and ask questions. These groups give people a place to talk about important things and make them feel like they belong.

4. Take Notes and Think about it: Keep a book or digital notes as you listen to podcasts to write down important things you learn, ideas you get, or things inside you. It can help you use what you’ve learned in the real world. Think about how the podcast’s material connects with your life and goals.

5. Share With Friends and Family: Tell your friends and family about your favorite podcast show if they might also enjoy it. It can lead to deep conversations, shared experiences, and stronger bonds with people you care about.

6. Take Part in Q&A Sessions: Some shows have live Q&A sessions or take questions from listeners. Take advantage of these chances to get personalized tips and insights from podcast hosts or guests and to talk directly with them.

7. Apply What You Learn: After learning about a show that moved you, consider using the lessons or insights from podcast hosts or guests and talking directly with them.

8. Apply What You Learn: After listening to a show that moved you, consider how to use the lessons or insights in your life. Putting what you’ve learned into practice and making suitable changes is where real growth and change happen.

9. Stay Consistent: Consistency is important. Make it a habit to listen to your favorite podcasts often. Over time, being exposed to positive and empowering material regularly can significantly affect how you think and feel about life.

10. Engage With The Host: You can contact podcast hosts through social media or email to tell them what you think, thank them for their content, or suggest ideas for future shows. Knowing the hosts can help you get more involved in the radio community.


Podcasts for women over 50 are a gold mine of information, ideas, and fun. As women in this age group deal with the challenges and chances of getting older, these podcasts are a great way to help them along the way. You can use these podcasts to help you grow, learn about health, listen to exciting stories, or have a good laugh.

Embrace this time of your life better and give you the tools to make the most of every moment. So put on your headphones, press play, and start a rewarding podcast trip that celebrates the beauty and vitality of life after 50.

With these podcasts by your side, the second half of your life can be a fun time of growth, exploring, and discovering new things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Podcasts Important for Women Over 50?

Podcasts for women over 50 are essential because they acknowledge and support the unique experiences and challenges that this group faces. They give people a sense of power, inspiration, and belonging and honor the wisdom and promise of getting older. Also, these podcasts offer helpful information, advice, and a sense of community that helps people grow and feel better in the second half of life.

How Do I Find Videos for Women Over the Age of 50?

You can find podcasts for women over 50 by using Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google podcasts and looking for words like “women over 50”, “midlife,” or “aging gracefully.” Also, podcast ideas are often shared in online communities and social media groups for women.

How Can I Best Fit Listening to Podcasts Into My Daily Life?

You can make podcast listening a daily habit by setting aside specific times. Think about listening while doing things like your daily commute, working out, doing jobs around the house, or just relaxing before bed. Setting a regular plan helps you ensure you have time to enjoy podcasts and improve yourself.

How Can I Get Involved with Podcasts and The Groups that Surround Them?

You can get involved with podcast material and communities by taking part in conversations on social media, leaving reviews and ratings on podcast platforms, sending questions or comments to podcast hosts, and joining online forums or groups about your favorite podcasts. Your radio experience is better when you talk to other people who like the same things you do.

Are There Specific Topics or Types of Podcasts that Women Over 50 Like to Listen To?

Yes, podcasts about personal growth, health and wellness, relationships, self-improvement, travel, and stories of change are popular with women over 50. But people’s tastes are very different, so trying out different types of music to find what you like is essential.

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