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Guide on Microcrystalline Quartz: Different Types of Quartz Gems

What Are The Different Types Of Quartz Gems?

You might have heard of clear quartz-like crystals, Microcrystalline quartz. It is a special kind of quartz that forms in tiny crystals, so small that you usually need a microscope to see them.

These little crystals come together to make some of the world’s most beautiful and colorful gems. You’ll be amazed at the variety of colors quartz can have.

From the sunny yellows of citrine to the soft pinks of rose quartz, there’s something for everyone. We’ll find these colors and learn how they form in nature.

So, now you don’t need to be a geologist to enjoy the beauty and wonder of these gems.

1. Agate Colorful Rock

Agate Colorful Rock

Agate is a unique kind of gem. It’s a particular type of quartz called microcrystalline quartz. What makes it stand out is its neat, striped look. You can find it in many colors, and it often has lines or layers that create a cool, visible effect.

People love to use agate to make beautiful jewelry and decorative stuff. Some folks believe that having agate nearby helps them feel balanced and calm, almost like good luck. It’s like a little piece of nature’s art.

So, if you’re into beautiful things that also bring good vibes, agate is a gem you’ll want to check out.

2. Carnelian Red Gem

Carnelian Red Gem

Carnelian is a lively red-orange gemstone. People have loved it for a very long time. It’s not just liked for its pretty color, but also because it’s been important in history. In the past, people used carnelian to make seals, jewelry, and amulets.

This gem is believed to make you braver and more creative.

3. Chrysoprase Green Stone

Carnelian Red Gem

Chrysoprase is a kind of green quartz that’s a bit see-through. People think of it as a gem that brings growth and good vibes. Its green color is similar to nature and helps folks vibe relaxed and positive.

Some call it the gem of feeling good because it lifts spirits. Chrysoprase belongs to a family of gems called microcrystalline. Wearing chrysoprase can be like having a piece of nature with you. It’s similar to a little green reminder to stay cheerful and calm.

So, it’s not just a gem; it’s a gem with good feelings.

4. Onyx Black Rock

Onyx Black Rock

Onyx is a unique type of black gemstone. It’s made up of tiny crystals of quartz, a rock. Onyx is usually black but sometimes has neat white lines or stripes. People have used Onyx to make beautiful jewelry for a long time, especially for carving pretty designs like cameos.

What’s interesting about Onyx is that some folks believe it can give you inner strength, like a secret superpower, especially when life gets tough. That’s why it’s similar to a symbol of being strong and not giving up.

It’s similar to a hidden treasure in the world of gems, a small wonder made by nature. So, when you see Onyx, you look at something quite amazing.

5. Rose Quartz Pink Crystal

Rose Quartz Pink Crystal

Rose Quartz is a pretty, pink type of quartz. It’s soft and gentle. People think of love and kindness when they see this stone. It’s often used to make jewelry for romantic moments. Some say it can make you vibe calmer when you’re upset. This gem is a type of quartz.

When you look at Rose Quartz, you see a lovely pink rock. It’s known for being soft and kind. People connect it with love and caring for others. It’s a top choice for making jewelry that celebrates love. Many believe it can help you feel more peaceful when your emotions run high.

Plus, it’s a special kind of quartz.

6. Quartz Shiny Rock with Red Spots

Quartz Shiny Rock with Red Spots

Microcrystalline quartz with hematite inclusions is a unique kind of quartz. Think about it like regular quartz but with shiny, metallic hematite bits caught inside. This makes the quartz stand out, almost like it has tiny stars or pieces of silver embedded in it.

These trapped bits can create fascinating designs and make the gem look more interesting.

It’s not just an ordinary gem; it’s something special. You might even say it’s similar to nature’s artwork, with its natural look.

7. Quartz Clear Crystal

Quartz Clear Crystal

Quartz is a really common mineral that you can find all over the Earth. It comes in many colors and shapes, so there’s a quartz for every taste. What’s cool about quartz is that it’s super clear and shiny. You can almost see right through it! Sometimes, people call this clear quartz ‘rock crystal,’ and they use it to make all sorts of pretty jewelry.

But that’s not all; other types of quartz have different colors. Amethyst, for example, is a purple quartz, and citrine is a sunny yellow one. Rose quartz, on the other hand, is a gentle pink. People think that each type of quartz has its special powers. Some believe that quartz can give you extra energy and help you focus better.

That’s why you might see it in places where people want to vibe and be productive.

8. Ajoite Quartz Special Crystal

Ajoite Quartz Special Crystal

This rock is known for having these really pretty blue-green to teal-colored specks inside it. These specks are made of something called quartz, which is a super rare kind of mineral. People think ajoite quartz is like a soothing gem.

It’s similar to having a friend who helps you experience calm and emotional balance. Control having a little piece of control in your hand. Now, here’s the cool part. This microcrystalline isn’t easy to come by. It’s similar to searching for treasure.

You won’t find it everywhere, which makes ajoite quartz all the more special.

9. Blue Quartz Blue Gem

Blue Quartz Blue Gem

Blue quartz is a kind of pretty rock. It’s blue, and it’s very calming to look at. People use it to make jewelry because it makes you vibe peacefully when you wear it. Some people think it helps them talk better and not feel so stressed out. It is the same as a symbol of being calm and relaxed.

That’s a fancy way of saying it’s a tiny crystal rock. But don’t worry, it’s still pretty simple. Think of wearing a necklace made of blue quartz. You’d feel really calm and happy. It’s similar to having a piece of the sky around your neck. That’s why people love it so much.

So, if you want something beautiful and soothing, go for blue quartz. It’s not just a rock; it’s a little piece of wonder.

10. Brandberg Quartz Distinctive Crystal

Brandberg Quartz Distinctive Crystal

Brandberg quartz, from the Brandberg Mountains in Namibia, Africa, is pretty amazing. It’s the thing of a clear rock with some cool stuff inside, like amethyst and smoky quartz. People love using these special rocks for things like meditation and energy work because they experience really well. It’s similar to having a piece of nature’s magic in your hand.

These rocks are super famous for being for your spirit and making your experience better. They have this wonderful energy that can make you feel happy inside. When you hold Brandberg quartz, it’s like holding a piece of happiness from a faraway mountain.

It’s like a little piece of nature’s healing power right in your hand. People think it’s really special and unique.

11. Citrine Yellow Stone

Citrine Yellow Stone

Citrine is a kind of quartz that shines brightly like the sun. It has a warm, yellowish color, much like ripe citrus fruits. People often link this gem to good vibes and having plenty of good things.

Citrine forms naturally when amethyst or smoky quartz gets heated up inside the Earth’s crust. It’s like having a piece of sunshine with you, bringing heat and happiness.

Many folks use citrine in jewelry, believing it can bring them good luck and wealth.

12. Amethyst Purple Gem

Amethyst Purple Gem

Amethyst, a beautiful purple gem made of tiny crystals, that has been cherished for a very long time. Its royal color can be either light purple or deep violet. People think it can help them experience peace inside and grow spiritually.

Lots of folks love it because it’s so pretty, and some folks use it in meditation to feel calm inside. It’s also really making for jewelry. You can find it in various shapes and sizes, like necklaces and rings. Some people even say that just looking at amethyst makes them experience better.

It’s like having wonderful gems in your pocket.

13. Smoky Quartz Gray Crystal

Smoky Quartz Gray Crystal

Smoky quartz, is a type of rock with colors ranging from smoky gray to brown. Picture the misty shades you see in a forest on a foggy morning – that’s what it looks like. People believe it has a special power. It can soak up and change bad vibes, like a superhero for your feelings. This makes it really popular for making people feel steady and safe.

And if you’re experiencing down, holding it in your hand can be like a warm, friendly handhold.

14. Ametrine Mix of Purple and Yellow

Ametrine Mix of Purple and Yellow

Ametrine is a fascinating gemstone that combines amethyst and citrine, showing off shades of purple and yellow in one beautiful stone. This unique mix symbolizes balance and makes it quite special.

People believe that ametrine can help unleash your creative side and assist in making decisions. It’s like having a little creativity and decision-making helper in the form of a gem! What sets ametrine apart is its color zoning, which means it has distinct areas of purple and yellow.

This makes it a popular choice for jewelry, especially in rings, necklaces, and earrings.

15. Prasiolite Pale Green Gem

Prasiolite Pale Green Gem

Microcrystalline quartz, also known as green amethyst, is a type of rock that’s pretty light green. It can appear in various shades, like a gentle minty green or a deeper olive green.

Some folks believe it can help you experience the Earth’s power and encourage growth and healing. This unique rock is becoming more famous for making jewelry because it has such a calming color and gives off peace. Picture walking in a quiet forest, with sunlight filtering through the leaves, casting a soothing green glow.

It’s like a breath of fresh air or a warm hug from Mother Nature herself.


All in all, we now know about all the types; we looked at different types of pretty rocks called quartz. These gems, like amethyst, citrine, and rose quartz, are unique and beautiful in their ways. They come in different colors and have various uses.

So, whether you’re a gem enthusiast or just curious about these colorful stones, understanding the different types of quartz can help you appreciate their beauty and value.

And now, you have a better grasp of these gems in all their simplicity.

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