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Stevin John House: The Los Angeles Pad

Stevin John

Stevin John house in Los Angeles is a refreshing treat of both vintage and modern sleek infusion. This family-friendly Content creator on YouTube has 17 million subscribers so far by his fun-filled kids’ educational content. His reels and videos are the cutest to the kids, with easy-to-remember theme-designed dresses such as orange and blue caps with orange suspenders and a bowtie. 

Stevin is nicknamed Blippi in the kids’ world. His success is not only a success of a YouTube content creator, but it’s a success of creativity and savvy investments. His mastermind needs some appreciation here. 

Can you believe the orange and blue outfit and bowtie can make $ 90 million? It was possible for this entertaining educator to be one of the highest-paid celebrities on YouTube. 

Stevin John owns a house in Los Angeles and a house in Des Moines. Let’s take you on a tour of house visits to Stevin John’s house in Los Angeles!


  • The Los Angeles house of Stevin John is built over 4,100 sq ft.
  • The house has many advanced features with minimal designs to make it look sleek. 
  • The price of the house is 5 million dollars.
  • It has seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, with a grand patio in the backyard.
  • The built-in grill station and outdoor kitchen near the pool make it look like a modern farmhouse with all the luxury amenities.




Stevin John


Los Angeles


$ 5 million 


4,100 sq ft 

Stevin John: Former House

Stevin John's house

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 7

Square Feet: 4,100 sq ft

Price: $ 5 million 

Stevin John’s house Address: Clybourn Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91602. 

House Location On Map: click here to view Stevin John’s House 

Before his fame, Stevin lived in his native Ellensburg, WA. After the successful journey in his YouTube videos, he moved to the country’s most influential Toluca Lake neighborhood in L.A.  The house cost $5 million and built up over 4,100 square feet. It is a two-story modern and sleek house with seven bathrooms and five bedrooms with all the amenities of a lavish villa!

You can’t take your eyes off the features of this house. Come, let’s take a peek!


Stevin John's house

The color combination is the coolest theme, with white and earthy tones mingled with black and gray accents of their furniture. The lighting also has two options: recessed lighting, chandelier, Sputnik lights, and pendant lights. 

Stevin John's house.

The wooden flooring is paired with a white ceiling to enhance the ambiance. The living room of the house is connected with all major rooms and also opens to a covered patio with a pool by a sliding door. 

Stevin John's house.

The kitchen is set on the side of the living room with a kitchen island separating it with beautiful lighting over that. It is neatly planned with open shelves and cabinets attached to the wall.  

Stevin John's house.

The master suite is one of the noticeable rooms with long French windows, sputnik lighting, and a private spa attached in the bathroom with a hot tub. 

Family and dining rooms have their own charm with the chandelier, matching throw pillows, and fireplace. The home office of Blippi can be converted into a nanny suite for this growing family. 


Stevin John's house.

The home from the outside starts with an aluminum gate and sleek white walls with a gray roof to fit the modern aesthetic. The security system in the house is automated. 

There is a pool, hot tub, and a great patio in the backyard. For pool parties, the built-in grill station and outdoor kitchen space can give a rocking performance. The cabana near the pool can save on a sunny day. The front porch also has equal importance by having a minimal coffee table set up and pendant lights. 

Apart from these, the area is a phenomenal place to live in California. Toluca Lake is surrounded by tourists who must-visit spots like Universal Studios, Disneyland, The Falcon Theatre, and Hollywood Boulevard. 

Stevin John Another House

Stevin John

Other than the house in Los Angeles, Stevin John owns a luxurious house in Des Moines. He has made investments in real estate properties like this. The success story of Blippi has a positive impact on his growth chart with many investments like this. The house is fully constructed with a unique theme and design.

The master suite is made to be a personal sanctuary with a walk-in closet and a bathroom that’s challenging and spa facilities. This house has a more playful vibe with a particularly planned nursery with many toys and games; even the living room is themed to showcase the Blippi show memories arranged on the open shelves. The backyard is perfectly landscaped to create a beautiful garden with a pool. 

Stevin John Background

Stevin John Background

Stevin John was working in the air in 2006 before he started his journey with YouTube. The idea arose when he played with his nephew, who was just two years old in 2014. He found the huge interspace between the children’s education and engagement Contents. That’s where Blippi was born. The childlike adults dressed in bright colors roamed here and there to educate the children while entertaining them. 

Net Worth

Stevin John

This 26-year-old Millionaire took the passion for creating valuable content for kids, which led him to the success he achieved today as a children’s entertainer and educator. He stored his wealth in sources of real estate, stocks, bonds, and luxury cars. He has the biggest collection of vehicles in his list, which features the Tesla Model X, Lamborghini Urus, Porsche Cayenne, Audi R8 V10 plus, Jaguar F-Pace, Range Rover Sport, Volvo XC40, BMW X8, Audi A6, Mercedes Benz C- C-Class, Lexus GX. By the year 2023, his net worth is estimated to be $ 90 million.

Wrapping Up: Stevin John House!

Stevin John, the YouTube celebrity, has made the charm to tie to the attention of kids and adults from his entertainment intents while teaching them the theories of life. Stevin made this happen from scratch by shooting the video and doing the editing and posting by himself, which moved him to the person who has an exclusive team for Blippi, and now, in September 2023, they have planned and announced that a new Blippi is joining the show to entertain the kids. This article may explain to you the luxury life with his modern and sleek house in Los Angeles. 

Have you enjoyed the tour of Stevin John’s house? If so, share this piece blog with your friends and family to view many more house visits! 

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