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Where Does Bert Kreischer Live: Mystery Unlocked

Bert Kreischer House

Bert Kreicher, also named “The Machine,” is a famous American stand-up comedian, television host, actor, and podcaster. He has a net worth of 8 million dollars, became a millionaire at the age of 34, and is ranked no. 4 in the list of “Top 10 highest-grossing tours”. 

The magazine Rolling Stone named him “the top partyer at the number one party school of the country” when Kreischer attended the Florida State School.

Apart from doing various stage performances, he also co-hosts a podcast named 2 Bears and 1 Cave with Tom Segura. He was also part of a podcast called “Bill and Bert.” However, he started his career a little late but is loved by the audience.

He also has a house located in Los Angeles, where he lives with his family happily.

In the below article, we will put some light on the house that is owned by him in detail. 




James Hetfield


Los Angeles




1,426 sq. ft.



Bert Kreischer: Former House

After doing a lot of research, it is still not known where he used to live before having a house in Los Angeles. It is said that Bert has only one house, which is his current one, where he lives with his 2 daughters and wife. 

Bert Kriescher: Current House Photos

Bert Kriescher: Current House

Bert  Kriescher: Current House

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1

Square Feet: 1,426 sq. ft.

Price: $ 529,000

Bert Kriechers House Address: Agnes Ave, Valley Village

Bert Kriecher House Map Location: Click Here

Moving on to the current and the only known house of Bert Kreicher. From the above information, it is said that the house has 2 bedrooms and one bathroom, and is one of the smallest celebrity homes out there, with the feeling of relaxation. The house is mainly located in the Valley Village neighborhood of LA.

This area is situated on the north side of Hollywood and is also considered a part of Sans Fransisco Valley. This house has gone through many renovations or upgrades since 2010, so the current price for this house is 1 million dollars. Not only the house of Bert but almost all the houses in this area have now crossed the bar of 1 million dollars, which used to be half a million at a time.    

Background of Bert Kriescher

Bert Kriescher, also known as “The Machine,” was born on November 3, 1972, in St. Petersburg, Florida. After that, he was raised in Tampa. His mother used to work in early childhood development, and his father used to work as a real estate attorney.

He completed his schooling at a private Jesuit high school and then his college at Florida State University [FSU]. He completed his major in English and also was a member of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. 

In 1997, Kreicher became responsible for the six-page article in the Rolling Stone and was named as “the top partyer at the number one party school of the country.” He started his career as a stand-up comedian, where he used to get invited by a talent agent to perform. He is known for doing stand-up comedy while being shirtless. 

After working for some years, he gets a chance to feature along with 4 other comedians on the DVD release National Lampoon Lives: New Faces Season 2. 

Not only local, but he has also worked internationally, including some late-night shows, and with some years of hard work, he finally grabbed an opportunity to work with Netflix.

Netflix has produced 3 comedy specials with Bert. The first one was released in August 2018, the other one was released in March 2020, and the last one was released in March 2023. 

He also works as a podcaster in shows like Bertcast and Open Tabs, with a cooking show named Something Burning. He also co-hosts the show called 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tome Segura. He has also appeared as a guest in many podcasts. 

Wrap Up: Bert Kriescher

We tried our best to provide you with all the available information on the current house of Bert Kreischer. However, there is no information on the former house of him. 

We hope that you enjoyed the blog and found it informative. If you are someone who loves to know about celebrity homes, then we have many other articles on it, which you can find on our celebrity home page or our front page. 

Key Takeaways

    • Bert Kreicher is a stand-up comedian, podcaster, reality television host, and actor. 
    • He has a nickname, “The Machine”. 
    • As of 2023, he has a net worth of 8 million dollars, becoming a millionaire at the age of 34.
    • Bert Kreicher has a very simple home, also said to be the smallest celebrity home.
    • The house consists of 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with a price of $ 529,000 bought in 2010. 
    • The house is mainly located in the valley village of Los Angeles. 
    • The house now costs a million dollars after undergoing many renovations and upgrades. 
    • Bert lives there with his family.
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