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Joe Burow House: Price, Location, and Interior

If you keep regular updates on the NFL, Joe Furrow is one name you might already be aware of. Joe Burrow, an American football player, gained popularity as a football quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals. 

As of now, he is paid the highest amount as a quarterback, which is approximately 55 million dollars. This sports celebrity has a total net worth of 50 million dollars, but he is well known for his simple and grounded lifestyle. 

Here is a detailed article about the houses Joe Burrow lives in. 

Seller Unknown
Buyer Joe Burrow
Location Cincinnati, Ohio
Price 835,000 USD
Size 2900 square feet
Year 2015

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Square Feet: 2886 sqft
Price: 325,000 USD
House Address: Strafer St, Cincinnati, OH 45226
House Google Map Location: Click Here

Joe Burrow: Former House

Joe Burrow shares his home with his family in a home owned in Cul-de-sac, Plains of Athens County, Ohio. There are rumors that the famous football player has purchased a luxurious place for himself, but he still lives with his folks back in Ohio. The fun part is once his dad jokingly said Joe Burrow was a millionaire living in his parent’s basement.

We know the most about his home when the player or his family posts pictures or videos showing glimpses of their lives. It is said that the house was purchased back in 2005 (March). The price for the house was 240,000 USD in 2005. The value of the house reached an estimated range of 300,000 USD back in 2021 (which now is estimated to be 325,000 USD). Burrow is known to be very careful of how he spends his money, unlike most of the football players. The house of Joe Burrow is expanded to an area of about 2886 square feet, and the home has a serene feel with a relaxing vibe.

With 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in the house, the luxurious home features elegant home decor. The home is spacious enough, with amenities like spacious bedrooms, living rooms, and multiple floors. The home has high ceilings, complementing the spacious feel of the house. The interiors of the home are designed in a mindful way, with sleek and modern elements.

It is evident from the shared glimpses that the famous football player lives a down-to-earth lifestyle. The home has modern interior decoration, with design elements that incorporate modern aesthetics along with functionality.

The Outdoor Area of Joe Burrow House

The backyard attached to the home is big enough that Joe Burrow likes to spend time playing with his friends in his free time. With an area of 0.3 acres, the yard gives the player enough space to toss a football and have a nice time together.

The yard of Joe Burrow is as welcoming as his indoors are. The house exteriors provide a serene escape, with a garden with amazing landscaping designs. In an interview, Joe Burrow claimed that his bedroom had a star-war theme. While some of the claims suggest that it is still based on the same theme, there is also news that he upgraded his bedroom with changed beds to king-sized beds and comforters.

Joe Burrow Former House Photos

Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow Former House

Joe Burrow Former House

Joe Burrow Former House

Joe Burrow Former House

Joe Burrow Current House

Joe Burrow lives mostly with his parents, but he recently purchased a house in Cincinnati, Ohio. The home Joe Burrow owns is relatively new, built in 2014. The ambiance of his home is filled with serenity, and the sight of his luxurious home gives a relaxing vibe. The house has three bathrooms and three bedrooms equipped with modern amenities. Featuring a modern design, the home has an area of approximately 3000 (2900) square feet.

With a little backyard, the home presents a serene view of Ohio. The home is also supposed to have a fireplace and a garage that can fit up to two cars. For this house, the football player had to close the deal with 835,000 USD. The house he owns is a two-storey building. The building is 5 miles from downtown and Paul Brown Stadium. The home exteriors have sharp details, which makes the home eye-catching.

Joe Burrow Current House Photos

Joe Burrow Current House

Background: Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow, born on 10 December 1996, is 26 years old now. He was born in Ames, United States. He gained his share of fame by performing excellently as a quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL. 

Cincinnati Bengals offered a 5-year contract worth $275,000,000, where Joe Burrow received a signing bonus of USD 40,000,000. The annual salary is estimated to be around USD 55,000,000. 

Wrap-up: Joe Burrow

The famous football celebrity Joe Burrow shares his living space with his parents. Despite having a grounded lifestyle, he owns a two-storey home in Cincinnati, which is nearby to the stadium. 

We hope you loved reading about the property owned by Joe Burrow. Read more about celebrity homes from our homepage and let us know in the comments if we missed any. 


  • The home Joe Burrow owns is relatively new, built in 2014.
  • The house has three bathrooms and three bedrooms.
  • It has an area of approximately 3000 (2900) square feet.
  • The house was bought at the price of 835,000 USD. 
  • It has modern amenities, including a fireplace and a garage
  • The house is 5 miles from downtown and Paul Brown Stadium

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does Joe Burrow Live?

Joe Burrow currently lives with his parents. He is very cautious of how he spends, focusing more on saving rather than spending on a luxurious lifestyle. The house he lives in is located in Athens City, Ohio.

Is Joe Burrow the Highest-Paid Quarterback?

Yes, Joe Burrow is among the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL, with an approximate amount of 55 million dollars. Prior to Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahones was the highest-paid NFL quarterback (52.65 million USD).

Does Joe Burrow Own Any Other Property?

Joe Burrow owns his own property in Cincinnati, which is one of the luxurious homes. But the football player loves to stay close to his family and is often seen spending time with his family.

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