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The Balancing Act: Derek Mathewson’s Personal Life Story

The Balancing Act: Derek Mathewson's Personal Life Story

In this blog post, we will examine Derek Mathewson’s life story, the charismatic star of the hit TV show Bangers and Cash.

As a respected figure in the classic car industry, Derek has captured viewers’ hearts with his passion and expertise.

However, recent revelations about his personal life have illuminated the challenges he faces in balancing his professional success with his private relationships.

Join us as we explore the man behind the television persona and uncover the complexities of Derek Mathewson’s life off-screen.

We will provide an honest and engaging insight into his story, from his humble beginnings to the recent turbulence in his personal life.

Early Life and Career

Childhood and Early Interests

Childhood and Early Interests

Growing up in Bedfordshire, a region steeped in history and culture, Derek Mathewson discovered his passion for cars at a young age.

He was drawn to vintage and classic vehicles, fascinated by their unique designs and rich histories.

Derek devoted much time to studying the details of these vehicles, exploring their inner workings, and discovering each car’s unique history.

His family, recognizing his genuine enthusiasm, encouraged and supported his hobby, nurturing his growing knowledge and appreciation for these timeless machines.

Founding of Mathewson

In 1970, Derek Mathewson took a leap of faith and established Mathewsons, initially focusing on selling modern cars and commercial vehicles.

Catering to retail and trade customers, the business quickly gained a reputation for its top-notch service and reliability.

However, Derek’s true vision extended beyond simply creating a successful enterprise.

He aspired to integrate his love for vintage and classic cars into Mathewsons’ fabric, setting the stage for future growth and expansion.

This early decision to combine his passion with his profession would be a defining moment in Derek’s career, shaping the trajectory of Mathewsons for years to come.

Family Business and Relocation

Family Business and Relocation

Growth of Mathewson

As Mathewsons gained stability, Derek recognized the potential for expansion and diversification.

The business began offering vehicle contract hire and leasing services, appealing to a wider customer base.

Alongside modern vehicles, Derek started acquiring vintage and classic cars, gradually integrating them into the company’s inventory.

These acquisitions added depth to Mathewsons’ offerings and set the stage for the company’s future specialization in the classic and vintage car market.

Derek’s keen eye for unique and valuable vehicles and business acumen positioned Mathewson for continued growth and success.

Relocation to North Yorkshire

In 1988, the Mathewson family relocated to North Yorkshire, driven by strong family connections and a fondness for the region developed during numerous holidays.

This strategic move involved acquiring garages in Scarborough (1988), Malton (1990), and Pickering (1992), significantly expanding their operational reach.

The relocation also signaled a shift in focus from modern vehicles to classic and vintage cars, aligning more closely with Derek’s passion and the growing demand in the market.

This transition allowed Mathewsons to carve out a niche, leveraging Derek’s expertise and the company’s growing reputation in the classic car community.

Personal Life and Challenges

Personal Life and Challenges

Family Dynamics

Derek Mathewson has navigated the complexities of balancing his professional life with his responsibilities throughout his career.

His enduring marriage to his wife, Sue, provided a stable foundation as they raised their two sons, Paul and Dave.

As the boys grew older, they became increasingly involved in the family business, working alongside their parents to build upon the legacy of Mathewson.

However, the demands of running a successful company often strained family life, requiring careful management of time and priorities.

Despite the challenges, the Mathewsons remained a tightly knit unit, supporting one another through the ups and downs of their personal and professional lives.

Public and Personal Turmoil

Recently, Derek Mathewson’s personal life has been thrust into the public eye following his decision to leave his wife, Sue, for a younger colleague named Vicki Ivens.

The 26-year age gap between Derek and Vicki and the fact that both were married to other people at the time sparked significant media interest and public scrutiny.

Derek and Vicki grew close while working together at the Mathewsons’ family-run classic car auction business in Yorkshire.

Like Sue, Vicki worked in the office and appeared in several show episodes.

Public and Personal Turmoil

Their relationship was reportedly discovered when Sue confronted Vicki’s husband, Nicholas, with phone records showing around 180 calls between Derek and Vicki over three weeks.

When confronted by Nicholas, Vicki admitted to the relationship and expressed relief at no longer having to lie.

As a result of the affair, Sue has given Vicki her marching orders from the business, and Vicki is now believed to be working at Flamingo Land Theme Park.

Vicki and Nicholas, who were married for 20 years, have since divorced.

Before the relationship was revealed, Vicki’s social media posts hinted at frustration and emotional turmoil in her personal life.

When news of the affair broke, Derek’s personal life became the subject of intense media scrutiny and gossip.

The scandal has significantly impacted his relationships, the family business, and the public image of the Mathewson name.

The Rise of Bangers and Cash

The Rise of Bangers and Cash

In 2019, an exciting opportunity knocked on the Mathewsons’ door when two television companies expressed interest in featuring their classic car auction business in a new show.

After careful consideration and being impressed by producer Andy Joynson’s enthusiasm and vision, Derek and his family decided to begin this new venture.

The resulting series, “Bangers and Cash,” quickly captured viewers’ hearts, offering a fascinating glimpse into the world of classic cars and the inner workings of the Mathewson family business.

The show’s popularity soared, attracting an impressive average of over 500,000 viewers per episode.

Its success even led to creating a spin-off series, “Bangers and Cash: Restoring Classics,” further cementing the Mathewsons’ place in the spotlight.

Impact on Personal Life

As “Bangers and Cash” propelled Derek Mathewson to newfound fame, he grappled with the challenges of increased public visibility.

The show’s success thrust Derek into the role of a prominent figure within the classic car community, subjecting his personal life to greater scrutiny.

This heightened attention coincided with recent troubles in his private life, adding an extra layer of complexity to an already delicate balancing act.

The show allowed viewers to see different sides of Derek’s character, including his deep love for classic cars, keen business sense, and ability to handle the complexities of his work and private life while in the public spotlight.


Derek Mathewson’s life story is a testament to the delicate balance between passion, success, and personal challenges.

From his humble beginnings in Bedfordshire to the rise of Mathewson and the hit TV show “Bangers and Cash,” Derek’s journey has been one of dedication, resilience, and the pursuit of his love for classic cars.

While his personal life has faced recent turmoils, Derek’s commitment to his family, business, and passion remains unwavering.

Derek inspires others by balancing his career success with personal challenges in the public eye, showing his knowledge, business skills, and resilience.

His story serves as a reminder that life’s journey is rarely smooth, but with determination and a steadfast focus on one’s passions, success and fulfillment are always within reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Derek from Mathewsons left His Wife?

According to recent reports, Derek Mathewson has left his wife, Sue, for a colleague named Vicki Ivens, who is 26 years younger than him.

Is Sarah Married to Derek Mathewson? 

There is no information suggesting that Derek Mathewson is married to someone named Sarah. His wife’s name is Sue Mathewson.

Who is in The Mathewson Family?

The Mathewsons family consists of Derek Mathewson, his wife Sue, and their two sons, Paul and Dave, who are involved in the family business.

Who is Derek Mathewson’s Girlfriend?

Recent reports suggest that Derek Mathewson’s girlfriend is Vicki Ivens, a colleague who worked at the Mathewson office and is 26 years younger than him.

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