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Amazing Tutorial for Eyeshadow Guide for Hooded Eyes

Eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes Tutorial

Do you want eyes that pop? We’re here to help. Begin by picking a material. With the right shades and techniques, you can create a stunning look that opens your eyes and adds wow.

We’ll walk you through each step. From prepping your canvas with a primer to choosing the perfect eyeshadow shades. We’ll show you how to apply and blend the shadows easily, increasing the natural shape of your eyes.

So, whether you’re a makeup beginner or a pro, our tutorial will give you the tools to create a mesmerizing appearance.

Be ready to show your unique beauty and make those eyes shine like never before.

What are Hooded Eyes?

What are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes are when the top part of the eye droops over and covers the eyelid. This can happen because of genes or getting older. The cool thing is that you can’t see much of the eyelid when these eyes are open, making their spot a bit closed.

People with hooded eyes often have a hard time with regular eye makeup. Their makeup can smudge or disappear because the top eyelid greatly touches the lower lashes.

So, there are specific ways to do makeup that work better for hooded eyes and make them look even more pretty. All kinds of people can have hooded eyes.

Celebrities like Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence have shown that this eye shape can be stylish and nice. Even though some people think about surgery to change hooded eyes, it’s better to accept how your eyes view naturally.

If you understand and enjoy the special things about hooded eyes, you can use makeup that suits them well.

A Step-By-Step Tutorial for Hooded Eyes

Step 1: Prime Your Canvas

Step 1 Prime Your Canvas

Getting your eye makeup right starts with a small but important step: using an eyeshadow primer. This is like the base for your eye makeup. It makes your eyelids smooth so that they look great when you put on colors.

The primer also keeps your eye makeup in place all day, so it won’t smudge or move. It even stops those lines that can show up on your eyelids after a while.

So, if you want your eye makeup to stay awesome from morning to night, don’t forget to use the primer.

Step 2: Transition Shade

Step 2 Transition Shade

Pick a soft eyeshadow color that’s a little lighter than your skin. Put this color on your eyelid, just above where your eye creases when you blink. Think of this color as the start of your eye makeup move. It’s like getting things ready before you begin painting.

When you use this color above your crease, it makes your eyes observe more interesting and deep. Think aboutyour eyelid as plain white paper; this color is the first thing you put on it to be ready for the whole picture.

When you draw, you make the background amazing before adding the details. So, when you use other eyeshadows for hooded eyes later, they’ll mix well with this base, and your eyes will look nice.

Step 3: Accentuate the Outer V

Step 3 Accentuate the Outer V

Make your eyes stand out using darker eyeshadow on the outer edges, making a V shape. Mix the eyeshadow well to give your eyes deepness and make them look more lifted.

This dark eyeshadow for hooded eyes adds a bit of fancy to your look and brings attention to your eyes. Don’t worry; you can try different colors to see what works best for you. Whether it’s a normal stare or a fancier effect for a special time, this way is simple, and you can get good at it.

So, make your eyes seem extraordinary with just a few sweeps of eyeshadow and some blending magic.

Step 4: Lid Color

Step 4 Lid Color.jpg

Choose a lighter color for your eyelids, and balance it with the darker ones. Try sparkly shades to make your eyes look extra wonderful and catch your attention.

It’s like a little bit of magic in your eyes that people will like. So, when you put on eyeshadow for hooded eyes next time, remember to use a lighter color, then add shimmer for your eyes to shine.

Step 5: Highlight the Brow Bone

Step 5 Highlight the Brow Bone

Put on a light, shiny eyeshadow under your eyebrow’s highest point. This can help your eyes look bigger and more awake. This is super simple. After you’ve put your regular eyeshadow on your eyelids, pick a lighter shade with a bit of shine.

Gently put it right under your eyebrow’s highest point. Blend it softly so there aren’t any harsh lines. This trick doesn’t just add a bit of brightness to your whole makeup spot; it also gives your eyes a quick lift that’s easy to notice.

Whether you’re getting ready for a normal day out or a special event, it works. It’s a small thing to add to how you put on makeup, but it can make a big difference.

Doing this when you put on makeup can help you look younger and more awake. The trick is in the shining and where you put it.

Step 6: Tightline and Lash Definition

Step 6 Tightline and Lash Definition

Boost your lash makeup with a neat, simple trick that results great. Start by gently putting eyeliner on your upper waterline. This little move quickly adds more volume to your lashes. Then, get your favorite lengthening mascara.

You can put it on your lashes several times to make them longer and create a big-eyed look. You’ll see a fantastic effect that brings out your natural beauty in just a short time.

Show off those stunning lashes that go fabulous with your eyes, all thanks to these easy steps.

Step 7: Eyeliner (Optional)

Step 7 Eyeliner (Optional)

If you’re into eyeliner, here’s a simple idea: try a thin line close to your lashes. This helps your eyeshadow pop out more prominently. To make your eyesight longer, try a winged line.

Just extend the line at the outer corners of your eyes, like a little flick. This gives your eyes a cool look and makes them seem bigger. Whether you prefer a basic style or want to try something fancier, like the winged look, these tips can improve your eye makeup and help you feel more sure of yourself.

So, have fun trying them out and find what makes you feel awesome.

Step 8: Browse Matter

Step 8 Browse Matter

Having nice eyebrows can help hooded eyes view better. All you need to do is shape your eyebrows and make them look clear. This allows your eyes to seem even more pretty. Taking time to shape your eyebrows just right can make your eyes look more special.

So, if you have hooded eyes, remember that good eyebrows can make your eyes more attractive. Even a small change in eyebrow shape can make your eyes look different. Remember, if you want your eyes to look amazing, work on your eyebrows too.

Step 9: Final Touches

Step 9 Final Touches

Blend it well to soften any strong lines to make your eyeshadow view smooth. Try using a skin-colored eyeliner on the inner part of your lower eyelid for bigger-looking eyes.

These easy tricks can help your eye makeup see better. Blending means mixing the colors so they spot amazing and not separate. The skin-colored eyeliner on your lower eyelid can make your eyes seem larger and more awake.

These simple things can help your eye makeup look great. Remember to blend and try the skin-colored eyeliner for fabulous eyes.


We’ve learned the secret to increasing those beautiful hooded eyes. Remember, First, apply a primer to keep your eyeshadow looking fresh. Next, use lighter shades on your eyelid to make it pop. Then, add a darker shade to the outer corner for deepness.

Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend! This makes everything smooth. Also, use a highlighter under your brow to brighten up. If you want, add eyeliner to define your eyes. Finally, practice makes anyone perfect, so keep trying and have fun.

With this, your confident eyes are ready to shine.

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