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Top Jewelry Trends of the 70s

Jewelry in the 70s Guide - 2023 Style Advice

Don’t you think the 1970s were about showing who you are and your style? Well, we have a guide on 70s jewelry trends. We have the groovy and glamorous 70s jewelry styles that bring their beauty into today’s trends.

Come with us; we’ll find out the iconic jewelry choices that defined the era of disco and flower power. The 70s were all about showing off your unique look, and jewelry was a major way to do that.

From big hoop earrings that danced along with the music to bold and colorful necklaces that grabbed everyone’s attention, the 70s were a playground for trying out new accessories. If you want to add a touch of vintage glamour to your everyday style, our 2023 fashion tips are here to give you all the motivation and advice you need.

So be ready to shine and sparkle in 70s jewelry trends!

What is 70s Jewelry?

What is 70s Jewelry?

Jewelry from the 1970s showed off the lively and open-minded feelings of that time. It differed from earlier years, with bigger and brighter pieces that let people express themselves. People liked large pieces of jewelry made from gold and silver. They also used natural things like stones, wood, and feathers to add a bohemian vibe. People enjoyed wearing many necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Style Influences in 70s Jewelry

Style Influences in 70s Jewelry

Many different things inspired jewelry from the 70s. The disco craze made jewelry shiny and fancy, using sparkly stones and mirror-like surfaces. The hippie culture added symbols like peace signs that showed a different way of living. Designs from Native American and African traditions also became popular, with patterns and beaded jewelry with a unique cultural look.

Famous people like Cher and Elton John wore showy jewelry, which encouraged their fans to try out these attractive accessories.

How to Wear 70s Style Jewelry Today

How to Wear 70s Style Jewelry Today

70s jewelry blends its cool, old-school vibe with today’s modern look. Pick one standout piece to be the star, like a big pendant or a chunky bangle. Mix different metals and materials for a unique look that reminds us of the 70s’ many influences. Layering on different pieces for a free-spirited look, stacking bracelets and rings to make you look attractive. Wear a big, attention-grabbing necklace with a simple outfit to make it pop.

Add a touch of disco glam with sparkly rhinestone pieces for a fun night out. Just remember, 70s jewelry fashion is all about showing off your unique self, so feel free to mix and match until you find your perfect way of fashion.

Popular Jewelry Materials in The 70s

1. Beads


The 70s jewelry trends defined beaded jewelry. These beads came in many colors and types, like glass, ceramic, and plastic. People used them to make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They would hang the beads in cool patterns, sometimes showing off a tribal look. Beads felt nice to touch, making the jewelry more interesting to wear.

2. Bold Semi-Precious Gemstones

Bold Semi-Precious Gemstones

70s jewelry trends were when people wanted to express themselves strongly, and even jewelry joined in. Big and colorful gems that weren’t super expensive became popular. They were put on rings, necklaces, and bracelets, making outfits pop with colors like turquoise and violet. People thought these gems had unique powers, which showed a lot of confidence and personality.

3. Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold

During the cool 70s, shiny yellow gold was the star of jewelry. Its warm and sunny color matched the lively fashion of that time. Yellow gold was like a symbol of being rich and fancy. People often used it to make different types of jewelry, like big chains and strong rings. Because it was strong and easy to shape, makers could make detailed designs with textures and patterns that were just right for the fun.

4. Crystals


Crystals added a touch of mystic glamour to 70s jewelry trends. People used clear white, purple, and other crystals to create necklaces, rings, and earrings. People who believed in their special powers thought these gems could heal and bring spiritual benefits. The jewelry often kept the crystals in their natural shapes, showing off how beautiful they were. When the light hit the crystals, they made the jewelry sparkle and look even more pleasing at that time.

5. Natural Materials

Natural Materials

70s jewelry trends were all about nature. People liked using things like wood, leather, and feathers to make jewelry. These things came from the earth and had a natural feel, which matched the free-spirited and hippie approach of that time. They made necklaces and bracelets out of wooden beads and leather strings, which made folks feel connected to a simple and down-to-earth way of life. Earrings and pendants were decorated with feathers, adding a bit of wild and natural beauty. People wanted to feel in tune with nature and do something different from what was usually done.

Amazing Statement 70s Rings

1. Statement Rings

Statement Rings

When talking about making a strong impression with your jewelry, the go-to option was the 70s statement rings. These rings were large, attractive, and full of personality, just like the period they belonged in 70s jewelry trends. Think of big, colorful gemstones that detail the look of jewelry and add a lot of glamour. Wearing these rings allowed people to show who they were without speaking. Whether you chose a bright gemstone or a unique shape, these rings stood out. They often had complex designs, from fancy fine patterns to geometric shapes. It was all about using your fingers as a canvas for being creative.

2. Mood Rings

Mood Rings

In the 70s jewelry trends, there was this really neat piece of jewelry called a mood ring. Think of having a ring that could change colors like magic, showing how you felt. Everyone loved these rings because they matched the fun and carefree feelings of the 70s. Mood rings used a really interesting science trick. They had a special kind of liquid inside that they could feel when things got hot or cold. Since our bodies get warmer or cooler with our feelings, the liquid would move, and the ring’s color would change. Each color meant a different mood: blue for feeling chill, green for feeling peaceful, and even black if you were stressed or worried.

3. Engagement Rings in The 70s

Engagement Rings in The 70s

In the 70s, jewelry trends and engagement rings looked special and showed how people expressed themselves. Regular diamond rings were still liked, but couples started trying different colorful gems like sapphires, emeralds, and opals. Yellow gold was really popular because its warm color matched the relaxed feel of the time.

Beautiful 70s Earrings

1. Dangling Earrings

Dangling Earrings

Dangling earrings in the 70s were a delightful dance of creativity. From disco balls to feathers, these earrings rock and shake with each movement. These earrings were made fancy with cool shapes from the Space Age style. Some had beads for a bohemian vibe, and others were shiny and metallic, like the things people liked back then.

2. Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings were famous in 70s jewelry trends, representing freedom and going against the typical earrings. These round earrings came in different sizes, from simple to noticeable. They were great with both everyday jeans and flashy disco outfits. Hoops sometimes had textured designs or even shiny diamonds, making regular clothes fancier. Women of all ages wore these earrings, showing the relaxed and joyful feeling of that time.

3. Large Stud Earrings

Large Stud Earrings

Large stud earrings gave a new thing to regular studs by making them larger and more stylish. They featured designs like flowers, stars, and complex patterns, adding fanciness to your earlobes. These earrings were a mix between hoop earrings and regular studs. In the 70s, jewelry trends, people loved being creative and showing who they were, and these cool earrings were a great way to do just that.

Eye-Catching 70s Necklaces

1. Gold Chains

Gold Chains

In the 70s jewelry trends, gold chains were super stylish. People wore all kinds of these chains, from thin ones to thick ones, and they looked cool on famous fashionable people. Gold chains were flexible; you could wear them casually during the day or dress them up for the night. These chains showed off luxury and were often matched with hanging decorations, making them the center of attention.

2. Pendants


Pendants became symbolic expressions of 70s jewelry trends. These hanging ornaments varied from simple shapes to complex designs, often featuring symbols of peace, love, and spirituality. Pendants were more than just jewelry; they showed what someone believed in and cared about, so people liked them. Whether they were on a leather string or a metal chain, pendants made outfits look special.

3. Long Beaded Necklaces

Long Beaded Necklaces

Long beaded necklaces were one of the best 70s jewelry trends. Necklaces matched the relaxed and artistic look of that time. They had detailed designs, and people wore several of them together, which looked stylish. These long beaded necklaces look great with loose dresses and wide-legged pants, making people look both free-spirited and stylish.

4. Chokers


Chokers became popular in the 70s. These necklaces fit closely around the neck and came in different materials like leather and shiny metals. In 2023, when 70s jewelry trends came back, people started wearing them in lots of different ways. They highlighted the neck; you can wear chokers with other necklaces to set a desired look.

5. Sautoirs


Sautoirs, meaning long necklaces in French, were a hallmark of 70s jewelry trends. These long necklaces looked fancy and had things like tassels and pearls, which give special beauty. Sautoirs made outfits, whether they were everyday clothes or fancier ones, look more exciting. You could wear them over shirts or dresses, and they made your body look longer and attract everyone to your neck.

Cool 70s Bracelets

1. Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets were special because they showed the bond between friends. People made these bracelets themselves and gave them to friends as a sign of their strong friendship. In the 70s, jewelry trends, these friendship bracelets became popular. They were made with colorful threads and tricky knots. When someone wore a friendship bracelet, it meant they were connected to their friends.

2. Ankle Bracelets

Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets, also known as anklets, added a touch of playfulness to the 70s fashion scene. They are made from chains and beads; these bracelets are worn just above the ankle bone. They offered a fine way to draw attention to the legs and feet, especially when paired with the popular flared jeans and maxi dresses of the era. Ankle bracelets welcome the carefree attitude of the 70s jewelry trends and showcase people’s looks in different manners.

70s Earrings for Your Face Shape

70s Earrings for Your Face Shape

Choosing the perfect earrings from the 70s that look great on your face shape. If your face is round, pick long earrings that make your face look longer. Square or triangular earrings also look good on round faces. If your face is oval, you’re lucky almost any earring will suit you. For a heart-shaped face, choose earrings that are wider at the bottom or have soft curves to even out your features. If you have a square face, angular earrings like rectangles are a good choice.


All in all, these 70s jewelry trends bring us unique pieces of jewelry that still fascinate fashion enthusiasts today. From disco glam to earthy boho, this era’s styles continue to influence our modern looks. Get a cool retro vibe in your outfits by capturing the look of the 70s. Think of wearing big, comfy clothes with bright colors and natural designs. Combine these things to make a nostalgic look.

Remember, jewelry is more than just accessories; they’re expressions of personality. The 70s jewelry trends encourage us to be daring and welcome individuality. So, go ahead and experiment with necklaces, hoop earrings, and bracelets. Including 70s-inspired jewelry in your wardrobe allows you to connect with the past while staying modish in the present.

So, whether you’re heading to a music festival or a night out, let the 70s guide motivate your jewelry choices and change your style to a whole new fashionable level.

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