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20 Fashionable Clothes for 40-Year-Old Women

20 trendy clothes for 40 year old woman 2023

Once a woman turns 40, finding the right fashionable clothes becomes difficult. A mature woman needs clothing that is not only comfortable but looks stylish. Getting trendy clothes for 40-year-old women is not a difficult task now. All you have to do is get a few staples in your wardrobe and then style each one accordingly.

Nowadays, fast fashion is quite popular. New trends in the market make fast fashion a life-changing game, but have you ever wondered if this can be possible even for women in their 40s? You might not have, and it is obvious that women in their 40s have fewer options for clothing.

However, this is not the case if we break it to you. Fashion is accessible to all, and one can easily style themselves according to age and profession.

Hence, to help you with that, we have listed 20 trendy clothes for 40-year-old women.

Trendy Clothes for 40-Year-Old Women This Year

Trendy Clothes for 40-Year-Old Women This Year

Every season and year has its fashion trends. In the 2000s, skinny jeans were a great hit, but flared jeans are considered the most. Hence, as time and season change, fashion evolves, and elevating your wardrobe according to that is essential.

As a 40-year-old woman, it becomes a little overwhelming to find the right clothes but to help you with that, we have listed 20 options to consider.

1. Transparent for The Win

Transparent for The Win

The first trend is beautiful and sexy, but it is easy to style at any age. Yes, you heard it right, transparent clothing. Transparent and sheer clothes are back in trend, and they are easy to style and look way more than sexy. It is one of the best trendy clothes for 40-year-old women as they can pair it up with a nice skirt for a classic dinner party. The whole outfit will look elegant, stylish, and sexy with just the right amount of skin show. You can opt for a nice black sheer top and pair it well with gold jewelry to make it look great.

2. Pinstripes


Pinstripes are not new in fashion town. They have been in the industry for a long time, and this fashion looks appropriate for street style and runaway fashion. They are quite easy to style, and anyone can wear them easily. It is considered a masculine print but still powerful and feminine. Wearing vertical pinstripes trendy clothes for 40-year-old women will make them look tall, petite, and flattering. One can get shirts, trousers, or long dresses in the same pattern for a more polished and clean look.

3. White Trendy Clothes for 40-Year-Old Women

White Trendy Clothes for 40-Year-Old Women

Who can say no to white color? Be it a young lady or someone getting mature with age, a classic white outfit is everyone’s favorite. White is a versatile color that it goes well with every print, pattern, style, or color. Everything blended with white looks nothing but stunning. One can build a wardrobe with white, printed, striped pants or dresses. It is quite easy to style and looks elegant yet stylish at the same time. The next thing that makes it a staple is that it can be worn in any weather or season.

4. Colourful Clothes

Colourful Clothes

This year, colorful clothes are quite chosen; different colors are coming back this season. The very first color is cobalt blue, a beautiful, eye-catching color that reminds everyone of their childhood. It is quite bright and bold and can easily be paired with light pink, white, and black colors. Apart from this, some other color trends are metallics, greens, and reds. They have their share of the market with trendy clothes for 40-year-old women and their younger selves. You can easily play around with them and make great outfits out of them.

5. The Power of Flower

The Power of Flower

This season, flower prints are made in the market, and they are not just basic, but they are trending with 3D prints. One can spot women carrying floral prints like anything this summer season. Florals are expected to be in the market for long, even if the season changes. One can shop for beautiful floral party wear dresses, basic tops, or even beach dresses this season. All you have to do is pair them up with the right accessories as per the occasion and make them glam.

6. Fringe in Fashion

Fringe in Fashion

Fringe is back in fashion, and just like it looks wiggle, it also makes you feel that way. It is a beautiful fashion that can make you dance like anything. It is considered stereotypical fashion, but if styled rightly, it can look glamorous. It is one of the most unique trendy clothes for 40-year-old women, but they can be rightly styled and paired up. You can wear a fringe skirt or dress to the next party and glam up. Fringe clothes look way better with black-heeled boots, too.

7. Crochet in Style

Crochet in Style

You were thinking crochet is good for only young women? If yes, then you are wrong. Crochet is a beautiful fashion trend that can be paired with various other clothing options. A nice cobweb-style crochet will look great as trendy clothes for 40-year-old women. It is quite delicate and feminine and looks nothing but extremely beautiful. You can pair it for beach vacations or even summers in dresses or tops or as a layer over a bikini. A subtle crochet will look perfect for mature women and make them look delicately feminine.

8. Denim for The Go

Denim for The Go

Denim and types of denim: There is nothing better than owning more and more pairs of denim in your wardrobe. They are timeless and so versatile that one can pair them with anything. You can pair denim jeans, jackets, and shorts in any way possible. Be it a basic casual outing or a casual meeting, one can easily tone it up or down as needed. Low rise, high rise, mid-rise, and even flared, skinny, mom jeans, and more are available in the market. One should invest in the right pair of jeans as per their need.

9. Classic Trousers

Classic Trousers

If you don’t want to look casual and want trendy clothing for 40-year-old women, trousers are your best friend. One can get basic neutral-colored black, brown, grey, and white trousers and then pair them with various linen shirts, tops, and even blouses. You can even experiment with low-rise, high-rise, or flared trousers. All you have to do is invest in the right pair of trousers and complete your look by toning it up or down with jewelry.

10. Oversized Bags

Oversized Bags

Oversized tote bags are a classic, timeless accessory that rarely goes wrong. It looks nothing but stunning in all senses. It is one of the trendy clothes for 40-year-old women and can upscale any basic look without any effort. One should invest in either black or brown tote bags or even white, and they will mostly go with all outfits. Apart from being stylish, it is also considered very functional as it has ample holding capacity. You can carry makeup pouches, dairies, laptops, and lunch boxes in your tote bag. Hence, it is one of the best trends for this season.

11. Baggy Jeans

Baggy Jeans

Yes, we know that jeans are usually considered skinny for middle-aged women, but if we break it to you, baggy jeans have been very much a trend over the past few years. A nice T-shirt with comfy, cool, fitted baggy jeans is what you need this season. One can opt for flared, high waist, mom fit, or even boyfriend jeans as trendy clothes for 40-year-old women. It is a versatile piece and can be found in everyone’s wardrobe, as it can be paired with anything and everything. All you must do is get nice fitted jeans and rock your way with numerous tops and blouses.

12. Cargos


Next on our list is quite new, but still everyone’s favorite. Cargo pants are nothing but a cooler version of your boring bottoms. They are mostly cotton-based and look stunning on everyone. They are comfortable and street fashion styles that can be worn when you have to look casual yet stylish at the same time. Apart from this, cargos are not only limited to pants but can also be found in shirts, jackets, and shorts. Cargos can be layered with shirts, or comfy t-shirts can add to your regular fit with cargo for trendy clothes for 40-year-old women.

13. Oversized Blazers

Oversized Blazers

Do you remember how padded shoulders were a hit in the 80s? If you also like an oversized look, then owning an oversized blazer is a must for you. You can style it in both summers and winters as per your preference. In summer, you can layer it up on a blouse as a t-shirt; in winter, you can layer it over a nice cardigan and add a scarf. This is a perfect hit as it offers a classic, neat look that looks professional and put together. Mature women must own this piece in their wardrobe for all semi-formal events and parties. You can have a black blazer for starters and style it. Later, you can add various colors to your wardrobe for more looks.

14. Basic T-Shirts

Basic T-Shirts

No wardrobe is complete without owning some classic and basic t-shirts. Everything goes well with this kind of clothing; you can even dress or down with some accessories. Having a classic black and white tee in your closet is a must. Still, apart from these basic colors, you can also have some different colors like blue, pink, and red, as they are a little vibrant and can easily be paired with pants or jeans when you are not in the mood to dress up and put in a lot of effort.

15. Long Sleeved Tunics

Long Sleeved Tunics

Next on our list is something bohemian and classy. It is not your usual dressing attire, but it looks stunning when paired correctly. Long-sleeved tunics are a hit in this season, and they can give a traditional old-school look to anyone. Long-sleeved tunics are available in various eye-catching colors and various patterns. You can also get something with embroidered patterns as trendy clothes for 40-year-old women. Tunics are usually paired with skinny jeans and sandals for a better look.

16. Pencil Skirts

Pencil Skirts

Apart from having a blazer in your wardrobe, it would be best if you had a pencil skirt too. Blazers and pencil skirts are two elements that are preferred when we talk about corporate or professional events. Pencil skirts look beautiful on middle-aged women as they enhance their body structure in nice ways. All you have to do is get a black pencil skirt and pair it with a shirt or blazer for a cleaner, professional look. You can even add a pair of decent heels and gold accessories to complete your look.

17. Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses

Women in their mid-age cycle opt for clothes that have decent length and don’t look too revealing. A maxi dress is one such dressing piece for trendy clothes for 40-year-old women. Maxi dresses are known to have a decent length and flowy fabric that looks great on almost every body type. They are stunning in every sense, and their vibrant patterns make them a hit piece in everyone’s wardrobe. You should shop for maxi dresses in vibrant colors like pink, blue, and yellow and pair them up for your next summer trip.

18. Satin Shirts

Satin Shirts

Who doesn’t love a glossy smooth fabric on themselves? A satin shirt is a beautiful addition to your wardrobe this season. Satin shirts have a long history in fashion, and no matter how many years might pass, they will still look great. Satin shirts are available in various colors and patterns in the market, and they look beautiful on middle-aged women. They can be paired with anything: skirts, jeans, pants, or even shorts. Everything looks stunning with satin shirts and can even be worn for any professional event or nighttime party.

19. Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon Dresses

Next on our list is bodycon dresses. Bodycon dresses have been in fashion for many years now. They are stunning pieces to add to your wardrobe if you want something that hugs your body nicely and gives a sexy vibe. Bodycon dresses are a perfect way to showcase your curves and make them appear stunning. You can style bodycon dresses for parties and events that require something to be worn in such style. They go perfectly with high heels and sling bags.

20. Blouses


Last but not the least on our list of trendy clothes for 40-year-old women’s blouses. Blouses are said to deliver feminine energy and make every woman look nothing but a living goddess. Blouses are available in various colors, styles, and patterns. One can pair them with skirts, shorts, pants, and jeans as per their mood. Blouses are usually differentiated according to their sleeve patterns, and every style has a name. It would be best to have a few pieces for days when you want to look fancy without much effort.

Factors to Choose Trendy Clothes for 40 Year OId Women

Factors to Choose Trendy Clothes for 40 Year OId Women

While choosing a garment, it is important to evaluate various factors and then shop. Sometimes, we buy clothes that look good on the models, but on us, they are a total failure. This is something that no one wants to experience in their life, that they buy an expensive garment and can’t wear it.

Hence, keeping the same in mind, we have shared a few factors that you must consider before shopping for trendy clothes for 40-year-old women.

  • Body Shape: The first and foremost thing to consider while shopping for anyone is body shape. All of us fall into different body shapes, and every body shape requires different kinds of styling. Be it pear shapes, rectangles, squares, or hourglasss, every body shape has its staples for clothing. For instance, flare pants would look great on a pear-shaped body type as they will flatter the required areas of the body.
  • Personal Style: Every human on this earth has their style. Some might have a very subtle and minimal personal style, whereas some might fall into boho and extravagant. Knowing your style is one of the most important steps in a fashion journey. Personal style offers you a typical kind of clothing and depicts your personality.
  • Age Factor: Though we spread the message of body positivity everywhere, it is still crucial to dress according to your age. A 12-year-old girl might have a different dressing style than a 40-year-old lady. These days, dressing according to your age is very important. Your clothing should depict how mature you are and where you fall as per the age bracket.
  • Comfort and Practicality: Last but not least, a factor to consider is comfort. No fashion is complete if you are not comfortable with what you are wearing. Everyone must own something that looks stylish but also offers comfort. For instance, a classic cotton white shirt is stylish yet comfortable. Hence, owning such pieces in your wardrobe should be a priority, and one should consider the same.
  • Conclusion

    People often think that styling themselves after age is quite a difficult task, and for women, it is considered more than a task, but if we break it to you, it is not. Age is just a number; styling is never defined by age. Women, even in middle age, can look stunning and style various pieces of clothing.

    Some of them are as basic as T-shirts and jeans, whereas some are as fashionable as skirts and sheer tops. One needs to understand one body type and occasion and then find something that fits in that segment.

    However, we would suggest you own at least a few pieces from the trendy clothes for 40-year-old women list so that you are never unplanned for any occasion or styling.

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