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Unveiling the Truth: Charles and Colvard Online Retailer Reviews

Charles and Colvard Reviews Reputable Online Retailer?

Are you thinking of purchasing beautiful, shiny jewelry online? Interested in the stores like Charles and Colvard? You’ve come to the right spot!

At Charles and Colvard, they sell jewelry featuring something special called moissanite. Moissanite looks a lot like a diamond but is made differently.

For more clarity, you can check Charles and Colvard’s reviews online, like small stories customers share. They provide an understanding of the quality of the jewelry and how well the store treats its buyers.

Before spending your money, knowing whether a store is reliable is important. So, if you’re excited about whether they are trustworthy places to buy jewelry, continue reading.

What is Charles & Colvard?

What is Charles & Colvard?

Charles & Colvard is a popular online store that sells moissanite gemstones and jewelry. The company started in 1995 and has become a top player in the moissanite industry.

They have a large collection of moissanite jewelry, such as engagement rings, earrings, and necklaces. Their jewelry is made to be a more affordable and ethical option than regular diamond jewelry.

One of the best things about Charles & Colvard’s reviews is that they care about the Earth. The company is happy to give customers a pretty and thoughtful choice for jewelry.

Charles & Colvard Review

Charles & Colvard Review .jpg

Charles & Colvard has a market value of $40 million. Its value increased by more than 38% last year, showing it’s doing well in sales. People seem to trust this company a lot.

But there’s more to it. According to Yahoo Finance, the company’s return on the money it uses for business is about 6%. This means it makes a profit before paying taxes, but higher numbers are usually better.

When you compare this to the average 12% return of luxury brands, Charles & Colvard seems to be still trying to catch up in terms of profit growth.

It wouldn’t be fair to judge Charles & Colvard only on its recent success or by comparing it to the profit rates of all luxury brands.

Apart from financial terms, it’s unclear if Charles & Colvard is a good choice for investors. But what about shoppers? Known for selling high-quality moissanite, a type of gem, we need to see if their products and services are worth it.

We’ll examine Charles & Colvard more closely to help you decide whether to buy from them.

Does Charles & Colvard Hold Accredited Status as A Business?

Does Charles & Colvard Hold Accredited Status as A Business?

Charles & Colvard is a well-known online store that sells beautiful moissanite jewelry. It has been approved by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2003 and has the highest A+ rating. This shows that it cares about being fair and making customers happy.

People have different opinions about shopping at Charles & Colvard, but most are superb. People like their moissanite jewelry because it looks like diamonds but costs less.

They also have many designs, and you can even make your own. However, a few people said in their Charles and Colvard reviews that sometimes it takes a while for the jewelry to arrive or for customer service to help them.

Who’s Behind the Company and Its History

Who's Behind the Company and Its History .jpg

Charles and Colvard is a respected online store famous for selling top-notch moissanite gemstones and jewelry. It started in 1995 when Charles Eric Hunter Jr. founded it, wanting to offer several choices from regular diamonds.

They became well-known in the jewelry field for creating lab-grown moissanite, a gem that shines wonderfully. The company is also known for doing things right by following practices.

Their journey shows how they care about making beautiful jewelry that’s also excellent for the environment, combining creativity with science for their customers.

What’s the Process for Assessing Charles & Colvard?

What's the Process for Assessing Charles & Colvard?

Evaluating a company like Charles & Colvard involves considering several important factors:

1. Product Quality: Look for customer reviews and certifications that show how good their moissanite gemstones are. Charles & Colvard is famous for having moissanite. Sometimes, their moissanite is just as great as or even better than real diamonds.

2. Customer Charles and Colvard reviews: Read customer feedback on other websites to understand how happy past buyers were. The store is likely trustworthy if you see comments about the product quality, customer service, and shopping experience.

3. Ethical Practices: Look into how the company finds materials fairly and responsibly and tries to take care of nature. Charles & Colvard make man-made gems in a lab, which can match with worries about being fair and kind to the environment.

4. Comparison with Competitors: Compare Charles & Colvard with other moissanite retailers in terms of pricing, product variety, and customer reviews to make an informed decision.

Customer-Friendly Policies at Charles & Colvard

Customer-Friendly Policies at Charles & Colvard .jpg

1. Free Standard Shipping

At Charles & Colvard, they add shine by giving you free standard shipping. Your selected moissanite jewelry can be sent to your home without shipping fees.

Whether you’re getting a gorgeous engagement ring or a stunning necklace, the price you view is the price you’ll pay.

2. Flexible Payment Options

Charles & Colvard knows that finding the ideal piece of jewelry is a historic moment, and the reviews aim to make it easy for you. This is why they provide flexible payment choices.

You can pay all at once or check out installment plans. This makes adding a bit of class to your life simpler without forcing your finances.

3. Limited Lifetime Warranty

When you buy jewelry, it’s important to ensure it’s safe. Charles & Colvard helps you feel relaxed about this with their lifetime warranty.

This means if there’s something wrong with your moissanite gem because of how it’s made or the materials used, they will take care of it. This shows how much they care about making good things and keeping customers happy.

The Charles and Colvard Range of Products

The Charles and Colvard Range of Products .jpg

1. Forever One Moissanite

Find the amazing brightness of Charles and Colvard’s star, the Forever One Moissanite. This graceful gem, created from stars, shines just like diamonds but uniquely. It sparkles brightly and attracts everyone with its stunning light.

The Forever One Moissanite is tough and long-lasting, so it will keep shining forever. What’s great is that it’s a responsible choice since it’s not mined from the earth, making it better for the environment.

Its pure and rare qualities make it a fantastic option for those who want both beauty and to feel good about their choice.

2. Wedding Rings

Celebrate the feeling of everlasting love with Charles and Colvard’s wedding rings. These rings hold special stories that represent the strong connection between two hearts. They are carefully crafted in various types, from classic to modern, to suit different preferences.

These bands are the perfect partners for the Forever One Moissanite, created with great skills, increasing its amazing shine. Each ring shows your dedication and captures the wonderful journey of a couple’s life together.

3. Engagement Rings

Choose an engagement ring from Charles and Colvard that reflects how much you care. Their rings are a mix of classy and meaningful pieces.

They’re made to show the most important parts of your love story and have a beautiful Forever One Moissanite in the middle. The ring can be made in many ways, so you can pick one that matches your partner’s style and who they are.

Each ring represents the excitement of your future together and shines with all your dreams.

4. Fancy Shapes

Think of jewelry that is more than just regular. Charles and Colvard have a stunning variety of shapes in their jewelry collection.

These shapes, such as pear, oval, marquise, and heart, give a different touch to usual designs. Each shape has a story, showing uniqueness and style.

Whether it’s a fun pear-shaped necklace or a classy marquise-cut engagement ring, Charles and Colvard’s special shapes suit tastes.

5. Loose Gemstones

These loose gemstones are carefully created in a lab to be just as beautiful as natural ones. They catch and bounce light in ways that create a stunning show of colors, making it hard to look away.

Whether you make jewelry and want the perfect gem for your creations or love stones that stand out, these lab-grown gems have something for everyone.

They come in many shapes, like the classic round ones and the graceful emerald cuts.

6. Earrings

Improve the look of your ears with grace; that makes Charles and Colvard’s earrings special. They range from fine studs that sparkle in your everyday life to stunning drop earrings that shine at important events.

This collection speaks of taste. The carefully crafted settings ensure the gems look their best, with their shine lighting up your face.

These earrings offer comfort with options for sensitive skin, and their flexible designs combine comfort and style perfectly.

7. Bracelets

Experience the luxurious touch of Charles and Colvard’s bracelet collection. Each piece reflects their dedication to creating lasting jewelry. Choose between a chain with a single sparkling Moissanite stone or a tennis bracelet decorated with a continuous line of these radiant gems.

No matter your style, there’s something for you in this collection. These bracelets perfectly complement any outfit, whether a fancy event or a relaxed day out.

With the help of positive reviews, you can buy these bracelets that add glamour to your look and combine classic and modern designs, celebrating the beauty of Moissanite.

Pros and Cons of Charles & Colvard

Pros and Cons of Charles & Colvard .jpg


  • Excellent prices
  • Large inventory of unique jewelry designs
  • 60-day free returns
  • Commitment to socially responsible jewelry
  • Well-organized website


  • Search filters are limited in options
  • Limited choice of metals
  • International shipping is not free


All in all, Charles and Colvard’s image as an online retailer seems positive. Many customers have shared their experiences, and they generally feel satisfied. They like the quality and shine of the jewelry they receive.

The customer service also appears to be helpful. However, like any business, there might be some negative comments, too. A few customers might have faced issues, but these cases seem to be in the minority.

Remember, every person’s experience can be different. So, if you’re thinking of shopping at Charles and Colvard, read reviews, weigh the positive and negative, and decide what feels right for you.

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