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How To Stop Lipstick From Bleeding Into Wrinkles

Are you someone who likes to wear lipstick but doesn’t like it when it spreads into those tiny lines on your lips? Don’t worry; we’ll discuss keeping lipstick safe, not going into the lines. Wrinkles are those small lines on your face when you get older.

Lipstick is a fun way to add color to your lips and make them look nice. But sometimes, it goes into those little wrinkle spots you might not want. But we have some easy tips to ensure your lipstick stays where it should be.

Finding the right lipstick routine can make you feel good and fantastic. We’ll teach you how to do it without any issues. So, no need to stress about lipstick going where it shouldn’t. With the right lipstick and simple tricks, you can have pretty lips without any hassle.

Plus, you won’t need to worry about how to keep lipstick from bleeding into wrinkles.

1. Gentle Scrub and Moisturizer Before Putting on Lipstick

Gentle Scrub and Moisturizer Before Putting on Lipstick

Before putting on your lipstick, it’s important to ensure your lips are nice and soft. Start by gently exfoliating your lips with a special lip scrub that makes them feel smoother. Then, use a special lip lotion to ensure your lips stay moist.

These two steps will help your lipstick look better and go on more evenly. Also, if you’re worried about your lipstick spreading outside your lips, try this trick: use a small brush to put a little concealer around the edges of your lips. This will help stop the color from going where you don’t want it to.

So, follow these easy steps, and you’ll have beautiful lips without worrying about lipstick going where it shouldn’t.

2. Draw an Outline with a Lip Pencil Before Applying Lipstick

Draw an Outline with a Lip Pencil Before Applying Lipstick

Lip liners are like special tools for your lips. They’re like pencils but for your mouth. These lip pencils do two things: they help you make the lines around your lips and stop your lipstick from moving away from those lines.

That’s important because we don’t want your lipstick to go where it shouldn’t. To use them, you find a lip pencil the same color as your lipstick or maybe a little darker. Then, you gently draw lines around your lips, like you’re coloring a picture.

If you want, you can even color inside the lines to make your lipstick stay even better. This is like coloring carefully within the lines in your coloring book. It makes your lips look very neat.

Remember, these lip liners are like magic sticks that keep your lipstick in place. A product like Carmex Classic Lip Balm can also help keep your lips moisturized and soft, providing a perfect base for your lip liner and lipstick.

3. Use a Clear Setting Powder to Set Your Lipstick

Use a Clear Setting Powder to Set Your Lipstick

Here’s a simple trick to ensure your lipstick stays where you want it. After you’ve put on your lipstick, gently press a tissue to your lips. Then, with a small brush, put a little see-through powder on your lips. This keeps the color from spreading. This little step can stop the lipstick from moving around your lips. It’s like a shield for your lip color.

Additionally, using Blotting Papers before applying the powder will help absorb excess oils, ensuring an even longer-lasting lip look. This way, your lipstick will stay put all day.

You can enjoy your day without worrying about your lipstick going everywhere. So, remember to use this tip for a long-lasting lip look. It’s easy to do and works like magic to keep your lipstick from smudging.

4. Gently Tap and Smudge Your Lipstick

Gently Tap and Smudge Your Lipstick

Once you’ve put on your lipstick, carefully press your lips together. Then, use your finger to smudge the color a bit gently. This makes it look softer and more like how your lips naturally are. It also makes the lipstick stay on for a longer time. When you put your lips together and smudge, it stops the lipstick from spreading outside your lips.

So, it’s a simple way to make your lipstick last longer without any fancy stuff. You don’t need special tools, just your finger and a Magnifying Mirror. So, remember, after you’ve put on your lipstick, press your lips together, check with the Magnifying Mirror, and smudge a little. It’s easy and effective.

5. Prime Your Lips with Concealer

Prime Your Lips with Concealer

You can try using concealer to prevent lipstick from smudging and making lines on your lips. Concealer is like a secret tool in makeup that helps hide little problems. Here’s how you do it: Begin by putting a tiny concealer all over your lips. This makes your lips nice and even, like a clean slate before painting. This method helps your lipstick stay put and not move into any lip wrinkles.

Remember to give your lips a concealer base before applying lipstick. It’s like a protective shield for your lip color. This simple trick can help keep your lipstick looking neat all day. Additionally, you can finish off your look with a Makeup Setting Spray, available online, to ensure your makeup stays in place throughout the day.

6. Pick a Lipstick that Stays on for a Long Time

Pick a Lipstick that Stays on for a Long Time

Choosing the best lipstick is important. Find lipsticks with long-lasting written on them. These lipsticks stay on your lips for a long time. They don’t melt and move into the lines on your lips easily. When you buy lipstick, look for long-lasting ones to keep your lips tidy. If you want to prevent your lipstick from bleeding, you can try a few tricks. First, exfoliate your lips gently to remove any dry skin. Then, apply a lip liner to outline your lips.

After that, use a lipstick brush or your finger to apply the lipstick. Blot your lips with a tissue, and then apply a second coat. This will make your lipstick last longer. Finally, avoid touching your lips or eating oily foods, which can smudge your lipstick.

7. Lightly Touch and Brush

Lightly Touch and Brush

When you put on your lipstick, here’s a simple tip. Don’t just slide it on. Do this First, lightly tap your lips with the lipstick. Then, spread it smoothly with a little brush or a Makeup brush set. This way, you can manage it better, and the lipstick won’t move where you don’t want it to. It’s similar to painting with a small brush instead of a big one. It’s frustrating when your lipstick smudges. To prevent this, use a lip liner.

A lip liner is like a barrier that keeps your lipstick in place. Choose a liner that matches your lipstick, then gently line the edges of your lips before applying the lipstick. This will help you keep that beautiful lipstick look without any smears. Remember, easy steps can make a big difference in your makeup routine.

8. Use a Tissue to Make Your Lipstick Stay in Place

Use a Tissue to Make Your Lipstick Stay in Place

To ensure your lipstick stays where you want it and doesn’t go where it shouldn’t, you can do something easy: press a tissue gently against your lips after putting on lipstick. It’s a bit like cleaning up a mess on a table. This simple thing can help your lipstick look good all day long. Don’t worry, it’s not hard at all. Just remember to do it gently so you don’t smudge your lipstick.

With this little trick, your lipstick will stay in place, and you won’t have to worry about it spreading into lines. So, next time you put on lipstick, give this a try, and you’ll see the difference. It’s as easy as pie. Additionally, having a makeup box to organize your lipstick and other beauty essentials can make your routine even more convenient.

9. Apply a Setting Spray to Keep Your Lipstick On

Apply a Setting Spray to Keep Your Lipstick On

A setting spray is like magic for your lipstick. It helps your lipstick stay put all day long. Here’s how it works: When you put on lipstick, it might initially feel a little wet. That’s because lipstick has oils and waxes. These can make it move around and get into the little lines around your lips. But when you use a setting spray, it dries fast and locks your lipstick in place. It’s like a seal on your lips.

You’re ready to spray it on your lips after putting on lipstick. No more worrying about your lipstick moving around.

10. Drink with a Straw to Keep Your Lipstick Nice

Drink with a Straw to Keep Your Lipstick Nice

Using a straw is a clever idea to stop your lipstick from spreading. When you drink from a glass, sometimes your lipstick can move and end up on the glass. But with a straw, your lips don’t touch the cup much, so your lipstick stays nice. It’s really easy. Moreover, it’s a fun and simple to enjoy your drinks without thinking about lipstick issues.

Therefore, the next time you have a yummy drink, take a straw or a convenient Straw Dispenser, and your lips will look great. It helps prevent the lipstick from smudging and keeps your lips looking good throughout the day. So, keep some straws handy in your bag for those lipstick-friendly moments.


All in all, preventing lipstick from spreading into the lines on your lips is not too hard. You can do it easily. First, put on some lip balm to keep your lips soft. Then, pick a lip liner that matches your lipstick. This will make a boundary for your lipstick. Next, carefully apply your lipstick to stay within the lines. If you make a mistake, don’t worry; you can fix it with a cotton swab.

Remember, keeping it simple is the key. Use lip products that are easy to work with. And if you have wrinkles on your lips, don’t stress. Everyone gets them as they get older. You don’t need any fancy stuff, just a little lip balm, lip liner, and your favorite lipstick.

Keep it easy, and your lips will look fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Lipstick Go into the Lines on My Lips?

Your lipstick could move into the lines because of the wrinkles on your lips. These lines are like tiny folds, and lipstick can go inside them. It’s important to use lipstick carefully so it doesn’t go into those lines.

What Can I Do to Keep Lipstick from Moving into Wrinkles?

You can use lip liner to make a line so your lipstick doesn’t move. This will help your lipstick last longer and look better on your lips. It’s a simple trick that can make a big difference in how your makeup looks.

Does Moisturizing Help Stop Lipstick from Bleeding into Wrinkles?

Sure, when you keep your lips moisturized, it can help prevent your lipstick from smudging. Moist lips are less likely to create messy lipstick smears, so using lip balm or drinking water can be helpful. Taking care of your lips is essential for a neater lipstick look.

Are There Special Lipsticks that Are Less Likely to Bleed into Wrinkles?

Certain matte lipsticks don’t smudge as much as shiny ones. They stay put longer because they’re not as shiny. This is important if you don’t want your lipstick to get messy. So, matte lipsticks can be a good choice to avoid smudging.

Can I Prevent Lipstick Bleeding by Blotting My Lips?

Sure, just patting your lips with a tissue can remove extra lipstick. It stops it from going into lines on your skin. Blotting is a gentle way to do this.

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