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Check Out Joyce Meyer’s Eureka Estate: A Glimpse Into Eureka Estate

Joyce Meyer House: The Eureka Estate

Joyce Meyer is a prominent figure in the world of Christian ministry and motivational speaking. She has touched countless lives with her motivational messages and teachings. More than her spiritual influence, she is also known for her bigger-than-life lifestyle, which includes her impressive residence known as the Eureka Estate. 

The house is nested between the beautiful landscape of St. Louis County. Joyce Meyer’s Eureka house is a reflection of her success and influence. The jaw-dropping mansion spans approximately 8000 square feet and has stunning architectural features, luxurious amenities, and meticulously landscaped grounds that make it one of the most luxurious houses out there. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Joyce Meyer’s $2 million house and explore the grandeur and significance of her Eureka Estate.

Seller Unknown
Buyer Joyce Meyer
Location St. Louis County
Price $2 million
Size 8,314 sq ft
Year 2006

Joyce Meyer: Former House

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 5.5 

Square Feet: 8,314 sq ft

Price: $2 million

House Address: Stonewall Dr, Eureka, MO 63025

House Google Map Location: Click here

Joyce Meyer’s Eureka estate’s architecture is a beautiful mixture of contemporary and traditional elements. The exterior of the house has features like classic brickwork with elegant columns and ornate detailing. 

Once you step inside Joyce Meyer’s house, you will get to see the furniture that continues to define her lifestyle. The interior of the house reflects the lifestyle of the owner. Here, the house has multiple living rooms, an over-the-top dining hall, a beautiful kitchen, and a number of bedrooms and bathrooms. The house is fully equipped with an elevator so that all the guests and residents can move across the house without any hassle. 

One of the most exciting parts of Joyce Meyer’s house is its magnificent library inside the home, which is filled with books and sessions. The house has a spa, home theatre, and a fully functional gym where she and her family can spend some time relaxing.

As exciting as the interiors are, the outdoors of her house is equally stunning. The house has a pool, garden, and breathtaking view of nature and beauty. 

Joyce Meyer’s Former House Photos 

Joyce Meyer's Former House Photos

Joyce Meyer: Current House

Joyce Meyer owned several former homes before settling on her Eureka estate in 2006.

There is not much information available on her former homes, but she is known to have expensive taste. Once she started the foundation, she lived in luxurious houses, but before that, she used to work in a local bar to survive. 

Background of Joyce Meyer

Pauline Joyce Meyer was born on 4 June 1943 in Missouri, United States. She is an American Charismatic Christian author and speaker, as well as the founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries. She and her husband, Dave, live in the St. Louis suburbs with their four adult children. Her father was in the military, and he allegedly began sexually abusing her upon his return, which she subsequently mentions in her lectures. Despite the horror of her ordeal, she keeps her working-class St. Louis accent.

Meyer attended O’Fallon Technical High School in St. Louis and married a part-time car salesperson after graduating. But their marriage lasted for only five years, after which they got divorced due to her ex-husband being unfaithful and stealing money. Later, in 1967, she married Dave Meyer. 

As a person, Joyce Meyer has touched a lot of people’s hearts around the world. With her foundation, Joyce Meyer’s ministry, she has been able to change a lot of life.

The trust helped her to fund numerous charitable endeavors, including feeding programs, educational initiatives, and humanitarian efforts. Her Eureka Estate not only acts as a comfortable home for Joyce and her family but also as a place where she gets to host events and meetings related to her ministry and charitable work.

Over the years, due to her success and her impact, she has been caught up in controversy and criticism where people have questioned her on her extravagant lifestyle and million-dollar homes. She taught humanity from the bible but still lived a luxurious life. That is when she responded to the artist by stating that she believes in god and the blessing he has showered upon her.

She also states that her ministry’s financial transparency makes sure that the funds she has are used for charitable purposes. 

But her lifestyle and way of living does raise a lot of question among the people with respect to faith, wealth, and ministry in this age and time. 

Wrap-Up: Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer’s Eureka Estate is more than an opulent estate; it is a symbol of her victory over hardship and a testament to the impact of her ministry. While the estate has received both praise and criticism, it cannot be denied that it plays an important role in her life. 

We hope that you had fun reading the blog. If you are interested in learning more about other celebrities’ houses, then follow our blog, and we will make sure that you get to learn all about their houses. 


  • Joyce Meyer’s house has been spread across 8,314 sq ft.
  • The house is a magnificent library inside the home.
  • Joyce Meyer has touched a lot of people’s hearts around the world.
  • The house has a spa, a home theatre, and a fully functional gym.
  • The house’s exterior has features like classic brickwork with elegant columns and ornate detailing.
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