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15 Best 4-Carat Moissanite Rings for Engagement

Best 4 Carat Moissanite Engagement Rings

Are you searching for the perfect 4-carat moissanite ring to show your love? You’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll see some excellent options for 4-carat moissanite engagement rings to win your heart. Picking an engagement ring is a big decision, and the 4-carat moissanite ring is a great choice.

It’s a beautiful gem that shines like a diamond but is more affordable. These rings are gorgeous and budget-friendly, making them a top pick for couples in love.

We’ve researched for you and collected the finest 4ct moissanite ring rings. Whether you prefer a simple solitaire setting or a more detailed design, you’ll find something here to match your style. Join us as we learn more about 4-carat moissanite engagement rings, where beauty meets affordability.

Let’s find the ring that will show your love story for years.

1. Ariana’s Celestial Moissanite Ring

Ariana's Celestial Moissanite Ring .jpg

The Ariana Moissanite Ring is an amazing piece of jewelry. It’s made with great skill and looks fantastic. The piece is a 4-carat moissanite stone that sparkles and shines, making it the star of the ring. If you want an amazing 4ct moissanite ringfor your engagement, this is the one to pick. It’s a real beauty, and you’ll love it on your finger. Plus, it’s affordable so that you won’t break the bank. Don’t miss out on this gorgeous ring. Get it now and make your engagement even more unique.

2. Large 4-carat Moissanite Ring with Rows of Diamonds

Large 4-carat Moissanite Ring with Rows of Diamonds .jpg

If you’re searching for luxury, look no further than the amazing 4ct Moissanite ring. This ring is all about beauty and budget. Think of a sizable moissanite stone, equal to four carats, and it’s surrounded by not just one, but two rows of glistening diamonds. These diamonds are securely set with prongs, making them shine even brighter. When you wear this ring, you’re not just wearing jewelry. You’re making a communication. This piece of jewelry demands attention and celebrates the extraordinary. The way those diamonds catch the light and sparkle alongside the moissanite stone is truly something to behold. It’s a brilliant spectacle that’s sure to turn heads. The 4ct moissanite ring isn’t just any ring. It’s a symbol of luxury and fantastic. It’s a reminder that sometimes, an extra touch can be a wonderful thing. Whether you’re attending a special event or want to feel extraordinary, this ring is the perfect companion.

3. Radiant Moissanite Engagement Ring with Extra Sparkle

Radiant Moissanite Engagement Ring with Extra Sparkle

This 4ct Moissanite ring is truly something special. Its shape is a bit different from the usual round rings. It’s more like a rectangle with the corners trimmed. This gives it a bright shine like a round gem, but it has its unique style. What makes it even more dazzling are the extra shiny stones on the sides of the ring. They add a lot of sparkle and make the ring even more stylish. This ring is a great choice for people who want something a bit different and really eye-catching. It’s not the usual kind of ring you see every day.

4. Classic Round Moissanite Three-Stone Ring

Classic Round Moissanite Three-Stone Ring .jpg

This beautiful engagement ring has a classic style with a modern twist. The main part is a shiny, round-cut moissanite gemstone that sparkles a lot. On each side, there are two smaller round-cut moissanite stones, making a really pretty three-stone design. It was made very carefully, and it’s meant to impress. It’s not just a love of nature. It shows how amazing and stylish something can be. This ring has a 4ct moissanite stone as the centerpiece.

5. Milly’s Sparkling Moissanite & Diamonds Ring

Milly's Sparkling Moissanite & Diamonds Ring

This 4ct Moissanite Ring with Diamonds is truly one-of-a-kind. It features a large, amazing center stone surrounded by sparkling diamonds, creating a vintage-inspired look that’s widely appreciated. This ring strikes a perfect balance between beauty and radiance, making it an ideal choice for a heartfelt marriage proposal. The central gemstone, a dazzling moissanite, gets attention with its lovely beauty. The surrounding diamonds add extra sparkle and improve the ring’s overall glow. Its classic design brings a feeling of nostalgia and romance, making it an excellent symbol of enduring love and commitment. With this ring, you can create a magical and hard-to-forget moment when you propose to your beloved. Its look and brilliance will surely leave a lasting impression, making it a loved piece for years to come.

6. Stephanie’s Moissanite & Diamonds Ring

Stephanie's Moissanite & Diamonds Ring

The 4-carat moissanite ring is incredibly beautiful. It features a large 4-carat moissanite gem that shines brightly in any lighting. This amazing moissanite is surrounded by a halo of sparkling diamonds, creating a truly delight appearance. This ring not only shows beauty but also represents everlasting love that will be cherished forever. It’s truly eye-catching, grabbing attention with its dazzling flash. This exceptional piece of jewelry captures the presence of love and commitment, making it the ideal choice for a special event. With its blinding moissanite centerpiece and glistening diamonds, this ring shows love without limits.

7. Maggie’s Moissanite & Diamonds Bridal Set

Maggie's Moissanite & Diamonds Bridal Set

If you’re a bride who adores the finer things, the 4ct Moissanite Ring & Diamonds Bridal Set by Maggie is absolutely delightful. The engagement ring boasts an amazing 4-carat moissanite center stone that sparkles wonderfully. The band around it is covered in sparkling diamonds that make it even more special. The wedding band, which matches perfectly, completes the set beautifully. This set is a character of your never-ending love and commitment, making it even more meaningful.

8. Six-Prong Sparkling Moissanite Ring

Six-Prong Sparkling Moissanite Ring .jpg

This engagement ring is truly special. With its wonderful six-prong design, it cradles a magnificent 4ct moissanite gem right at its heart. This gem is brilliant and full of sparkle, thanks to the clever six-prong setting that not only keeps it safe but also lets it shine brilliantly. Crafted with love and precision, this ring is more than just jewelry. It’s a character of deep and lasting love. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of tradition and simplicity in their engagement ring. Picture the joy on your loved one’s face when they receive this beautiful 4ct moissanite ring, a tangible representation of your commitment and affection. It’s a classic piece that will be known for years to come, a constant reminder of your love story.

9. Dainty Round Moissanite Halo Ring

Dainty Round Moissanite Halo Ring

A delightful blend of grace and brilliance graces the 4ct Moissanite ring, making it a true gem in the world of jewelry. This exquisite ring showcases a classic round moissanite center stone encircled by a halo of smaller moissanite gems. This arrangement not only accentuates the radiance of the central stone but also creates a mesmerizing dance of light that catches the attention. The complex design of the halo imparts a vintage, lovely style to the 4ct moissanite ring, making it a beautiful piece. Its ability to Smoothly merge experience with modern aesthetics is truly remarkable. This ring doesn’t just win hearts; and it tells a story of classic love and style. Crafted with precision and care, the 4ct moissanite ring is of pure craftsmanship. It’s a witness to the idea that jewelry can be both amazing and approachable, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life without sacrificing modern sensibilities.

10. Naomi’s Moissanite & Diamonds Ring

Naomi's Moissanite & Diamonds Ring

This 4-carat moissanite ring is incredibly beautiful. It features a sizable 4-carat moissanite gem that shines brightly in any lighting. This lovely moissanite is surrounded by a circle of wonderful diamonds, creating a truly attractive appearance. This ring not only shines with lovely but also represents everlasting love that will be treasured for a lifetime. It’s a real attention-grabber, attracting notice with its mesmerizing sparkle. This exquisite piece of jewelry captures the essence of love and commitment, making it the perfect choice for a special event. With its sparkling moissanite centerpiece and glistening diamonds, this ring is a nature of love that knows no limits.

11. Carla’s Beautiful Moissanite Ring

Carla's Beautiful Moissanite Ring

This Carla Moissanite Ring is a beautiful and affordable choice for an engagement ring. It features a wonderful 4-carat moissanite gem that shines brightly, comparable to a traditional diamond. This ring has a classic design that symbolizes your love and will always be fashionable. It’s reasonably priced without sacrificing its exquisite appearance. With its 4ct moissanite gem, this ring is a nature of your commitment and is guaranteed to make a strong impression.

12. Miriam’s Shimmering Moissanite Ring

Miriam's Shimmering Moissanite Ring

This 4-carat Moissanite ring stands out for its unique beauty. With a sweet band, it showcases a brilliant 4-carat moissanite center stone that shines brightly. This ring’s simple design enhances the stone’s natural magnificence, making it a great choice for special occasions like engagements. What sets it apart is its easygoing, lovely, and attractive to those who prefer subtle yet exquisite styles. This exceptional piece lets the moissanite’s inherent lovely shine, making it perfect for meaningful moments. Its straightforward grace looks to those who value life’s finer things without unnecessary extravagance. The ring effortlessly captures gazes with its captivating moissanite, becoming a never-ending symbol of love and dedication.

13. Cushion Cut Moissanite Split Shank Ring

Cushion Cut Moissanite Split Shank Ring

This 4ct moissanite ring showcases a dazzling centerpiece – the cushion cut Forever One moissanite. Its vintage-inspired shape release is enduringly lovely. The ring’s design takes a modern twist with a split shank band that classically separates as it nears the center stone. The melodic blend of classic and present elements makes this ring a true masterpiece. Its refined and delightful attraction makes it the perfect symbol of eternal love. Whether it’s a timeless declaration of commitment or a celebration of a significant milestone, this 4ct moissanite ringstands as a testament to the enduring bond between two souls.

14. Butterfly Rose Gold Moissanite Ring

Butterfly Rose Gold Moissanite Ring

This 4ct Moissanite Ring with a butterfly design is a unique and magical option for your engagement. The ring has a big 4-carat moissanite stone in a design inspired by delicate butterflies. The special details of the setting and the shine of the stone create a beautiful piece of jewelry. If you want to make a strong impression, the Butterfly Moissanite Ring is a great choice. This ring adds something special and different to your engagement. It’s like having a lovely piece of nature on your finger. So, if you want a ring that stands out and tells a story, consider the Butterfly Moissanite Ring.

15. Griselda’s Moissanite Ring

Griselda's Moissanite Ring

This 4ct Moissanite Ring is a super fancy and trendy ring. It has a really new and cool design that shows off a big 4-carat moissanite stone. The stone is cut in a special way that makes it shine and sparkle when light hits it. This ring mixes modern looks with a timeless and classy feel, which means it can go with any style you like, whether it’s casual or fancy. The 4ct Moissanite Ring celebrates modern love and how special it is. It’s like wearing a piece of love on your finger.


When it comes to 4-carat moissanite rings, you have some fantastic options to choose from. These rings are large and beautiful, making them perfect for your special engagement moment.

They sparkle and shine, similar to diamonds, but without the high price. These rings are an excellent choice for those who want something wonderful and budget-friendly. They come in various styles and settings, so you can select the one that matches your partner’s preferences.

Whether you prefer a classic solitaire or a more detailed design, there’s a 4ct moissanite ring for you. Remember, it’s not just about the size but the love and commitment it represents. If you’re searching for a ring that will make your loved one incredibly happy,

Think about a 4-carat moissanite ring, and it symbolizes your love. Now, continue to shine brightly for many years.

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